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  1. Did you attempt to download data after regular market hours? Also, it is possible your platform is set to retrieve data after-hours, rather than immediately.
  2. In theory yes, but the replacement in OOEL for TS9+ is the PriceSeriesProvider (PSP) which so far has shown some limitations. https://community.tradestation.com/Discussions/Topic.aspx?Topic_ID=111589 I fully expect TS to iron out all these issues. It's just a matter of time. P.S. Don't get me wrong, I'm encouraged by the moves both TS and MC are making.
  3. Hi Urma, how's Vegas.. hot yet? I agree that TS is making strides forward. Here are some remaining weaknesses (may be corrected within a year or so): ADE doesn't play well with OOEL yet. Also MC has a new 64-bit with multi-core backtesting and mixing tick with time-based, etc. Also, multiple brokers and data sources may provide a finer granularity time-stamp. TS also has advantages like being a "One stop shop," a huge database of data and a great forum of users and code. TS data loads much, much quicker than IB data with MC. PS I'm going to start using MC, but I haven't dumped TS either. There are advantages to both.
  4. I had no problems importing my thousands of ELDs into MC, although a couple look a little different than they did in TS. There may have been a couple that needed revision, but 98% or 99% compatible with 8.7 or earlier (not the new OOEL).
  5. Thanks guys for getting me thinking about PlaceOrder macros. They are very helpful for fast discretionary trading such as earnings announcements, etc. I have several speed keys I use on TS, however, they could always use some improvement. I didn't really thoroughly inspect the codes posted, but you two reminded me that it's something to work on. The hardest part for me is getting started. P.S. the new OOEL also has an OrderTicket in the ToolBox that you can use instead of macros.
  6. TradeStation can be rented as a platform, similar to MultiCharts. It just costs more.
  7. I would never, ever buy anything from a spammer! Who would, I wonder? P.S. I sent TL a notice when I saw so many threads spammed with the same message (before seeing this thread).
  8. bakrob99: I have a similar Quad CPU trading setup, even a 30,000 RPM Velociraptor hard drive. I have 2 high-end gaming video cards with 4 large-screen monitors. I've been having problems all month with TS 8.6. I also have TS installed on a duo-core CPU backup computer. My primary trading computer is only used for trading, without a bunch of junk installed on it. ScubaSteve did a post on the May 5th internet change-over regarding packet delivery in the TS forums. That may be a problem, The TS Dallas servers are apparently down and I was again diverted (from Texas) to an emergency backup server beginning with 72. at their FL facility. It's not listed in the Network Preferences tab. Here's a posting from Quark today about data delivery: https://www.tradestation.com/Discussions/Topic.aspx?Topic_ID=101046 He's been around TS quite a while. I'm glad that TS is working well for you. It's been freezing for me, even without RadarScreen and all the bells and whistles that I usually use. It behaved better today and just burped once that I know of, in the opening 1/2 hr. But the volume was lower overall. If one is having data problems with TS, one could buy the "OwnData" software to facilitate a backup data source. Of course, that wouldn't help with order execution. Hopefully TS can get things back to normal soon.
  9. Hi FulcrumTrader: Lately my TradeStation data delivery has been problematic and also the charts have been freezing. Please, what platform/data feeds are you using? I'm in the market.
  10. I should post this question about TradeStation's data. Have any other (besides TS) platforms/data providers had latency or disconnect problems the past month? I saw on another forum that ZenFire's data hasn't been great of late either. (I had previously only heard praise for ZF.)
  11. The problem is with inadequate TS servers/pipeline. There's nothing that we can do about except complain or switch. http:// https://www.tradestation.com/Discussions/Topic.aspx?Topic_ID=100826
  12. Dear StevenSJC: If you check the TS forum you will find that many are having the same problem "waiting for data." It happened to me the last 2 days in a row, with different versions of TS. The exact same thing happened in the summer of 2008 with higher volumes than TS can handle. I remember the day when Freddie and Fannie went down 50% then bounced back about 95% of the way. TradeStation couldn't handle the data flow. Is anyone else having problems with their data provider currently, or is it just TS? I've been with a couple of other brokers/platforms and never had this kind of problem with them. I've read that LightSpeed also has the same problem. I'm seriously going to look around now, after trading full time 2 years with TS. Since I've invested time and money into learning EasyLanguage, obviously MC is an option. TS does have an auto re-connect feature. Today and yesterday, it reconnected within a second. However, the charts were waiting for data which never arrived. I had to completely reboot the PC. Automated strats normally trade off the charts. Therefore, no chart data = no trades, even if you're already in one.
  13. aaa: Checkout the "Best Backtesting software" thread here on TL. http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/f106/best-strategy-backtesting-software-5830.html
  14. Hi Uli: In backtesting with TradeStation, I have gotten vastly different results before and after deleting my cache. That was running a test on a stock symbol. As the veteran TS user "Goose" says: "The data is always suspect." I don't know if other data sources are more reliable. Is there a thread on "most reliable data providers" for the different types of securities (stocks, futures, forex, options)? Reliable data is the foundation for everything else.
  15. Hi hogarstrasni: I had a problem with my upgrade-install of TS 8.6. I uninstalled and reinstalled with the 8.5 environment and now it works OK. My error may have been the same as yours, I'm not 100% certain.
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