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  1. The good news project

    Good News!! The Eu destructiion project is underway. And here in the UK, the remainers continue to demand a second referendum... which they wont get. What could be nicer than watching the traitors getting the opposite of what they want? And their best argument is that we were too dumb to know what we were voting for. An insult from the people who believe 2+2=5

    A word From My sponsors Would you like a lifetime supply of FREE sleeping pills? Of course you would. Here's our dummy guide for Dummies: 1-Find a suitable youtube video 2-Tell your fellow citizens to 'wake up' 3-If your words of useful original wisdom appear as the 13th comment (Typically) under a video that the CIA considers worthy of further investigation...you win!! I'ts as SIMPLE as THAT!! Terms and conditions apply

    Put it this way. A place has been reserved for you in the remodelled Walmart stores of the near future. This offer (Which is final and non negotiable) does not in any way, affect your existing rights as a citizen to continue to obey your government) OR You could decide to get hung as a sheep, rather than as a lamb and do your best to comply with: 2+2=5 In which case, your holocaust survivor's testimony (should you survive) will be a fuckin' lot less interesting than mine and Tommy Robinson's Think of it as the real life proof that the 'equal outcomes' demand by the brain dead zombie left just does not, and never will, translate to the right of the chart of life...as it were. OTOH If you were to restrict your use of the word to weather reporting- ala 'freak weather', you may avoid being one of the early Walmart customers. It really depends on how you feel about 'freak weather' To insinuate that freak weather is normal could probably start a twitter shitstorm (excuse the pun) and end up much worse. To use it as an example of what wise and talented lovely humans Al gore and Bil Nye are could open up all sorts of doors which the rest of humanity prefer to keep bolted. If in doubt..self censor yourself to the point where nanny decides which cereal you get for breakfast today

    Trannys regard the word 'Tranny' as a degrading insult. (Hate Speech) So, I'll be using that word whenever I talk about trannys I'll stop using that word when- Trannys and their supporters stop using the disgusting ,degrading. insult aimed at normal women.. ..When they stop using the word 'TERF' Urban Dictionary: TERF Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. That group of feminists that claims that trans women aren't really women, as biological determinism is only a fallacy when it used against them, not when they use it against others. Fact- Trans women aren't reallt women. Fact- There is no such thing as' biological determinism' Fact- Trannys are suffering from a well documented mental disorder Fact- Neo liberalism is a mental disorder which can be summarfized mathmatically- 2+2=5 Fact-You can't argue with a fuckhead
  5. ,,,just Sayin...

    Mother shuts down anti-abortion debate after proving all unwanted pregnancies caused by men 0.com/article/abortion-debate-gabrielle-blair-safe-sex-pregnant-twitter-thread-8540096 A fucking ludicrous claim, but shutting down debate is what 'Independent' writers and their fans insist on. More Brain rotting neo liberal sick inducing SHITE from The 'Independent' Written by a pussified excuse for a man with all his 'toxic masculinity' removed and injected into the arses of females who look like Angela Merkal.. or just male wannabe merkals. Based on the demented argument of a Mormon mother of 6....Mormon, is that where you get to have several wives..for religious reasons? Wow, the left really hates women don't they?..while pretending to champion them..except when they are underage white teenage rape victims in Rotherham The last twitter comment - a fake that does not even exist is a riot- — Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) September 15, 2018 Being a man I had never thought about this from a woman’s point of view and you put this out there very well. I willl be retweeting this for sure. Have me something to grow on Yeah ..like grow some balls? So, you're a man and your name is- Alyssa It's so nice that there's never a shortage of real/fake confused gender types to support the 'Independenr' brainwashing agenda And it's always nice when they exactly encapsulate the main message of the article in their tweet.. .It's as if the 'journalist' had either written the tweet himself or gave the 'guy' a script to read. And in the interests of journalistic integrity, the number of tweets quoted that took a different view - ZERO Not even a pretence of being 'independent' It's actually difficult to believe that this constant vile evil shite can get typed into a major 'Newspaper' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ru8W7YB9I4 It's funny...but it's not funny What part of neo liberal marxist hypocrite pedo scum don't i get?
  6. The good news project

    Good news!! The animals are going back to the farms where they belong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez4N3sjhSHU
  7. ,,,just Sayin...

    Now you're talkin'..not just sayin' 'Action speaks louder than words'= 'extreme right' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vUCb225t4s Btw.. You can't call yourself an NGO if- all your actions are political if you're ideals are political oligies or if you're funded by jew cunts like George Soros
  8. ,,,just Sayin...

    And btw, the chances of me self censoring myself= zero...just sayin
  9. ,,,just Sayin...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbU54wZsabs ..'and you may find some of his views offensive' ....????!!!! NO. I find YOU OFFENSIVE Listen carefully/read the subtitles= nothing he said could be remotely construed as offensive not fuckin remotely. You are the channel thst ignored the 'war' in Yemen for 11 months until the day after the rest of the world condemned the UK for selling weapons to S.A, You fuckin hypocrite system serving scum. Which is 'extreme', preserving a country's soveregnity or destroying it aginst the will of the population? Which is more extreme, 1-The religion of hate that oppresses women, kills gays and beheads unbelievers, 2-The traitors who deliberately imported them into Europe 3-The people who want these cunts removed from their country? UK channel 4 news and the rest of the global liberal left media choose 3 every time. Liberalism is a form of madness- 'and you may find some of his views offensive' = media speak Hate speech= progressive brainwashing Hate crime= progressive brainwashing Populism=progressive brainwashing White privilege=progressive brainwashing Cisgender= progressive brainwashing Black lives matter= progressive brainwashing Extreme right= progressive brainwashing Gender assignment=progressive brainwashing Equal outcomes=progressive brainwashing War on terrorism=progressive brainwashing global warming=progressive brainwashing climate change (due to no global warming)=progressive brainwashing 'The Russians did it'=progressive brainwashing The only issue that I personally agree on with the neo liberal progressive left is that the population needs to be reduced starting immediately with- the neo liberal progressive left extreme muslims pedophiles nobody needs them and nobody will miss them
  10. Forex Trading Vs Stock Trading

    Sorry to hear about your 'tremendous losses'
  11. Forex Trading Vs Stock Trading

    Who wouldn't want the opinion of someone who doesn't even know the basics..?
  12. Forex Trading Vs Stock Trading

    Yeah, I can only imagine with a sense of awe the kind of size a clown like you must be trading
  13. Forex Trading Vs Stock Trading

    You still don't really get it do you? Every time you post it's about as useful as wheels on a duck.

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