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  1. And remember, every time you read something by Anal75 (assuming anyone actually does) he was unmasked years ago as a chiselling little crook who calls people who complain 'stupid' Once a Nigerian scammer, always a Nigerian scammer. And we know that the truth is considered to be racism theses days But we just don't fkn care.
  2. A Multitude of Allegations Against FTX According to the lawsuit, the defendants were caught red-handed attempting to manipulate the prices of Bitcoin futures on Binance. The defendants reportedly dumped futures contracts worth 255 BTC in an attempt to produce an “artificial price move that would trigger cascading execution of stop-loss orders and liquidations of futures long positions.” Besides this, the plaintiff alleges that the defendants used multiple brokerage accounts to manipulate the market using methods that have been previously deemed illegal by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Additionally, FTX is accused of running an unlicensed money transmitting business with its OTC desk, while claiming that FTX sold around 50 million FTX tokens (FTT) to U.S. citizens at steep discounts. The plaintiff BMA is currently seeking exemplary and punitive damages against all defendants, totaling $150 million. https://beincrypto.com/ftx-cryptocurrency-exchange-hit-with-150-million-nuisance-suit/ So when you read in the above review..... 'FTX has also built a name for itself in China despite china’s anti-crypto stance. The coins will be available to traders as a perpetual futures contract while providing a leverage time value of more than a hundred'. .....You know they are targeting the usual brain dead idiots that lose their money and come crying here when they can't withdraw funds. Any fkn stupid questions?
  3. https://www.offshorealert.com/bitcoin-manipulation-abatement-llc-v-ftx-trading-ltd-alameda-research-samuel-bankman-fried-lawsuit.aspx Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement LLC v. FTX Trading Ltd. et al: Complaint Complaint alleging cryptocurrency market manipulation, RICO, and fraud in Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement LLC, of Puerto Rico v. FTX Trading Ltd., of Antigua and Barbuda; Alameda Research LLC, of Delaware; Alameda Research Ltd., of the British Virgin Islands; Samuel Bankman-Fried, of California; Gary Wang, of California; Andy Croghan, of California; Constance Wang, described as a citizen and resident of Hong Kong; Darren Wong, of California, and Caroline Ellison, of California, at the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of California.
  4. GOOD NEWS!! FAG DADDY HAS BEEN KILLED AGAIN. The jew cunt WHITE MAN has been killed again. Maybe now the extreme muslim slime can find a brown extremist scumbag to be their leader.
  5. CWM FX was a foreign exchange trading firm located at the Heron Tower at 110 Bishopsgate, otherwise known as Salesforce Tower. Dealing at the firm was suspended in March 2015 following a police raid on the firm and 13 arrests. There have been no convictions relating to these arrests as of 15 June 2015. CEO Anthony Constantinou was convicted in 2016 of sexual assault and sentenced to serve 12 months in jail.[1] London Police later revealed that most of the company's revenue came from a £50m alleged Ponzi scheme which promised returns of 5% per month Real charmer this conman..no? Now sit back and watch how he either fx off or trys to play the victim. Adults don't need moderators.
  6. I know a parrott that has a higher IQ than you.
  7. Feel free to copy and paste every time mr constipation posts. Do not be deterred by anything he says because he's a lying conning crook who can sue me for slander anytime
  8. CWM FX CWM FX was a foreign exchange trading firm located at the Heron Tower at 110 Bishopsgate, otherwise known as Salesforce Tower. Dealing at the firm was suspended in March 2015 following a police raid on the firm and 13 arrests
  9. Yeah. Let me show you how that works...
  10. FUCK OFF and die in a ditch you communist drunken pig https://www.rt.com/news/471252-juncker-emotional-council-goodbye/
  11. GOOD NEWS!! Youtube comments indicate.. almost everybody on the planet knows Zuckerboy is a sweaty lying 2 faced jew cunt puppet that will delete you unless you agree 2+2=5 Naturally, I didn't waste a second of my life bothering to listen to a single word that came out of his arse.
  12. FUCK OFF
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