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  1. Which indicators you like and why

    Sure. It's £1200.00 per hour plus VAT. When would you like to book? You get a free consultation (telephone) Average total client pays £12,000.00 But I have an unusual disclaimer. The first line reads: 'Statistically, in trading the market (any market) you will lose all your money (because a loser is a loser).' Not a single one of my clients has become profitable on a long term basis. Unfortunately, easy money completely ruins the average persons ability to access their own common sense..Thats 207 people from all walks of life Teaching someone to trade is a lot like arguing with a neo liberal. A complete waste of time. You cannot argue with people who have cognitive dissonance. They just get angry and no amount of evidence will convince them of their own stupidity. Similarly you cannot teach a loser to trade. Even with inside information, the ability to cheat, access to law makers in order to move the goal posts and the ability to be bailed out no matter what laws were broken and regardless of financial or even human cost. See- recent global financial crisis- for the list of people who couldn't, even with all advantages listed above, trade profitably on a simulator, let alone with real money. But.. to quote you.. 'hey' go ahead and give it a go. Now for the last line of my disclaimer (which also serves as a contract) 'Unfortunately, a situation may arise in which you could forfeit the initial £1200.00 deposit (plus VAT) if it is deemed that you may be wasting both of our time (Your time is just as lmportant as mine). In which case the service will be terminated immediately.... blahblah
  2. Tampax doesn't answer q's. He's a cut and paste merchant who couldn't trade even if his childrens lives depended on it. Trading forums are full of useless twats like him. Not all of them are as rude and as agressive as me or him. But then I don't have customers, whereas he thinks it makes good biz sense to insult his customers and then plaster the insults all over the net. But then, anyone who chooses to be a customer chooses failure anyway. It's a biz model that's been proven to work in the past, so as a sociopath he can neither see a better way or stop doing what sociopaths do. The fact that both of us have not been banned from here speaks volumes. BTW, to answer the question you really should have asked (because it's quite clear that the interviewees can't trade either.) if you can't tell when you are wrong in the market, you're not a trader. A loser is a loser. Trading academy? gimmme a break
  3. Which indicators you like and why

    Most amateurs never get beyond 'So I've been messing with the indicators and learning about them' And repeating the same ludicrous shit from the sheep mantra songsheet ( albeit in pidgeon Engish these days) Yeah.. surely For example-' I use them because a lot of traders stick with them. It’s like a self full-filling prophecy' The only self fullfilling phrophecy in the market is that most amateurs will fail. You can't call yourself a trader unless you make money trading.
  4. Harmonic Trading: Terminal Bars and PRZ Failures

    He should definitely apologise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASZWediSfTU As a scientist, you'd expect Cox to present something more credible than this anyway. OTOH he does talk a load of theoretically unproven garbage. It's what scientists do for a living I'm afraid. The alternative would be to A-discover something they could actually prove and B-do that on a regular basis. Not likely in my lifetime on both counts. Timewasters. In any case this should have been posted in the Song of the Day' thread since it's about harmony rather than trading.
  5. ,,,just Sayin...

    My country is run by filthy pedophile scum.
  6. ,,,just Sayin...

    The scumbag who killed 2 million Iraqi's based on a pack of lies explains why jews are more important than everybody else.https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/tony-blair/11650450/Tony-Blair-unveils-new-role-tackling-religious-extremism.html
  7. ,,,just Sayin...

    Trans people are all around us. They're our doctors and nurses; our lawyers and bankers; our journalists and artists; our neighbours and our loved ones. There are hardly any trannys on the planet and most people do not and never will give a fuck about them. One resolution many cisgender people are making this year – cisgender, by the way, means you were lucky enough to identify as the gender you were assigned at birth Cisgender? Never heard of it. Take your new word and by the way, shove it up your arse. Luck doesn't play a part in identifying as normal. The tiny minority that you hippocrite neo liberal scum pretend to care about are UNLUCKY enough to be mentally ill. – it's to be stronger allies to the trans community; to do more; to be better; to stand shoulder to shoulder with our trans siblings in the face of their persecution. PERSECUTION!!!??? What fucking persecution? Nobody is in the least bit interested in standing shoulder to shoulder with mentally ill people or the useful idiots who are using them as pawns. To get you started, indy100 asked 14 leading trans and non-binary activists, campaigners and voices about the transphobia they experience on a daily basis and how we can all be better allies to the trans community in 2018. It's normal to feel revulsion for them. That's why you don't see gay men kissing in public. Just sayin'. I just don't get why you actually think it will become mandatory to give a toss about these people. But don't just listen to their advice now. Follow them on social media.NO Support their work.NO Help them feel included and valued in society. NO Just be a good person, basically. Go fuck yourself.How dare you suggest that 7 billion people can't be a good person,' basically', unless they get with your fake brainwashing programme. I find it hard to imagine what type of person types this shite into a newspaper for a living. (Note: some of our trans and non-binary contributors prefer to use the gender-neutral pronouns "they", "them" and "their as opposed to masculine or feminine pronouns.) Note: It's impossiible to be gender neutral. They can call themselves what they want nobody cares. https://www.indy100.com/article/trans-lives-shon-faye-juno-dawson-riley-carter-india-willoughby-travis-alabanza-annie-wallace-8099866
  8. ,,,just Sayin...

    So she is basically.. no actually sayin' ..why not? You could probably get more intelligence out of a gerbil. It's actually beyond creepy that these mental cases have access to your kids.
  9. The good news project

    Good News!! Mcain is gonna die soon https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/matter-dying-wh-aide-john-mccain/story?id=55085542 Haspel weighed in with a statement Thursday night, saying "I have the utmost respect for Sen. McCain and I appreciate the thoughtfulness with which he has approached this nomination process.” Separately, a U.S. official said, “These comments are despicable, vile and completely unacceptable.” OTOH... He was a murdering neo con pschopathic wanker.. Just calling the scumbag who thought it was funny to change a Beach Boys Song lyric to- 'bomb, bomb.bomb Iran..' Personally I thought that those comments were- 'despicable, vile and completely unacceptable.” Can you imagine any politician in your country saying something like that? NO That's what makes American politicians so not our 'closest allies' because, almost without exception they are too stupid to keep their murdering, psycho, pedo, criminal scum thoughts to themselves. Fuck ' I think we should bomb them' Mcain. It's jiust a pity he wont die slowly in agonising pain like he deserves to. Once the tecnology is in place, freely available to all citizens and on special offer in the sales, I'm gonna re-animate Mcain and murder him on youtube again and again and again and again and again
  10. My Opinion About the Brexit

    Hi Vlad, One of the stoopids here. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/882881/Brexit-EU-secret-document-truth-British-public Carry on.
  11. ,,,just Sayin...

    Here's Khan explaining why Isis are his friends. Btw, Amazing how there is never...never...never a single case of hate crime against a white person in crazy neo liberal world. Literally makes my skin crawl. Listen to the scumbag explaining how there is a problem with 'multicultutalism' and the problem is the indigineous population who he and his friends want to silence and criminalize.
  12. ,,,just Sayin...

    i'm happy to post oneliners- Multiculturism is a failed experiment Much better to let George express my opinion on the Mayor. Because if it was down to me I might choose all the politically incorrect words like fkcing muslim traitor cnut. And that would probably upset a few snowflucks who will never post anything worth getting offended by. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu4sAEZSDzc
  13. The obscene practice

    Black=white Peoples Party= There's a few million reasons why I'm not into collectivism You see, this is why Farage is such a giant in politics. What he instigated with Brexit is difficult to measure at this point in time. It may be the beginning of the end of the one way street that is the tyranny of politics. History says the victory will be fleeting. There are certain things that you can count on continuing throughout your life time. THE BASIC RULES OF POLITICS 1- The truth is irrelevant. Therefore liars do well in politics. 2- The goal is to maintain power regardless of the human/monetary cost. Therefore socipaths do well in politics. 3- The working practices of power are to carry out the agenda at the expense of the people. Therefore pedophiles and anyone open to blackmail do well. 4- The only way to remove a political party is to replace it with another one. History has shown that this is an utterly futile process. There literally is no difference between one pedo or sociopath or KLEPTOMANIAC to another. 5- The only way to keep the people in this pointless voting charade is to allow a few human beings into the mix occasionally - just enough to give people hope that things might change. However, this is risky as we have seen with Farage. (I'm tempted to mention Trump but only because of how shocked the system was to see him win, not because he will change anything more than Obama did) 6- There is a way to defeat this endless negative cycle but most people believe somebody else will come along and do the job for them. When humanity realizes that real change begins with the individual, things wiill change. (Hence why collectivism is the go to system for all parties regardless of what they call themselves). However. the longer we leave it the more difficult the task will be -The prison is becoming ever more sophisticated at an alarming rate. 7- The trend can continue for longer than you can stay alive. There are only 2 choices at this point in time. 1- Help to change things, regardless of the personal cost. Thanks for your sevice Nigel. 2- Learn to love your slavery.
  14. ,,,just Sayin...

    https://www.indy100.com/article/mum-daughter-beautiful-sexism-make-up-boys-girls-8327241 Seven years ago, Claire O'Reilly gave birth to her first daughter. Having raised two boys already, she thought herself an expert parent. But raising her daughter taught her an important lesson. From the start, Claire found that people treated her daughter differently to her two boys. You’re kidding! You mean there’s a difference between males and females? We can’t have that these days can we? She explained: The midwives who delivered my sons pronounced them strong, sturdy lads. But Annie — at a massive 9lb 10oz, far heavier than either of her brothers — was first called ‘beautiful’ by the midwife when she was less than a minute old. If only millions of little girls started behaving like chimpazees as well ,things could finally feel a lot more normal around here. This made Claire realise that raising a young woman to be self-confident and independent comes with a whole host of unique challenges. That’s nothing compared to the unique challenge you neo liberal fascists face in convincing the rest of us to go along with your insanity Btw will you get a sponsorship fee for mentioning ‘Lego’? Because of this, Claire has vowed never to call her daughter beautiful. Imagine if you were described as beautiful occasionally….why it would make you suicidal wouldn’t it? It would make you want to disfigure yourself so that fat ugly lesbian SJW snowflake nazis and the useful idiots behind them could feel better about themselves. Instead, she opts to shower her in compliments about her ability at sport, her kindness to animals or her dedication in practising the piano. While Claire's parenting ethos may sound extreme, the facts appear to back up her belief that girls face disproportionate pressure to look attractive from a young age. In 2016, a study by Girlguiding UK revealed that a third of seven-to-ten year olds believe that they are judged on their appearance and a quarter feel the need to be perfect. Well, based on that, let’s re-engineer humanity Girlguiding... hahahahaha. I bet 100% of them feel the need to continue life as a female. So while never complimenting girls on their looks may seem a step too far, perhaps we could all do with distributing praise more evenly. You think it ‘may seem a step too far’? But what would make you want to concede that? Coukd it be that deep down you know 2+2 will never be 5, no matter how much your masters demand it? I would have thought transgendering infants was a step too far. I would have thought removing children from da parents who object to having their children butchered under da global social engineering programme were steps that were da steps too far. I woukd have thought believing one word in this fruitcake article is true may seem like a step too far. I woud have thought describing yourself as a journalist was a step too far. I would have thought calling your 'newspaper' The 'Independent' was a step too far. Just sayin’
  15. ,,,just Sayin...

    Apparently, the murdering psychopussy military industrial complex is suffering from 'Middle East Fatigue'. Oh dear, the poor little lambs must be bored of killing 500k innocent people and displacing 10 million others all based on a pack of never ending lies. Obviously, you won't need the host to give you a blow by blow account of how you're being treated like a 5 year old..

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