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  1. It's decayed because you and all the other pigeon english speaking clowns here have nothing to say worth listening to. Dont stroke your own ego by deluding your self that it is somehow my fucking fault. If this was a community of real intellectual debate you wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be tolerated for 2 seconds The fact that you cannot (still) work this out is just further proof of what a fucking dillweed you really are So just STFU and fuck off
  2. whiney little bitch
  3. The account formerly known as mitsubishi has been terminated. We will not tolerate harrasment or bullying or any other acceptable content.
  4. Remember anal 75 called a customer stupid in public before he was fired. It took him a while to find some other sociopaths to work with..birds of a feather.. Anal and his friends are the slime that greases the vendor industry Once a clown, always a clown
  5. Everybody here is a clown

  6. Ever wondered why anal cant get the crap removed from his thread?
  7. Anal75 will be back soon In the meantime here is a screensaver the title of the screensaver is anal the clown..
  8. Rule 3 ALL my content must be deleted Clowns dont need access to quality material I posted before I went rogue
  9. Rule 2 I must be banned here. I have repeatedly asked you to ban me
  10. NEW RULES RULE 1 ANAL75 must post his picture every time he posts his useless junk or I will do it for him I'll start now...
  11. When clowns are permanently banned here real traders will return I predict that wont happen any day soon so until then,,
  12. Ever wonder why anal75 never talks about tradin? NEVER posts an actual trade? Never sounds like a trader Anyone can post hindsite bullshit. It's because he DOESN'T trade. His contribution is worthless on a supposed TRADERS FORUM. iT'S ironic that there is not a single trader here on a forum called traders labotomy If he doesn't talk like a TRADER It's pretty likely he is closer to CLOWN than Trader
  13. Ever wondered how anal75 actually earns a living?
  14. EASIEST?? FASTEST?? YOU CLOWN. You are not a trader
  15. CrazyClown, King of the clowns. probably gets paid 1 dollar a day to post here.
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