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  1. FUCK OFF and die in a ditch you communist drunken pig https://www.rt.com/news/471252-juncker-emotional-council-goodbye/
  2. GOOD NEWS!! Youtube comments indicate.. almost everybody on the planet knows Zuckerboy is a sweaty lying 2 faced jew cunt puppet that will delete you unless you agree 2+2=5 Naturally, I didn't waste a second of my life bothering to listen to a single word that came out of his arse.
  3. I'd actually pay to watch people like you being excecuted live on youtube
  4. I Don't know why, but the phrase 'you fkn tool' just came to mind.... Every time I come here it's like wandering through the lobotomy ward Traders labotomy 😃
  5. The problem with that idea is that a simple backtest will prove there is no edge in your belief. (what a fkn surprise) Otherwiswe there would be a lot of 'decisive candle' millionaires// wouldn't there?
  6. Your ' true breakout' came later, not where you have marked. Like most amateurs, you have not reached that break out moment where you realise it's more important to learn how to trade rather than attempt to look like you know what you're talking about.
  7. Please define the difference between greed and, say, following a trend that lasts for years. A sure sign that the losing trader is at square one is when they repeat the trading cliche's . Stop pretending you are running a 'profitable business'
  8. In these days of neo communism there are 2 types of people 1-Gutless cowards who worry about saying what they really think in case it upsets their owners 2- The rest of us. Guess which type stands in the way of tyranny.
  9. Today marks #pronounsday – seeking to make sharing, educating and respecting personal pronouns commonplace. @pronounsday pic.twitter.com/pe9x9GWTJj — Julie Cooke (@DCCJulieCooke) October 16, 2019 “It is so important to understand the pronouns that somebody wishes to be used for them,” the uniformed DCC tells us in her video, filmed in front of a Cheshire Constabulary background – just in case we were in any doubt about whether this is an official police communication 1400 TEENAGE RAPE VICTIMS GANG RAPED BY MUSLIM SCUM iN ROTHERHAM FOR YEARS THAT THE POLICE DELIBERATELY IGNORED Shove your prounouns day up Your fucking overpaid arse JULIE (I knew it would be down to me to find the right words)
  10. Anal 75 Hindsight analysis- 'it might go up...or...it might go down' (Thanks retard)
  11. GOOSE NEWS GOOSY NEWS I'M BACK (you fuckin' losers) i've decided that this thread will be a dumping ground for other peoples 'HATE SPEECH' iF the NEO FASCIST RETARDED LEFT need hate speech to exist .. Let's throw them a few bones... Enjoy the copy and paste Smörgåsbord that follows (or just fuck off)
  12. So, like ...yeah (it's like) having free money handed to you on a plate? Because wondering what software other losers are using is such a good way to spend your life.. it's quite 'powerful' without being' full of power'. You're so perfect for this place. Todays letter is P 1-Pointlesss 2-Pathetic 3- SHITE ( Sorry I can't get back here on a daily basis until we reach the letter 'S' A more appropriate topic would be.. (I was wondering) how many times you guys can refund your accounts before admitting that you can't trade for shit. Wankers Laboratory
  13. You are advocating capital punishment? Glad to see you're onboard with'hate speech'..... Frankly I am surprised you managed to be even more 'politically incorrect' than me, apparently without even trying🤣 What about some of your ex customers who you publicly called too 'stupid' to be treated fairly and in a professional manner? Maybe- 'People like this should not be allowed to live in the society'. ? Don't get me wrong. There's plenty of pedo, murdering psychos I'd happily cull from the population... But for low rent, chisseling little crooks like you (for instance) a simple fine and a permanent ban from here would suffice. (imho)
  14. Isn't "If you can't beat them, join them" your motto? You must be really pissed that they didn't invite you onboard to share their ill gotten gains. All that experience of yours just going to waste. Don't worry. The supply of stoopids is limitless. You'll come up with a winning scam of your own soon. In the meantime, on behalf of all decent folk everywhere - stop pretending you're one of us and just go fuck yourself.
  15. Fucking one post arse monkey This cunt is trying to lead the stoopid to acts of even more stoopidity. Nobody is going to get your money back from a criminal unless they are official law enforcement. John Charles is the conman who wants you to ask him who his conman friend scum is so they can con you again. People like John Charles need a fucking good beating .. usually on a regular basis. If I were running this forum I would make charlies life even more miserable than it already is. But the owners here don't give a fucking rats arse about this forum or anyone on it.
  16. Hi (You beta male cunts) Have you noticed how the cycle of neo liberal progressive mental illness is finally coming to an end? It's almost safe for you pussies to get back in touch with your masculinaty again. Don't worry though, me and my kind will keep doing the heavy lifting to rescue the world for you while you hide in your mommys basement. Thanks for all your help.
  17. NO ..............................................................
  18. Looks like the world's greatest fan of second hand drivel just posted again. Laxative.com wants to make money from you 'in the markets'
  19. Good News!! The UK is getting a taste for sayin' no. Expect more pushback (over everything) from the the country that gave the world...well, almost everything. The UK says No to the EU/No to 5G/No to fraking/No to vaccines and.. No to fukcing neo liberal progressive mental head traitors. https://www.activistpost.com/2018/11/anarchy-for-the-uk-residents-win-court-case-against-5g-street-lamps-that-made-them-sick.html
  20. 4 things a 'trader' must do 1- Avoid 'Trading' forums 2- Avoid advising other 'traders' when you are not a trader yourself. 3- Avoid Tallinex 4- You have to fill this one in yourself. It will take you a few years. Sorry, reality sucks.
  21. You should write a book...there are so few books in the comedy category these days
  22. “Let all the poison that lurks in the mud, hatch out.” ― Robert Graves, I, Claudius https://gab.ai/ This is not a time to be confused, or weak and unfocused. The enemy is clearly identified. They are slime. They are disgusting . They are not human. We are not going to submit to them. They are not going to win. The more they double down, the more people can see the lies. Stage 2- Those on the inside will begin to refuse to co operate. It is the people who learn the lessons of history, never the leaders. Our leaders are weak and not fit to lead. That was the mistake; beta males/alpha females (2+2=5) 2+2=4...weakness dies, strength survives, that is the natural order. The left are going to suffer continued and catastrophic defeats everywhere. The right will have to become more moderate to counter extreme right/left,
  23. GOOD NEWS!! The disgusting anti human slime on the right is as equally transparent as the disgusting anti human slime on the left. https://www.mintpressnews.com/collaboration-of-bellingcat-founder-and-isis-twitter-account-exposed-in-new-report/251185/ This is what a real human looks like https://duckduckgo.com/?q=candace+owens&t=h_&ia=videos&iax=videos
  24. The usual useless shite from Barf Steamturder..Regurgitated by a nobody with nuthing to say of any consequence.
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