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  1. If you're looking at the depth of market then you can judge how far the market is likely to move based on how many contracts are trapped on the wrong side of the market. So if the market has been selling off, lets use es as an example, you'll be looking for everyone to get stuck selling the bottom. One you have an area with over 100,000 contracts absorbed then you know that will be a much bigger move. You also want to look at the market relationships and understand how they work. For example if the dollar is up 0.40% on the day, crude down 0.70% on the day and ES is down 0.30% on the day then you know that ES has to be positive at some point during the session , so any longs in es you have you will be looking to hold them Hope that helps
  2. You need to have a plan laid out before hand which states how you're doing to deal with the volatility. The problem for new guys is that volatility gets them emotional, and that's when you will have poor judgement in the heat of the situation. If you plan for volatility before the day starts and lay out a process of how you will deal with it then you'll be ok
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  4. Please help me trade the es. I've only been trading equities for a year and half. Currently test driving Velocity Futures platform. Any recommendations is greatly appreciated. Also, should I take a emini course? Any recomm?



    email: kohtro@gmail.com

  5. Hello,

    I came across this thread, and was hoping you wouldn't mind helping me if you can.

    I also want to make a living scalping the e mini.

    I've been demo trading ninja trader for about 1 year, while trying to work. I am making progress, but still have trouble keeping consistant.

    I don't want to post any questions, until I know that you got this message.

    If you are not still trading the emini's or I've written the wrong person. sorry for the inconvience.

    Thank you for your time,

    Hickory trader

  6. As this guy said. If you come from a professional poker background than you have a very high chance of doing well with day trading, it's just a case of learning how to use the right tools that are specific to trading As with poker, sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, but it's just about winning more than what you loose. Most people say they understand that they take losses along the way, but not many people really do understand it or expect it, and as result they just can't handle that side of things. As a professional poker player, you understand what the craic is so i'm not gonna patronise you For the new guys.... with any business or any adventure that involves risk, you gotta be able to take the good and the bad and the happy and the sad. As I said above, sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down and when you're up it's never enough, and when you're down you think you're never going to get back ontop, but control your emotions, play the game and understand that for every low there's a higher high and heaven will never seems far away.
  7. Day Trading is far from dead. The day trading dies, is the day we've got bigger things to worry about, like and end of the world as we know it. The article is mainly about trading equities where volumes are spread a lot more thinly over various individual stocks within an index, unlike futures where you're trading the underlying index or commoditiy. Trading did use to be a lot easier, but at the same time, I wouldn't say its got harder providing that you're day trading properly. What has happened is that basically it's come to a point where if you're going to day trade, you have no choice but to learn the mechanics of trading now, and to do it properly. As I mentioned in a another thread, the majoirty of the market is always looking for trends, even tho the market spends 80% of the time in a range. So essentially you have lots people who have taught themselves how to be chart analysts inadvertly thinking that they're trading. Over the past couple of years, they were able to get away with it because of the monster moves and trends, which gave a lot of people a false sense of security. Most of them people are gone now, and you can tell that from even from how quite the forums have got. In the prop letter, he stated that the days of someone being able to grind out a $50k USD a year living are over and that they're going to cut these 50k a year traders. Fair enough in my opinion, everything is relative, and if you're only earning 50k USD a year from trading, then you're not exactly an amazing trader. If you're 'trading' and not analysing, then it's just a case of adapting to the conditions. What is happening is the same as what happened on Eurex around 2006. Lots of people made good money when it was easy and were not talented enough to adapt to new conditions. The only differences is that back then they were blaming the flipper. Same stuff just another cycle, people blaming everyone/everything except for themselves.
  8. It all depends on your trading style. As you mentioned in your op, most of the time, if you just buy support or sell resistence then the market will just smash through you and stop you out. If you're a swing trader using a large stop and trying to capture the bigger move then this isn't so much of an issue. However, if you're a day trader, then you need to understand how day trading works and where the key trading opportunities are. The majoirty of the market is always looking for a trend and is looking to jump on the back of anything that moves hoping for a break out, which is why you see the trading activity that you do around s/r levels as you mentioned. I've posted this video before on these forums, but it's a great example of how the market just smashes a resistance level at 1181 in ES on the 18th of October. Anyone selling resistance there as a day trader, most likely got stopped out or took a heck of a lot of heat before the sell off. If you're day trading, then you need to learn these concepts to profit consistently. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAc1vJREAlQ]YouTube - Day Trading ES 18th October.avi[/ame] Something that I think has highlighed this recently is all this stuff on the internet saying that day trading is dead. The reason why people are writing all of this is because the market isn't trending, and as a one trick pony, they don't know what to do. The days of massive volatility made it easier for less talented traders to make a living. The reason being is that they could have 3 losers in a row for 2 points each, then have a big 10-20pt trade that knocks them into profit, thus not requiring massive skill in my opinion. However, now that the markets have settled down, now more than ever, you need to put the time in the learn the right skills. It's not all about hollywood trades and big trends. An example would be when many people look at European markets, they think they're dead as they don't have monster moves or trends like the emini's for example. However, people obviosuly make money trading them by understanding the flow of orders coming into the market.
  9. Anyone remember that blog of the guy who built his account up to about $50k in around 2008, thought of himself as an expert then lost it all on one trade as the market tanked - It was a video... prime time comedy and a great example of what not to do. Anyone know what I'm on about?
  10. In my experience, ES tends to reverse on the first major s/r level that it hit's in the morning, weather this be closing a Gap or a level as simple as the globex high or low. If you look at a 30min chart for this week, you'll see what I mean. A market where trading the gap is very clear and highly effective is the bund. If gaps are something that you like trading, you might want to have a look at it as well as the markets you currently trade.
  11. This chart is form the video that i posting in the trading futures with volume. For those trading ES, it's a 30min chart, and you can see how it has traded up to resistance on a nice divergence. If you look at your charts, you can see what happened afterwards.....
  12. What has already traded is great for finding levels, but that's about it in my opinion. Seems like you're using something along the lines of market delta, which is not something i'm a fan of, as in my opinion it suffers from a few fundamental flaws. First of all it suffers from the frame trap as it is plotted just like any other technical chart, and secondly all it is showing you is what is trading at each price, which is only half the story, while on the order hand, your dom tells you everything. To use an analogy, if you're playing poker, it's not soley about what cards you have or what the other players are betting. There's the old saying in poker that you play your opponent and not your cards as you need to work out if they're bluffing or not, if they're trying to buy the pot and so on etc. When you're reading order flow on your book, you're seeing everything you need, that gives you that 2% edge. The margin for error in trading is so small (the speech from any given sunday comes to mind here!), so all them 2%'s add up to make a significant difference. It's the difference between those who are consistent enough and make it, and those who blow out. Like I say the margin for error is so small that you need every edge you've got.
  13. Just following on the post I made about how volume divergences are useful, I made a video of a trade that I took yesterday off the 1181 reistance level in ES. The market traded up to the level on a divergence, then one just needed to read the order flow there to pin point the entry. The video can be viewed here: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAc1vJREAlQ]YouTube - Day Trading ES 18th October.avi[/ame] You'll need to watch it in full screen to see the detail. I should of recorded it in slightly higher quality, which I'll do for my next video. Also what happens at the 1181 resistance level is a great example of a post on the blog called cat whiskers.
  14. i've got a few articles about trading psychology on my blog, so have a look as they cover most aspects of trading pyschology
  15. Completely right.... once you understand the key concepts of how the markets work, then there's many ways for one to make money, and the only right way is the profitable way. The problem with a lot of people is that they don't understand them key concepts of how the markets work. I'ts like a car engine. If you understand how an engine works, then you can fix it, tune it, or whatever tickels your fancy. If you haven't got clue how an engine works, then you could well find yourself stuck at the side of the road scratching your head, when all you need is some gas. I know I can come across as I'm saying my way is the only way, but I don't mean too I'm just emphasising the basics one needs to know before they look into other methods/strategies. To use another anology, trading is like joining the army. At first you gonna do basic training to learn how to shoot and hit a target. After basic training, you then branch over into whatever you want to specialize in. In trading you need to learn how to use the detail volume first to read order flow. Once you know that, then you can learn whatever suits your personally, which could be market profile, fibs, VWAP etc, wave theory and so on.
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