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  1. Cloud is Ichimoku., it gives an idea of support and resistance. I do not have the complete indicator showing, there is quite a bit to it. This chart is not my trading chart, I use a similar chart for each instrument I am interested in as a way of scanning for different things.
  2. ]I think the Chinese government has an interest in suppressing the price as they gear up to be an active participant at the LME. http://s20.postimg.org/zdg2hwfa5/Dave_M_0298.png' alt='Dave_M_0298.png'> free image uploading[/img]
  3. Yesterday and today we have seen a significant change in these two. Does that affect your bearish bias? Thanks
  4. I just scanned 16 ETF's related to Gold Momentum is rising for 13 and falling for 3 Seems to confirm Kitco Poll.
  5. I don't usually use that kind of thing as they are sorta nebulous and useless..... actually they are just advertising and a waste of time. Price action is what to use. I was goping to try to make a thread with some good charts but I see now that will be impossible so I will not be posting any more
  6. I got a bit from Gold and a couple forex trades. Nothing special.
  7. Here is a simple CCI Entry from earlier today
  8. Gold Futures Fall a 2nd Day; Stronger Dollar Cuts Demand - Bloomberg Tue, 11 Nov 2014 11:15:12 GMT Gold Futures Fall a 2nd Day; Stronger Dollar Cuts DemandBloombergRising rates cuts gold's allure because bullion generally offers investors returns only through price gains, while a stronger dollar typically curbs demand for a store of value. Investo ... Read more ... Exclusive: Russian central bank buys up domestic gold output as sanctions bite - Reuters Tue, 11 Nov 2014 11:54:23 GMT ReutersExclusive: Russian central bank buys up domestic gold output as sanctions biteReutersLIMA (Reuters) - Russia's central bank has been forced to step up its gold buying this year to absorb domestic production that Western sanctions are making it ... Read more ...
  9. Thanks:haha: I will try to maintain it and keep it interesting.
  10. The rise in Gold for today seems to have ceased at the pivot. We will have to see what transpires tomorrow.
  11. Several accomplished system developers have warned against using a robot for Renko trading due to the inaccuracy of measuring the price bars. My thoughts are to stay away from anything that is being sold for renko automation.
  12. I think you can just go to Bloomberg site and keep track of the links you like for different news and then set them up on your desktop for quick access
  13. Perhaps in your review you can include some corporate history and financial information. Exactly how long in business is something to establish. There are hundreds and thousands of brokers out there...., some are not financially strong enough to depend on. You could also include comments as to the trading platform, perhaps the feed is expensive. I suggest that a broker review could be quite comprehensive. What you have shown about IV is very inconclusive and actually not informative enough to make a decision. Of Interest...... the 'About' page on the IV broker site does not even give the location or address. and certainly no financial information. What we do know is.... they have a well designed website with bells and whistles and lots of fancy sentences..... but we have no idea if the door will be open for business tomorrow.... and that is one thing that people should be concerned with when depositing their funds.
  14. Sometimes hard to find out all of the information needed, perhaps a good idea to check forums and see what opinions people have
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