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  1. Hi, so i trade the usual markets, but have been watching crypto not knowing much.After seeing countless times crypto tokens going over 10x,50x, even 100x i had to take a look.I went from trading bitcoin,etherium, to trading smaller stuff like solana,matic, then i found alt coins! Remember how crazy IPO's were back in the late 90's, thats whats happening now. There are these launchpads, like seedify,polkastarter,safelaunch, and many many more. They allow you to buy in at private prices or before the token go public. These are the one that can go 100x from your price. The only thing that sucks with launchers is you have to buy the launchers token, to get allocation or a chance to win a lottery. This can be many $1000 dollars to get a shot. For instance seedify has guaranteed allocation, for $1000 of seedify token, you got an allocation of $5 of cyptomeda,of course it went up alot like 10x or something, but still. Which brings me to pools, like OIG or PlanktonSnowCapital, these places, you dont have to hold tokens, they just take a percentage of your investment, i think around 15-20%. So all of your capital can go towards the private purchase of tokens instead of buying the tokens of launchers.Like go to PlanktonSnowCapital webpage and they have a chart showing you what they have brought out, a 5k investment a couple months ago is now 35k or something. No matter which way you go, launchers or pools, you have to take advatage of this time of the market, which only comes around in a generation.I never thought i would see the bubble of the late 90's again, this time im going to take full advantage of it! I have a bunch invested with PlanktonSnowCapital, that is listing late september, ill comeback then and let you know how i did BloxMove,Defina,Cryptoblades kingdom,Rocosoft,Orion Money, and Privi.
  2. Hi, i listed my review last week on another forum, thought i would also share it here, I feel fortunate to have found a mentor like Bano.And for an update, after the first week, down 400, Feeling hesitation to put on some trades. Hi, i would like to give my brief review so far of tradingraw.com His youtube channel is banotradingraw I never write reviews, mostly but not always, the sites are pretty much worthless. I first read some thread on elite about this guys youtube videos, showing he is constantly making 1000-2000 grand a day. Of course then you get all the people commenting "amazing"," he's full of s***" etc.. Came over here, read a review that was posted here, and got my interest peaked. I really didn't know what was going on in the vids, there is no sound, just video of some guy trading, usually only for an hour or two. First let me tell you what i look for when looking for a service. The most important thing for me is honesty, doesnt matter if he's hardly making anything, almost all vendors fail this simple step.Either they post late fails, they say they trade 1 or 2 contracts (ya, whatever, like some guys claim they make so much, yet trade so little, give me a break), or the service is so expensive, i'll never find out. Bano (the trader of tradingraw is very honest,you'll see why later). The second thing i look for is how could this guy be conning me, now on the youtube vids, he's always making, but he doesnt post everyday, thought AHA! must take big losses and not post, so i emailed him about that and he let me see the vids he didn't post, and it was pretty much the same thing.Now maybe i'll never be a good trader, i don't know, but i want to learn from someone that is profitable, and that i know is transparent with everything he does, Bano is both of those things i found out. So i joined up,he only trades stocks, and stocks that are in the news that haven't really moved much yet from the close before. He does this through mainly tape reading, watching the bid/ask and prints, getting in small, if its positive action, increasing, negative decreasing, basically. He has around 20 videos on site, that was pre recorded with voice overs, in slow motion, explaining how to read the tape, which i never considered before, the thing is, its extremely simple but very hard in practice because of the speed. A couple features that i though were awesome, and what basically makes the site is the forum, which will allow you post your own vids, and Bano will watch to correct your mistakes, now this is like 1 on 1 training which is extremely expensive anywhere, from people you don't even know if their profitable or not. So the day goes like this,,He collects news items from Stocks, so in the morning, he gets rid of all the thinly traded, gappers, etc., usually your left with maybe 5-8 stocks that are worth looking at. So you join his skype channel,he tells you what stocks are in play based on his parameters, gives recommendations on which one might be better based on his previous experiences with that stock.As the market opens, he will generally say when hes in or looking at something. (He doesn't say buy this now, sell that now, he doesnt post everytime he enters or exits)During the day its up to you, there is no one spoon feeding you.I was kinda pissed off at first, that i didn't see his screen while trading, or he didnt say when to buy or sell,but what makes tradingraw unique, is he posts his video of his trading that day, and then i can compare myself to him, when he was exactly buying,selling. Since i was looking at the same things and its fresh in my mind, it helps me grow as a trader I joined about 1.5 months ago, and have been sim trading for the last month, based on a 25k account (usually using around 30k buying power , so not that risky) i made 3k, but more then that, the volatility i experienced was low about 500 downswing since im only buying 100 shares at a time, ya ya i know its sim. I will start trading live on Monday. The real seal of approval for me, will come in aprrox 1 month from now, when its time to renew, if i don't, well then i will come back and explain why. I think this is the longest post i have ever written on a board Do your own research, don't believe me or anyone else,good luck
  3. I hope you make another vid, i find that cqg ticker tool to put me into a trance, im thinking of trying a demo with cqg, so anything else you can offer that makes cqg unique, i would love to hear, thanks again
  4. what i meant was is there a way to specify, the volume differences for the bars? cause really low volume are really small which is good, but the big volume bars alot of them are the same size after a certain volume, like 20,000 contracts on a 2 minutes is the same width as a 10,000 volume bar
  5. nice code caglebagle, is there a way to have more bars of different width and intensity then just the 4, or does tradestation limit it to 4?
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