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  1. :shocked: Well it seems to be on life support. Funeral to follow, RIP!
  2. Blu-Ray, I figured out the problem by accident about an hour ago. I do not use the continuous contract symbol on my charts. I was using these same symbols for my Radar Screen. So when I looked closely at the Squeeze Indicator Alert column I saw that it had a little “I” in it and when I ran the mouse over the column it said “waiting for archive data”. No amount of additional bars helped so then I figured I would try the continuous symbol and everything is fine. It matches the chart perfectly. Thanks again!
  3. Blu-Ray, I appreciate your generous contributions and TS coding savvy. It is especially helpful to a TS newbie like me. I am using your Squeeze and Squeeze Radar Screen indicators. I have loaded a 60 min ES and was wondering why the chart shows a squeeze fired at 10:30 am CST today. However, no alert has been posted in the RS. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks Chaz
  4. Blue-Ray, Just for clarification, are you suggesting that the "On" versus "Auto Detect" option should be used as the default setting only if the indicator has been optimized or regardless if it has been optimized or not? Thanks
  5. Blue-Ray, That was fab. I used your code because it is much more elegant. I have a lot to learn. Have a look at the file I attached. You can see where the MACD crossed the Avg line but doesn't change color immediately. I am guessing this has to do with the previous bar. Is there coding I can use to have the plot change so that it is spot on the cross over? I appreciate this very much and will be willing to post this indicator is anyone is interested.
  6. Blu-Ray, Thanks for your responce. I made the change to the code as you suggested but it still gives the error message when trying to verify that it is expecting "(" at the >= operator. In all the code I looked at to try to do this I don't recall that I have see the operators in (). What is this trying to tell me?
  7. Well, you TS gurus were very helpful to me the other day and so I started to work on a MACD code to change the colors of the MACD when it is greater than the MACDAVG. I have attached what I have so far but it will not verify. It gives me a grammar error stating that it expects "(" at the place where my >= operator is. Can you suggest what I have missed? [LegacyColorValue = true]; { CW MACD } inputs: FastLength( 12 ), SlowLength( 26 ), MACDLength( 9 ) ; Plot1( MACD( Close, FastLength, SlowLength ), "MACD", Red ) ; Plot2( XAverage( Plot1, MACDLength ), "MACDAvg", White ) ; Plot4( 0, "ZeroLine", Yellow) ; if MACD >= XAverage then SetPlotColor (1,Cyan);
  8. Thanks for the help you guys. And Blu-Ray that was very cool. Thanks for that little snipet.
  9. Here is a sample 7500 share chart. I would like the midline of the BB and the MACD and MACD AVG lines to be transparent. Appreciate the assistance.
  10. Sorry if this belongs somewhere else but I am just getting started with Tradestation and have a problem when I set up my workspaces. On some of my indicators I only use some of the lines and make others transparent/invisible. I have been able to do this with 2 - previous chart software but cannot discover how to do this with Tradestation. Please tell me it can be done. Any Tradestation pros out there that can help me with this? Thanks Chas
  11. MC, I do not see how you can be having a problem with TS commissions??? This is what really throws another red flag up for me. How can their customer support be so out of step with their enormous marketshare? Now, you are trading YM correct? Their TSW clearly states that if you are doing 300 or less contracts it is $2.13. They also publish what their commissions are if you trade higher volume. I currently trade YM with IB and their bundled commission is also $2.13. This was one of the reasons that I had them in the + column in my punch list. I have no intention of closing my IB account but at least I figured that I would be getting the same commission when I do my 10 RT's each month so I can get the platform for free. I also checked with Infinity Futures last week (in fact went to their offices since I live in Chicago) and they will match the IB and TS commissions. The guys at Infinity are ex-prop traders so they have a different mindset then all the big boys. The other thing is their day margin is fantastic at $500 per contract. They push Sierra as the chart platform and so it is also one of the platforms on my list. Chas
  12. So the premiere chart vendor says to not use their charts. I don't think I'm being unreasonable at all, a platform that isn't free needs to be accurate IMO. Maybe I didn't have slippage all those times and perhaps they were chart issues? I can tell you who NOT to use. I'm looking heavily at OEC, anybody with experiences with them live have input? MC, I am spending this Sunday morning browsing the trading websites searching for feedback and reviews on Tradestation because I want to commit to a long term platform. I was leaning toward TS because so many traders use and recommend it. I believe many of the members here a TL including the moderator are TS platform users. The learning curve on any platform is considerable so I want my next one to be the last one. Have you spoken any further to TS tech support? Was this a data issue or a platform version issue? You are using the TS most recent update correct (8.3 *). I am going to hold off on my decision until I know more about this. Chas
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