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    I have been self employed all my life. I decided to teach myself trading after selling my business and entering semi retirement at 40 ish.

    Learning to trade almost beat me, DO NOT take it lightly. My mission now is to help people realise their dream of making it as a profitable forex trader, it is the best life in the world once you crack it.

    Trend trading with support and resistance is the only way to trade with absolute confidence, all the other methods may well work for the cleverest of traders, if you need certainty though, choose trend trading.
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  1. This is an age old argument but I would take TA on a monthly and weekly chart over any crap most fundy analysts come out with. Get the bias from those high time frames trade the m15 using that bias.
  2. I used to use the time to watch the priceaction closely in order to learn how to up my game. I am happy where I am at now so place the trades, generally off a 15 minute chart and walk away. Waiting for the perfect set-ups is where the discipline is really required IMHO.
  3. The open, high, low and close are critical to my trading strategy. It is about belief and backtesting. Don't close your mind to any of them is my advice.
  4. don't rush or get anxious about finding trades, let them come to you. One of the truest yet hardest thing I had to learn.
  5. Plenty of trend trades using support and resistance about on the currencies. It is a fallacy that the markets are untradeable in the holiday periods. Trends work on all timeframes therefore what looks like a sideways market on h4 h1 etc in fact has loads of tradeable opps on m5. Happy trading in 2012 folks
  6. Forget reading IMHO, find a method you like and just keep trying to trade it using strict rules of entry, exit and stoploss until you can do it in your sleep. Train yourself to trade like a machine, no emotions.
  7. Keep it simple and after 10 - 20k hours of screentime you will crack it no problems at all. Practice makes perfect.
  8. Learning to trade is about conditioning your brain, IMHO it cannot be rushed. I have been helping fellow traders for years now and some still say they learn new stuff about my method even after all that time. If you find someone to help you be prepared to give it years not months to sink in. Once you find a method you like, if it is set and forget, i.e you enter the trade, fix a stop and a have a fixed target then learn to trade that method like a machine, do it on a demo account that mirrors the size of your eventual live account. I suggest 2 or 3K. When you can double that demo account with fewer and fewer mistakes then consider moving to live. This may take six months or three years only you will know when you stop taking trades outside of your strict rules, you will know when you are ready. I did this and transition from demo to live was painless.
  9. Yup, there is no such thing as a sideways or ranging market, trends work on the every timeframe, even m1 , learn to trade them instead / as well.
  10. UNPAID, I beg to differ, the mentor I paid was priceless, the friends I spent years trying to learn with were worthless by comparison. Ever heard the expression the blind leading the blind, it fits well.
  11. Yep agreed the problem is that people try to learn it all ass backwards, human nature I guess, do the easy most obvious things first, I made all the same mistakes myself. All I try to do now is make people avoid the same expensive and time wasting mistakes I made. No need.
  12. If it works for you and you are profitable keep doing it. For novices who are still struggling I would definately stand by my advice to drop all indis, they are just a crutch and quite possibly an unnecessary distraction.
  13. Dump all the indis and concentrate on bars and candles and you will move your progress into overdrive, I promise you. The indis are a product of price, not the other way around.
  14. Well done, 8 of 10 winners is what I aim for, it can be done just stop listening to all the nay sayers and people that overcomplicate things.
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