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  1. Has anyone coded a Weis Wave replica for Tradestation or NinjaTrader that they could share? Thanks
  2. Hi All Just got trade station up and running but am having problems getting this indicator to show up on charts I do not see any line at all? I have installed and run the bbsqueeze, ttm trend and volume delta with no problems but cannot get this to show up Thanks for the help Cheers
  3. ptop


    brown IB allows 6 months, the strange thing is i set 5 months in MC and it would show the current trading day and 2 month ahead as in it was November 2 and would show dates at bottom of chart to January 2 2008?? Thanks for your response brown
  4. ptop


    Also I installed the tick delta that i got from soultrader here in MC and it is showing the volume bars as 2 different bars 1 behind the other, do u use this with multicharts and if so did u notice the same thing?
  5. ptop


    januson I just installed MC and am having problems with daily charts, i am using IB data and all I'm able to get is 1 day data and 2 months forward from today without data, I have tried all day to set this up with no luck, tried there forum but it seems u can't even register for the forum????Does someone here know how I can register for the forum? Also to change multiple chart symbols is hit and miss mostly miss, u would think with all the linking abilities that u would be able to link to the quotemanager???? I go to format symbol and enter symbol and nothing. Is there also a way for IB clients to get more than 6 months data like Ensign has and also continuous contract? And what is with the quote manager it's not even streaming data, this is the first charting package that I have seen without this or am I missing it? Thanks
  6. ptop


    Is there any multichart users out there? Is it as good as tradestation and what app is the best on resources? It seems to be able to use all of the tradestation code but some say it is a resource hog. Thanks
  7. Did anyone trade BIDU today? What a crazy day the bid was at 314 and the ask was firing off at 303 to 306 on BIDU I was able to short but impossible to cover, I finally had to use a market order to get out with a small loss, I was using IB's smart. Any ideas where I went wrong? It seems like a crap load of people were pulling it off. I think I need a better way to enter orders other than Booktrader. Thanks for any help Cheers
  8. wiseguy you can with the new version of tws but it is still not streaming which makes no sense to me??? You have to use the feature selector to view it. Cheers
  9. ptop


    Thanks actaus, I have the 4.2 version and I believe for me it is in tools option video, What codec are you using to compress vids to? As for hardware I have p 4 3.0 1 gig ram and ati X800 GTO vid card, we shall see if this is good enough. Cheers
  10. ptop


    I don't know if this is going to one of my many stupid question on this forum but here we go Does or has anyone ever considered using Camtasia to record your trading day and or just your trades so you can go back on them and see what you were thinking and also seeing how to improve upon your trading, or see what you might have missed in a losing trade set up? I got this idea in my funny little brain while watching some of soultraders vids using Camtasia and noticed how small the file sizes are. Any thoughts? Cheers
  11. Thanks trader273 but there is a bunch of paintbar studies I want to use with tradestation. Quick ? does multicharts have playback? Thanks
  12. Quick question, what do you guys use to capture screen shots like these? Thanks
  13. James and Brown it is too bad you felt the need to stop posting, I was gaining allot of insight as to candle formations, never really followed them for swing trades. I hope you reconsider start it up again. This has been a great thread and am sure others would agree. Cheers
  14. If you use IB and want streaming time & sales use quotetracker http://quotetracker.com/index_nn.asp it has streaming time& sale and great charts and it if free and uses IB data. Cheers
  15. ptop

    Harvey Walsh

    If you watch his vids it looks to me as if he is the best paper trader around :rofl: I also trade through IB as he does and I tell you that I never get fills as quick and with the 1000 lot he trades. It looks to me he puts orders in when the stock looks like its heading north in a hurry and still can get his 1000 share lot in one fill???? I called him on this on one of his vids and that is where he told me he uses IB and market order :rofl: I think the oly way this guy makes money is off the courses he sells what a SCAM!!! Cheers
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