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  1. thank you phoenix, same here. maybe a moderator will help us...
  2. Hi All, I don't see charts in attachement... normal please ? thank you.
  3. Thank you very much Walter. Have a nice sunday in Argentina !
  4. Thank you again Walter for this interesting thread and for sharing your scalping approach. I like your talk and at the end your idea of "lifestyle". Ithink I perfectliy understand the aim and I already know that being able to reach this scalping daily goal would make me happy .. .... BUT.... I'm asking oneself whether if it's so easy to succeed as it seems ? (am not speaking about scalping technics that are supposed to be mastered BUT about the "scalper daily target" approach) Mainly 3 points seem difficult for me : 1 / stopping today scalping (target reached) while the market has a great volatility offering (today..not like yesterday or tomorrow...) good opportunuities... 2/ stopping today scalping (target reached) , not considering/forgetting that, for example, my last 2 scalping days were loosing and so knowing in advance that my "monthly lifestyle target" will not be reached.. (In fact, if I understand, each time we have one and only loosing day our monthly target cannot be reached) 3/ "such low expectations makes you much more selective...only take the best setup" : I like this approach again but it seems difficult to me to implement... why ? I understand (studying your VMAR threads) that you mix "big money" trades and scalping ("conservation of capital" + fun ...which I appreciate also ) so my question is : - When and How to choose/decide between a Trade or a Scalp ? (taking into consideration that a scalp needs to close the whole position in one time vs partial profits for Trades AND that "best setups" are by definition (and back-testing...) reserved for Trades ...) BTW, you propose a crystal clear daily (profit) target to stop scalping...but you don't speak about a loosing limit that would stop scalping for the day too. (sorry to speak about that but having not your expertise I know that I can also loose 3 "lifestyle months target" in only one scalping day ... LOL ) Many thanks in advance if you have time to discuss and advise. Yours, Serge
  5. Many thanks Walter for your answers. I will study your new thread with the same pleasure and interest as the previous ones. Happy trading ! Serge
  6. ...what could I say... the third Walter's thread I'am studying ... and once again it's a true happiness... great teaching, great creativity, great clarity, great value ... just fascinating, exciting... MANY THANKS Walter for your generosity and everything you do ! I don't trade Forex but ES... I will come back here in few days with some charts and personal attemps on the ES... Now a question please : (por favor hombre ;-) In your previous (excellent again) thread "My Entry vs My Stop vs My Exit" / "Happy M Trade", you used 110Ticks and 22T charts for entries, timing... whereas here you use (so far...) a 1 min chart which is imho usually more difficult to read for the trader and for the indicators.... What is the reason please of this difference ? The VMA vs previous indicators ? Forex trading vs Futures trading ? ... something else ??? Many thanks in advance, Serge
  7. Walter, I am just discovering TL web ....and since 2 days now I have studied in depth the 30 pages of your excellent post "Forex Trend Trades" (Icon/VMA) and now tonight, (its 2 am in france...) it's again a true happiness to read this post about RRR... Your strong competencies, the way you explain, the way you teach, the way you share...make you an exceptional and unusual character ! MANY THANKS for your time, availabilty and everythings you give here ! (and in your close environment most certainly...) MUCHAS GRACIAS HOMBRE !!! Compliments and best regards, Serge (impatient to start reading another of your posts....) ps : I'm already sure that I'm at the right place here to come across great value people/traders... and by the way, I'm happy to join the "Sorry For My English" Club...
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