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  1. Actually, there is no specific time to master trade. As a matter of fact, you keep learning by the day even though you know how to trade already. But it normally takes an average of 1- 2 years to master it. Experience often does the magic. The more you trade, the better you become.
  2. start small, go big. Trading isn't for the rich buddy. So long as you are consistent and you trade wisely, you will go big. Cos the motive i to build wealth over time.
  3. Well, as a beginner, maybe you want to try out Robinhood. It is quite cheap or should I say free. But be sure to do a virtual trading before diving straight into the market.
  4. How Scam Brokers Make Money The ways that scam binary options brokers make money are a few ways. In order to provide a facade that they are legitimate, they offer to help you make money. The will get your permission to trade on your behalf, and manipulate the software so that your trades are winners. The broker will give you an automatic bonus, thereby locking up your deposited funds so that you cannot withdraw it. They will place unauthorized charges on your credit card. The broker will become your best friend to build up your trust and get you to deposit $10,000. Everything will seem fine and good with the broker until you ask to withdraw your money, and then the problems start. Withdrawing money from an unlicensed and shady broker is almost impossible. Since they are not a bank, you cannot automatically withdraw your money. All withdrawals are processed manually by a clerk. In the event that you did not receive a bonus, and you are eligible to withdraw your cash, they make the process difficult. They start asking for a ton of verification paperwork. The salesman gets on the phone and starts pitching you to deposit more money for an unbelievable trading opportunity.
  5. It is no news that the way Binary Brokers make their money is simply keeping the money of traders who lost. A report was put out last year with data from binary options trader in Japan showing that 85% of traders lose their money! That means that it is very profitable to be a binary options broker. There is still that 15% of traders, who manage to take money out of the broker.
  6. Just some tips on investing that I thought made be useful to someone. 1) Never buy when market is reaching new heights, in early january and in the next few months when market is reaching new heights one another day, all the analyst were predicting market to reach 32k and more considering all the good news floating in the market(though it was floated). By now slowly few of them has set the target as around 27k on an average by year end, considering all the bad news because of quarter results. So next lesson is 2) Never blindly follow all analysts. 3) Buying stocks on analysts call, can also be a danger. An experience is with Havells India, it has vibrant range of products, was advertised well, with projected real estate and infrastructure growht in India it was said to do well and slowly stock price was doing good and crossed 330. Suddenly it was brought down to around 280 and slowly it settled at 260, a drop in more than around 30% from its peak just because of some analysts call i believe .I couldnt see any news on that day and by next day i almost sold at loss to recover my capital as some of the analysts has given bearish call that it will settle around 240-250 for a long time. 4) Buy heavily when market is bleeding, set a target for stop loss if it still bleeds. 5) Never fear to sell at loss 6) Try to be invested for more than 2-3 years to get all the benefits of bonus shares and tax benefits.Accumulate during this time if your stock is extremely good. Investing can never be a gamble as you take part in the progress of a company and eventually for the country. Enjoy investing :-)
  7. The reason why I failed in trading when I started was because My motive was initially wrong and my approach was terrible. I wanted to make so much money in a short time so desperately that I lost everything I started with. I approached Forex like a gamble and it cost me. Well, that is behind now.
  8. Thanks for the article. It was refreshing to read. My motive to trade Forex is to make money and build wealth. But I am crazy about it.
  9. Nice one. But how then can someone monitor or properly analyze a stock if one don't spent time watching it? That is basically what I do and i won't call that been obsessed. perhaps I don't understand what you mean by been obsessed.
  10. maybe you would understand better this way. 2 factors: The global slowdown has reduced demand for oil. Most markedly: industry in China is just consuming a LOT less oil, other countries similar. Pick an economics textbook, turn to chapter 1, page 1, “How Supply and Demand Affects Pricing”: less demand means lower prices. Oil producing countries are pumping as fast as they can. The Saudi Oil Minister is quoted as saying “The stone age didn’t end because they ran out of stones”. It is clear that mankind must leave huge quantities of easily accessible oil in the ground if we are to survive. So the Saudis are using their low cost of production to gain market share, it is better to get $20 a barrel now than nothing in a few years. Pick an economics textbook, turn to chapter 1, page 1, “How Supply and Demand Affects Pricing”: more supply means lower prices.
  11. Of course they do. What i explained is simply how demand and supply is affected which in turns affect the price of oil. Demand and supply are the major determinant.
  12. Thank you for such a brilliant write up. It was refreshing while i was reading. About the newbies, that is an obvious mistake they all make. I made that mistake myself and i paid heavily for it. Please, if you may, write something about the common mistakes newbies make. It will be helpful, we have quite a lot here.
  13. I forgot to add, all this simply for a campaign for trump? Simply ridiculous. Trump will not change a thing, he will simply make them worst.
  14. I do not believe that is the case. For so many years OPEC enjoyed a virtual lock on the supply of oil. This also gave them the ability to control prices. This is no longer the case. There are so many rogue nations if you will that are pumping oil with reckless abandon. There is a huge glut in oil above the ground. This is what is causing the price to remain so low. Believe me the nations that have relied on oil for there extravagant lifestyle ( mainly the Arab states ) are desparate for 80 to 100 dollar oil again. As is Venezuela, Nigeria, Mexico and Russia.
  15. High oil prices gives boost for development of oil extraction technologies, making unconventional fields and areas (like offshore an shale oils) profitable. Many small companies started drilling and exploiting these alternative sources mainly from loans. Advancements of automotive industries slowly reduce fuel requirements of car engines, reducing the increase of requirements of transportation sectors worldwide Global warming warnings and their political backing increase capitalisation of renewable sources and reduce dependencies from fossil fuels So new oil sources appeared on the market, meanwhile consumption reduces/stagnated. Biggest producers see the stagnating market and the the new sources, and they had 2 option. Defend the price by reducing oil production (and loosing market share for the new unconventional companies) or defend their market share and supress the new sources by floding the market with their cheaper oil. They choose option 2: Saudi oil flooded market reducing prices greatly. Oil prices drop. Shale oil companies drilled from bank loans, needed payments so they cant stop production or going bankrupt. Other producers (like Russia and venezuela) needed the money comes from their oil production and dont want to reduce this source. The production-consumtion imbalance steadily reduced prices, until it hit the painful level, where even the cheap shale-producers cant sustain their production and stopped the drilling. There we are now. Cheap shale producers need 40–50 $/bbl for profitable production, more difficult fields require 60–80 $/bbl. Conventional fields produce at 10–30 $/bbl. Currently the exploration and exploitation of new fields stopped until prices goes up to make the works profitable again, but shrinking requirement push this date into the farther future
  16. I wouldn’t put it exactly in that way. The price of oil may be based on availability, but our perception of the ‘value’ of the oil is influenced by the speculators who announce their opinions as to how much oil will likely be traded in the future. This is influenced by their perception of what is likely to happen next. Oil is oil. It cost no more to be drilled and poured in barrels than it did the day before. Here’s a simple example: news of imminent war in an oil producing area, no mater how small, is a signal to buy oil before the event actually occurs and the price goes up. The cost of gasoline at the rack is the same today as it was yesterday, but the selling price at the rack and on the street goes up immediately. This creates a buy or sell event depending on the traders situation, and producers, traders and retailers see it as a chance to make a lot of profit. Imagine that you have 6 million gallons in your tanks that is suddenly worth 10 cents per gallon more than it was the day before. Suddenly you are $600,000 richer. It’s better than winning the lottery. “Prices are going up”, and consumers fill their tanks all at once, regardless of the fact that they will not use any more gas in a week than they normally would. The sellers response is to raise their prices even more and buy more fuel. It doesn’t take long before the “war” doesn’t happen, or if it does start, it is possible that the US refineries don’t even purchase oil from the affected areas. In response to the sudden increase in the purchase of gasoline, the refineries increase their production to replace the product that is being rapidly depleted at the tank farms. Once the bogus scare is over, fearing the storage tanks will burst at their seams, the producers drop the price of gasoline rapidly to make room for the abundance of gasoline being produced, else they face the danger the refineries will have to be shut down, which will take as much or more than a million dollars just to start up again. This is worsened by the fact that retailers will hold off purchasing more fuel and subscribe to a plan of running their tanks as low as possible. Now the retailers have the other problem. With their tanks filled to capacity, they may suddenly find themselves $600,000 poorer, so they drop their prices rapidly, else they will be caught with much more expensive fuel and be selling what they have at a loss. If the price drops for long enough, and retailers have not planned for this inevitable situation, many will go out of business.
  17. This is my stand, you can correct if i am mistaking. I would not agree that the price is currently being manipulated. What several of the national oil companies (NOCs) are doing is driving to maintain or improve on their market share with multiple intents. 1. Keep up their income to balance their country budget 2. Eliminate some of their competition 3. Try to regain their ability to control oil prices. As of today, the only success they have had is bankrupting the higher priced operators in the US and putting several others into financial trouble. The surplus has not diminished significantly but has only moved from crude to refined products as refiners bought up cheap oil as fast as they could process it. The driving public is loving it with the common pricing being in the $2 a gallon Range. The over 2 million folks who have lost their jobs would tend to disagree. As the market continues to see still high production and slower increasing consumption than expected, confusion will continue to reign and nobody, but nobody can tell you what will happen with the prices tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or next century. The only guarantee is it will go up and it will go down, sometimes for a real reasons and sometimes on rumors of rumors. What do you say?
  18. Okay. Thanks. but If the notion of this question is that someone with a lot of money is manipulating the market by buying or selling oil as a speculation to make money, then what would be your say about it?
  19. Thank God i came across this article. Thank you so much for such an enlightening. I will share this to my friends. they will love it.
  20. There is a speculation going on now, that the price of oil is highly fabricated. What is your thought on this matter?
  21. You didn't mention the outcome are you referring to when you say the effect will come like a slow poison, Also, would you please explain why the Uk may not leave the EU? sounds good to me.
  22. So, you are saying the whole low oil price saga has nothing to do with the Brexit stuff? So what other outcome are you referring to when you say the effect will com like a slow poison?
  23. Hey guys, do you in any way think that the current price of oil has something to do with the outcome of the BREXIT campaign? Considering that Between late May and the middle of June, the price of Brent rose above $50/bbl, but has since come off to trade in the low $40s (since the vote result went in favor of the leave campaign.).
  24. You sound really disappointed by this book, I don't feel so. Here are a few taken from the 1973 Revised Edition of The Intelligent Investor that sits on my shelf: Stocks are businesses, and investing is most intelligent when it is most businesslike (know your business). Margin of safety is a concept that not only applies to bonds and other fixed-value investments, but also to common stocks. Price and value are not always the same. “Mr. Market” tells investors every day what he thinks their stocks are worth. His appraisals are occasionally influenced by fear or greed, and investors are free to heed or ignore Mr. Market when it suits them. Both defensive (passive) and enterprising (active) investment strategies have their place, depending on the needs and desires and abilities of investors. Inflation does not generally add to investment value because inflation does not increase the rate of return on capital enjoyed by public corporations.
  25. There is something about been the first. I am not sure, but i think that is the first known book about investment. The concept he explained in the book, is surely true and still valid till date, however, because of the book is too old, alot of things have changed and of course many of his techniques are quite outdated. nevertheless, it is a good book. Though there are lots of better books to read for this age investment.
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