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  1. You need to understand that there is a difference between stock market and Forex market. Stock market is such a market where any third party can manipulate the market and take away lots of money. But Forex is such a market where it is impossible to manipulate. If you are experienced trader who can take right decision at the right time without being greedy then there is a huge possibility to sustain in this market.
  2. I really appreciate that you took your time and create this post. I have been in this sector for long time and i saw lots of automated systems but fortunately and unfortunately i never saw a single trader who sustain in this market using only automated system. I would like to suggest to all that if you really want to sustain in this market then you need to understand and analyze this market closely. If you can't addressed this type of mistakes initially then you will have face to face with unpleasant reality.
  3. If you really want to be a scapler then my best suggestion is to use M1, M5 and M15 time frame. Another thing is that there are lots of Forex brokers those do not allow scapling. So you need to make sure that your current Forex broker allow scalping.
  4. I believe we should not spam over here and make spammy post. I would like to request our moderator to remove those spammy post and make this community spam free.
  5. It was long time ago. From the beginning i like to trade for long time basis like 5hr or one day. I forget the date but one day i opened a day long trade and i made $2400. I like to mention that it was a risky one because the volume of lots were high.
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