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  1. Function Keys F1 � open "Userguide" (i.e. Help) F2 � open the "History Center" window F3 � open the "Global Variables" window F4 � open MetaEditor F6 � call the "Tester" window for testing the expert attached to the chart window F7 � call the "Properties" window of the expert attached to their chart window in order to change settings F8 � call the "Chart Setup" window F9 � call the "New Order" window F10 � open the "Popup prices" window F11 � enable/disable the full screen mode F12 � move the chart by one bar to the left Shift Combinations Shift+F12 � move the chart by one bar to the right Shift+F5 � switch to the previous profile Alt Combinations Alt+1 � display the chart as a sequence of bars (transform into bar chart) Alt+2 � display the chart as a sequence of candlesticks (transform into candlesticks) Alt+3 � display the chart as a broken line (transform into line chart) Alt+A � copy all test/optimization results into the clipboard Alt+W � call the chart managing window Alt+F4 � close the client terminal Alt+Backspace or Ctrl+Z � undo object deletion Ctrl Combinations Ctrl+A � arrange all indicator windows heights by default Ctrl+B � call the "Objects List" window Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert � copy to the clipboard Ctrl+E � enable/disable expert advisor Ctrl+F � enable "Crosshair" Ctrl+G � show/hide grid Ctrl+H � show/hide OHLC line Ctrl+I � call the "Indicators List" window Ctrl+L � show/hide volumes Ctrl+P � print the chart Ctrl+S � save the chart in a file having extensions: "CSV", "PRN", "HTM" Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 � close the chart window Ctrl+Y� show/hide period separators Ctrl+Z or Alt+Backspace � undo the object deletion Ctrl+D � open/close the "Data Window" Ctrl+M � open/close the "Market Watch" window Ctrl+N � open/close the "Navigator" window Ctrl+O � open the "Options" window Ctrl+R � open/close the "Tester" window Ctrl+T � open/close the "Terminal" window Ctrl+F5 � switch to the next profile Ctrl+F6 � activate the next chart window Ctrl+F9 � open the "Terminal � Trade" window and switch the focus into it. After this, the trading activities can be managed with keyboard Other Keys and/or Combinations "left arrow" � chart scrolling to the left "right arrow" � chart scrolling to the right "up arrow" � fast chart scrolling to the left or, if the scale is defined, chart scrolling up "down arrow" � fast chart scrolling to the right or, if the scale is defined, chart scrolling down Numpad 5 � restoring of automatic chart vertical scale after its being changed. If the scale was defined, this hot key will return the chart into the visible range Page Up � fast chart scrolling to the left Page Down � fast chart scrolling to the right Home � move the chart to the start point End � move the chart to the end point "-" � chart zoom out "+" � chart zoom in Delete � delete all selected graphical objects Backspace � delete the latest objects imposed into the chart window Enter � open/close fast navigation window Esc � close the dialog window
  2. Forex trading is high risky business. If you want to enjoy in this business then you need to be more patience and need to made fresh mind on all time. If you can do that then i hope you will be enjoy with this business.
  3. I would suggest you to first know about the stock market the way how it is working/running because you not knowing about stock market.When you have gain some knowledge about stock market then you should invest the money.
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