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  1. I'd like to show you the Advanced Statistics of Beyond's trading:
  2. With more and more investors and traders having joined us, we have made an impressive performance this month. For our Spytrader system, we have gained 1.47% this month. Thank you for your continued supports and focuses on us. Welcome to Managed accounts, my friends. Please contact us via skype - wanglm1985, if our previous one is not online. Thank you. Spytrader gained 43.8 pips yesterday: SourceCode Trading Technology Corporation Skype: wanglm1985 E-mail: spytrader007@gmail.com Website: Home
  3. We have gained over 160 pips this week: Please contact us via skype - wanglm1985, if our previous one is not online. Thank you.
  4. Risk Control: 1. We control the max loss of per trade under 3%, but actually for most order the max loss is under 0.5%-1%. 2. We control the daily drawdown under 10%. If the system hit the drawdown then we stop the system for a while. 3. We control the max account drawdown under 30%. Risk Preferences: Conservative: max dd < 15% and 5-10% profit per month Normal: max dd < 30% and 10-20% profit per month Aggressive: max dd < 45% and 15-30% profit per month
  5. Q: Will my account have exactly the same results as you post on your website or other? A: Individual results may vary. The results in your account should be very close, if not identical to what we post here. The main reason is the the datafeed is different on different brokers even same brokers! My systems are all base technique, so different datafeed will result in different results. But usually the performance different is not big. The second reason is the execution quanlity is different for different brokers especially then the trades size is big. There is also some other factors can also result in the different performance. If your results are not identical, they may sometimes be a little better or worse, but in the long run will be extremely close to those in other accounts. Do be aware that the first month you join a program, your results will not be the same, since your account did not fully participate in trading for the whole month. With some programs, it may take up to several months for your account to be fully integrated in all the trades the program is taking. We strongly encourage an evaluation period of at least 3 months to guage the performance in your account. Q: Can I refer clients to you? A: Yes. You can see the details in the ‘Refer a Friend'. Please visit our website: Home
  6. Trading Description of Beyond Trading System: System type: Manual Strategy: Technical Currency Pairs: EUR/USD mainly Leverage: generally 2:1, with maximum leverage at 10:1 Sharp Ratio: 2.15 Risk per trade: < 3% Target max draw down: < 30% Target monthly ROI: 10% - 20% Trade Timeframe: 1H Trade frequency: approximately between 80-100 per month System description: This system opens positions when we find harmonic patterns formed, and we may hold at most 5 trades.
  7. Q: If I do not withdraw profits, do they reinvest -- i.e. compound -- automatically? A: Yes, eventually profits left in your account will be considered an addition to principal, and will be factored into trade size calculations for future trades. How long it takes before they are included varies according to the period used for assessing profit share deductions and the trade strategies used in the managed program. Some account programs use cycles of trades that are interconnected, and it takes times for new funds to be fully integrated in the cycle. It could take up to a month before your profits were fully reinvested. Q: Can I stop my account from being traded at any time I choose? A: Yes. To stop trading, you just send us an email to us to ask to stop trading.
  8. Beyond Trading system is based on Classic Harmonic Patterns including the Gartley Pattern, the Butterfly pattern, the Crab pattern, the Bat pattern and the Cypher pattern and some other new harmonic patterns. The system mainly trades on EURUSD now, which expects 15% return per month and controls the max drawdown under 30%. Performance of Beyond on myfxbook.com http://www.myfxbook.com/members/trade4hapi/beyond/598264
  9. Q: How do I withdraw funds from my account? A: To withdraw funds, you simply execute a withdrawal just as you would normally from any other brokerage account, according to the procedures the broker uses. Usually this involves submitting a form that you sign requesting the withdrawal, which also specifies the means by which you wish to receive the money, such as by bank wire or check. See the broker's website for details. Q: Does the trader for my managed account have access to my funds? A: No, the funds in your Forex trading managed account are in your name at the broker. You are the proprietor of this account and the only one who can make deposits to or withdrawals from this account.
  10. Q: How is profit share/performance fee calculated? What if there is a loss? A: The profit share is calculated from the net profits per month from the "watermark" of previous highs. If there are no profits in a given month, there are no fees charged. The high equity point established after incentive fees are calculated creates the "watermark" which must be surpassed before any future profits may again be calculated. Example: you start with $ 10,000 in an account with an fee of 40%, and during the month there is $ 4000 in gross profit. The incentive fee deducted would be 40% of $ 4000, which is $ 1600, so your net profit would be $ 2400, and your account would now have a "watermark" new balance of $ 12,400. If in the next month there was a loss of $ 1000, there would be no fee deducted, since there is no profit, and your new balance would be $ 11,400. Your "watermark" is still $ 12,400. In the third month, if there was $ 3000 in gross profit, then the incentive fee would be calculated on only $ 2000 of that, since the first $1000 in profit gets your account back up to its "watermark" of $ 12,400. So the incentive fee would be 40% of $ 2000, or $ 800, and your net profit for that month would be $ 2200 (which is $ 1000 + $ 1200), and your new account balance would be the new "watermark" of $ 13,600 (which is $ 11,400 + $ 1000 + $ 1200).
  11. Q: How do I open an account? A: You need to open new accounts by our IB link, you can find the links icon in the SERVICE page. Please visit our website: Home You need to link your account to our PAMM account and sign a LPOA with us. Q: How do I fund my brokerage account? A: Most brokers accept funding by bank wire or personal check, cashier's check, or bank draft, but not by credit card. See the broker's web page for details. Q: When and how to pay us? A: You can pay me by Bank Wire, PayPal or Liberty Reserve (LR). You need to pay me at the end of each calendar month.
  12. Recently, more and more traders and investors have sent us their cooperation intentions. We have collected some FAQs and would like to add them here for you in the next posts. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us at any time. Thank you.
  13. Three things to emphasize again Funds Safety All of the clients’ assets we manage are held at secured banks around the world. Your funds will be placed in a segregated account under your name in leading banks in major global financial centers. Our clients open individual, joint, or corporate accounts on their company or own name and they have control over their funds at all times. They only authorize us to trade their funds for them through a limited power of attorney. Risk management Each of our trades has passed rigorous and strict selection (due diligence) process and we are sure that each of them understands the risk management sphere. At the beginning of cooperation, the rules of risk management are set up, and then strictly followed and nonstop monitored. Transparency Your money is on your trading account. You have 24/7 access to your trading account due to simple application and you can see what is going on there at anytime.
  14. How to Get Started? 1. Sign up for an account (Fill in the application form) or contact us directly. 2. Open an account in the chosen brokerage company 3. Email us about the brokerage you have chosen or trading information 4. Sign you the LPOA to sign and send it back to us and the broker 5. Fund your account 6. Start to trade Once your account is opened and funded, and the LPOA signed and sent to us, we will start to trade your account. It may take from 2 to 10 days. The overall time needed for establishing managed forex account for you depends mainly on wire transfer duration.
  15. I think poker games also needs luck. Since patient, discipline and risk/reward analysis in real time are shared in both discipline, why do you say it's a difference?
  16. We Offer 3 Risk Options Aggressive Risk Trading Strategy (Recommended) Our aggressive trading strategy has an average return of 10% or more per month. Estimated Maximum Drawdown is around 30%. This strategy involves more risk to your capital while having higher monthly returns. We recommend the strategy for clients who want a large account size and a high return. Normal Risk Trading Strategy Our normal risk trading strategy has an average return around 3-5% per month. Estimated Maximum Drawdown is around 15%. This Strategy is the perfect balance for most of our clients, combining low risk with high gains. We recommend this strategy for most of our clients. Conservative Risk Trading Strategy Our aggressive trading strategy has an average return of 1-2% or more per month. Estimated Maximum Drawdown is around 10%. This strategy involves low risk to your capital while having stable monthly returns. We recommend this one for clients who prefer a lower risk.
  17. Why choose us? Because you'll get:  Passive and stable income with low risk  Professional service from elite traders  Diversification of your income or investments  You can access to your money anytime  Profit from Forex without a need to learn it Our Advantages:  Diversification from all other traditional investments  Your maximum loss desired is controlled  Choice between 4 different investment profiles  High return expectation  Fully transparent, account accessible 24/7  Program working on the biggest liquidity in the World  No redemption period
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