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  1. Déjà vu, remember end of last year, weekend workshop? Everyone knows you make your money by "mentoring" as opposed to trading. If you cant make money trading, do the next best things and sell related products. A joke among real traders. I would love to hear back from those that attended or anyone else you have mentored.
  2. Please dont put words in my mouth, I did not demote anything. What does that even mean. At the end of the blue container, I had a FF traverse. WMCN but a FF traverse to make a traverse, not a traverse but a faster fractal traverse. This method is binary 0,1 I will show you the beauty in this method, lets say you thought the blue container was a traverse (hypothetical) Very soon afterwards the market will tell you WWT. Spyder stressed that all the time and it allowed you to get back on the right side of the market. (The red container on its own is a traverse ignoring everything else. I was pointing out the red container is equal to the blue container. The red container cannot be a traverse (in this context) since the blue container was not a traverse.) Food for thought WMCN = What must come next WWT = What wasn't that Why are you still struggling with this after the skype conversation ? Spyder discussed the increasing volume over pennants in the Vegas conference. It was not a secret. It just means that, like decreasing volume just means that. Context is KING. Learn to differentiate. PS - Arguing with a troll is a lot like wrestling in the mud with a pig, after a couple of hours you realize the pig likes it. You were not at Vegas or NY when they did the introductions. So what is your group exactly?
  3. There is no other way to view the market. Blue = Red . What are you not getting? I suggest you go back and listen to your hour long skype session. You have missed something critical. Order of events and context. Increasing volume over a sym pen is just that. It is not an automatic return to dominance. Volume leads Price. Always. And without exception.
  4. Who is is disputing that? For the record, Spyder clearly stated that. The reason of equality is under discussion. Blue container volume cycle, red container volume cycle. volume cycle one container = volume cycle three containers Focus on the words volume cycle. What are you struggling to see?
  5. Equality comes from volume and not price. The blue container up is faster fractal traverse with a volume cycle. The red container down is a traverse but since it was preceded by a FF traverse it is also a FF traverse with a volume cycle. And so on. Spyder always said focus on the volume pane not the price pane. Gaussians match containers.
  6. You have a comment on VE wait for next Bar. Where is m1,m2. I see the m1 (non dominant movement) where is the m2? That FBP is decreasing volume, by definition that bar is non dominant. I dont see a return to dominance. If that bar was not an internal things would be different Secondly I see that red container as a faster fractal traverse and not a traverse.
  7. stepan7 and river thanks so much for sharing. Also thanks to plantrader for bringing up this topic. Very interesting indeed All these different iterations are based on your style of trading and personality. Is there any special meaning behind the 987 and 6765 volume charts. Not to be disrespectful, them seem random to me. Thanks
  8. Most people on this forum have an intellectual property identity crisis. They feel this method belongs to themselves. Most people are not smart enough to grasp it in its entirety. Some recreate their own version based on their understanding and others use pieces.
  9. Hence the reason why advise is given only to read Spydertraders posts on TL and ET. No point is reading others BS.:spam:
  10. I hope you don't kiss your mother with that filthy mouth :haha:
  11. You made a statement, what do you mean by the statement? (Вы сделали заявление, что вы подразумеваете под заявлением)
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