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  1. I have just received a link to a Newsmax video “The Aftershock Survival Summit” that is obviously a sales video promoting their information package, but nevertheless it contains some truth and touches important points, which made me think hard about the recent situation. It is not my intention to promote them, but it would take a lot of typing to explain what they warn about. It is much easier to just paste the link here. If the links get deleted then the interested can still find it on google. Here is the video and its transcript: w3.newsmax.com/a http://w3.newsmax.com/a/aftershockb/video47a.cfm?promo_code=C915-1 One of its main claims is that the dollar is going to collapse this year, and the S & P will do the same. I am also convinced that the dollar will collapse sooner or later since all the data about the national debt and the way the dollar is created out of thin air backs this up. The only question is when will this happen. 1) What I hesitate about is whether the S & P (or stock market) would really collapse with the dollar. It is clear that if the crisis hits hard the real value of the stocks expressed in gold or commodities will fall. But the S & P is based on the dollar value of 500 stocks. The index will fall if the real value of the stocks falls faster than the value of the dollar. But if the inflation reaches unprecedented rates then the value of the dollar may fall faster than the real value of the stocks, and consequently, the S & P might rise (or at least not fall that much as expected) despite the fact that its real value is falling. It may be dangerous to sell S & P and expect it to collapse about 60% like it did in the last few years. What is your take on this first question? In a hyper inflation would the stocks rise (in dollar value) or fall as their real value is falling? Could the heavily depreciating dollar compensate the stocks falling tendency by the sheer fact that one would need a lot more dollars to purchase even a lower value stock? I have seen a video on youtube when a bloke paid for few bottles of bear with a full backpack of their hyper inflated currency... 2) The second question to consider is whether our money would be safe in banks when the collapse starts in earnest? The recent banking scandal in Cyprus is like the dying canary in the coal mine, warning us that we may lose our savings and earnings in more than just one way. The accelerated inflation steals people’s money in stealth mode without most of them realizing what is happening. But we may be subjected to very direct and overt thefts by the banks and governments like in Cyprus - see the article: “The Global Elite Are Very Clearly Telling Us That They Plan To Raid Our Bank Accounts” http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/the-global-elite-are-very-clearly-telling-us-that-they-plan-to-raid-our-bank-accounts 3) The third question is whether our money would be any safer in a broker account, or Forex Bucket-shop account in such a situation? If the banks start stealing the deposits why would the broker accounts be left out? Finally they are also under the control of the banks and subject to government regulations and taxes – right? You may be making nice profits short selling the crisis, but when you want to transfer it to you bank account, it could be stolen (all or a part of it) by the broker or by the bank when it arrives there. Even if your broker has been the most reliable and correct in the past, a government extra tax order may force them to do the unthinkable. The only safe solution to the mother of all crisis that is coming might be to buy and hold physical silver and gold, or other value-preserving commodities. What are your thoughts on these subjects? What concrete information and data supports support your opinion? fxYogi
  2. Thanks Mr_black, I will check it out. :thumbs up: A contest for real cash is even more likely to draw in more participants. Hope that cheating and gambling type tricks to win the competition can be effectively eliminated though, otherwise it will not reveal the information I am looking for...
  3. This is my first post on TL, and would like to thank you all for starting and keeping the contest threads alive. This is specially valuable for me right now, while trying to figure out where to look for a genuinely proven profitable trading method. I am not exactly new in the FX trading (I have already lost an account about 5 years ago), but I am back to the drawing board again like a beginner, since my previous run didn't succeed. The first time I have been sucked in by the widespread loser methods based on moving averages, and by the time I have realized it doesn't work, it was too late. :doh: Anyway, it was only a relatively small account of 1000 GBP. Now after few years of "break" I am back to give it another chance with a bit more research. There are many trading forums with countless systems and methods, which makes it extremely confusing and difficult to find the golden needle in the haystack. So I thought, the fastest way to find what really works in the long run is to measure the performance of traders and their methods which is done in contests. Those gurus who teach a method but unwilling to prove their performance in contests (or posting live trading results) are most probably not worth the time and effort to investigate. I was very excited to find here Optiontimer's excellent repeated performance in some of the past TL contests. But what was even more encouraging is to find one of his students (if I may use this term) Onemove winning the Nov - Dec Contest with an excellent result of 89% return vs. -6.87% max drawdown. The expertise of a guru and value of his method for a student is best measured by the performance of his students. So this is IT! :beer: - I thought, but then how is it possible then that in the last results of the latest contest Onemove is back in the red area with -31.44% loss and -15.61% max. draw down? What went wrong? Would Optiontimer have also have a losing run (meaning that the method is in a monthly drawdown period), or is it only failure of proper strategy execution? I am not criticizing anyone, my intent is constructive, trying to figure out what is happening. I would very much appreciate some relevant comments from all, but especially from Onemove and Optiontimer. Whatever the case, I will read Optiontimer's thread. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom people!
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