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  1. use thinkorswim and tradoroptions.com is also a great tool for you to check out.
  2. Glad to help, my friend pointed me to it and we share ideas and functions, so if you find something interesting, I'll be glad if you share it to me. Learning period will be shorter.
  3. Try out TradorOptions.com, really offers cool stuff.
  4. I'm within the 30 days trial, after that i will subscribe for sure, i know other softwares and it's much much better.
  5. Isn't trading only options makes positions more risky? Or maybe you hedge every strategy completely?
  6. First trade is SHORT 30 stocks of AAPL expiration is May 24, 2013 I an using anice software i've downloaded some time ago and still learning to work with it. It's excellent and I can see every risk of my position. here is a link if you work with other nice software please tell me.
  7. I'm learning a lot with an excellent software I've downloaded a few weeks ago, has built-in education tools and I'm learning a lot, if you are interested here it is www.tradoroptions.com I find many usefull functions along with a special wide view of any position.
  8. You can try this position: Short 30xAAPL Long 3xCALL 415 Short 6xCALL 450 Long 3xCALL 455
  9. Major diference between Rich and Poor people is PATIENCE. Rich people understand that making 20% a month is nonsence, so the are patient to Invest for 1% to 3% a month, and it's plenty. While poor people are not satisfied with that, they want 100% a month, so risks they take are unbelievable and the end up with no money at all. So they stay POOR. So scalpers are either Smart or Rich people, probably RICH.
  10. HI, I am new in this forum and have about 8 months experience of trading options. So, I am willing to learn and go on learning... it's a great but risky field and I like it. But, from my experience with people and friends, most of them are afraid to deal with two things: 1. money. 2. free time I, in the other hand like dealing with both, so here I am... hoping to learn and trade more.
  11. Hi, I am new here and have little experience in trading options (about 8 months), so I am sorry for asking you this. Did you make any money since october? I know that options Buyers lose money evantually and as I understand you but straddles.
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