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  1. “Always seek out differing opinions and challenge your beliefs. Except when you know you’re right, then everyone's BS is just a distraction."
  2. USDCAD looks to be ready for that correction. Multiple confluences apparent.. Forex_Target ...
  3. Not necessarily but it does offer great confirmation to price action off support/resistance pivots etc.
  4. 12_11_11_USDCAD_4H Negative divergence points to a short term pullback on 5th wave
  5. With that descending trend line holding on Fri. we see some Positive Divergence occurring on the Oscillators and RSI. Watch for price action reversal and a break of the resistance for an interim move upwards. http://bit.ly/Pzj46r
  6. Still looking at some 15M down side w/ hidden divergence; not exp. lower than 61.8 fib retrace into congestion before 5th wave up.
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