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  1. Mistake are normal thing of humans. But human with mistake will not make good trader. But sometime mistakes make genius. It is destiny with wisdom. Wisdom want to explore about mistakes. So some time mistakes will make you genius, But not at all time. Many time make you failure.
  2. Welcome, Visit your trader broker's platform and you study it. then you can get a decision to select what is suitable trading system for you.
  3. Trading is always risk work. It is just like a game. But we can go back again as a game. First we should study and then we want experience. If some one have knowledge with experience, He/she is a winner.
  4. Sorry, You gave link is not working. Can you give another working link to get more data and information ?
  5. Thanks for giving these chart, data. How I visit these chart directly ?.
  6. Discipline is the based in humans. When we doing a business I think we must protect our discipline. If some do not have discipline it mean that person is not a human.
  7. Thanks for posting this and It is help full.
  8. Don’t get me wrong, when I was surfing around the internet, there were a few really good systems out there for doing backtesting. Have many kind of software in backtesting. But I do not have experience about them, I can not recommend these software.
  9. Many people like to share their experience with them , But you want to get acttraction from them to get experience of them.
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