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  1. Hi Friend You can use this tools i have using these following tools for stock analysis to gold price to market trend here are the 2 examples on the tools that i use for my trading purpose, since my trading portal is so slow and i could not even check the price of market updates very frequently, so any way most of the time i have to rely on the external tools. www.TwoNaHalf.cOm as well as https://www.dynamiclevels.com/ Both of the tools are unique, however i had atalk with mr Arbaj Azi who usually sits in the live chat session, he infact guided me profoundly on using the 2 tool, after doing registration.
  2. Doing daily home work before start doing trading and that can actually build your focus point on the stock where want to put the money, because it will help you make profit or loss so that you can learn from them and take proper precaution in future. And as per the post i think that right mindset is always beneficial as it will help you to avoid greediness, and thats the very common disease for the intra day traders. Trading Range Stocks
  3. Hi Friend , it a very valid question that why people show much interest on day trading, i feel that technically speaking, if you buy and sell a stock the same day you can be considered a day trader. Equity traders make up hundreds of trades per day for tiny profits. They typically hold for a few seconds per trade. Shaving is one practice where they trade between the bid and the ask for fractions of a penny, and truly saying its like an addiction, every time even i also do, always crave for small amount to get accumulated through out the trading session, u can call a sort of amusement, and of course the trader gets more literates regarding that stocks support and resistance zone, and more the trader gets accustomed with that stock the more trade he can take upon that stock truly speaking after my during 2008, i used to do lot of trading on unitech because i knew its range 28 to 39 (at that time recession was going on), however when, i used to incur both profit as well a loss but simultaneously i used got got well through about the trading range of that stock. Any ways happy trading
  4. Thanks Siuya for your participation , so it becoming quite interactive , from the morning i was giving a close eye to a commodity market where the price of gold as shown a down ward rally but it, since the newly government accepted to agree on the bailout , however , it has not shown a drastic effect in the context of India as its currency is , since Indian currency is a weak against dollar, at present the gold is moving around 1623 and its next resistance zone is at 1800, So if the gold breakout its current support zone, it may come down around 1523 and if it breaks that also then it can come to 1370, but luckily as u have stated that u have holdings around 1300 you can obviously hold on , and follow the current price movement.
  5. When you see a market pullback as much as gold has, you have to have some respect for the market itself. If we look at the price of gold today at approximately $1,330, it pretty much equates to what happened in the last 30 years when gold was trading at a high of $850 an ounce. If you factor in inflation over the last 30 years, gold is probably lower now than it was 30 years ago. So how good an investment is gold? I think gold is more of a barometer of fear than anything else. Clearly there are other investments in the marketplace that have better returns.
  6. As per your post i can say that i am not such a professional technical analysis but recently i have found one video on you tube which is showing simple forex trading strategy without usin indicator:
  7. A trading secret about Gold that allows you to know which direction Gold is going to go before it goes there, allowing you to take trades based upon this secret and have a very high degree of accuracy. Activity in the gold market appears to be ordinary fluctuation, mostly by day traders - there is no indication of increased interest in the gold market. The gold is approaching the lower limit of its medium term bearish channel at 1,579 suggesting a rebound. However, a break through this level will release good potential and initiate a more violent bearish channel. Technical indicators provide buy-signals and evolves in oversell zone supporting the assumption of a rebound. Bollinger bands are much discarded as a result of a strong decline these days. Stabilization is expected in a short term. Gold continues to push to new highs for the week, underpinned by persistent concerns that results from weekend elections in Greece and France will further roil markets. Additionally, another grim round of US data continues to nudge QE3 expectations higher. Major central banks are attempting to reassure markets that they stand ready to act in concert if need be, even as the Bank of England moved proactively in announcing a new liquidity facility which is to commence next week. The outcome of the Greek elections on Sunday seems to favour commodities in general but not necessarily gold, according to early market indications on Monday. According to US Commodity Futures Trading Commission data, money managers have raised net-long positions across 18 US futures and options by 9.1 percent ot 587,327 contracs in the week ended June 12. The Standard & Poor’s GSCI Spot Index of 24 commodities fell for five sessions through June 13, before rallying 1 percent the next two days to pare last week’s drop to 0.9 percent. Despite conditions ripe for a major upsurge, gold prices have generally struggled to gain traction. Escalating uncertainties surrounding global growth in general and Europe, in particular, have capped the upside as investors are undecided whether gold should be treated as a safe haven asset or risky asset. In the world market, gold prices are expected to continue to stay under pressure and trade in the broad $1,575-1,650 an ounce range. The dollar is most likely to remain strong and bouts of euro strength may allow gold prices to move up. However, there is little support from the physical market. Demand is tepid. So, much of gold price movement is based on hope rather than on any solid fundamental reason. However Crude oil can trade with firm path taking cues from positive international prices. Oil rose to the highest in a week as projections showed the two largest pro-bailout parties in Greece winning enough seats to forge a parliamentary majority, easing concern Europe’s debt crisis will worsen and crimp demand, SMC Global said. According to "Barclays Research" Gold prices could move to $1640 per ounce but in the near term support is seen at $1580, 1560 while resistance is seen at 1641 and 1630. gold market analysis
  8. Forex is serious business, and is no place for fools. True, those who just want to gamble away with their money would serve themselves better at casinos than forex brokers. And no, currency trading is not a game, a pastime, or a sport for those with a lot of leisure time to spare. But forex is by far the most lucrative and profitable financial business for the patient, reasonable, and diligent individual who is willing to invest the time and energy necessary for success. And yes, it is possible to achieve spectacular returns in this market, if you're ready to pay for it: you're going to devote a significant amount of time to learn the rules and better your skills; you'll have to tame your pride when you achieve unbelievable returns on your investments, and suppress your fears when relatively harmless but inevitable losses threaten your determination for success. But in the end, the markets are driven by facts, and if you follow them for profit, the logical consequence of your actions will be profits, nothing more, and nothing less. Forex tips - Get it learn by couple of days The tip that I want to share is that the traders should enter in the world of Forex and trade with real money when they have proper knowledge of the strategies of the trading. I've learned some forex tips and doing some forex analysis after going through the technical analysis tool of dynamics level that I would like to share to beginners: * Stop-Loss guaranteed: to be sure that it's not "around", nor "near", but rather exactly on the rate as you defined. * Full control over your funds: can you control your funds from anywhere, at any desired time? Is it really 24 x 7 x 365? * On-line currency rates: are the rates shown the most updated rates? Is it powered by reliable providers? * Commissions and hidden costs: is the trading at your Forex dealer’s site clearly visible and well informed? Are you paying commission on withdrawals? Are you paying commissions on the trading forex? * On-line Chat or phone contact: are their dealing forex room experts available for your phone calls? Do they offer free numbers and chat services? But the most important point is that the knowledge that you'll gain by trading forex, and having a good understanding of fundamental analysis and economical events, will grant you the literacy that will be useful to you throughout your life. Even if you are perfectly content with a non-trading career, and are happy with your full-time job with little understanding of where the economy is going, you'll eventually find out that to protect your nest egg, you do need to know more about economics and trading, and that by ignoring the risks related to currencies, you're not isolating yourself from them. So to achieve the great profits are possible in the forex market, great returns are achievable if you work hard and place logic and reason above emotion and sensation. If you think that you're capable of this, don't hesitate to begin your career today. If you already trade other markets, your experience in forex will widen your horizon, and enhance your skills and vision. If you're new to trading, this is the field where you'll get priceless education and invaluable experience by learning what moves the markets, and what drives economic developments.
  9. Many trader makes losses because they are greedy as well as impatient, the thing is that u need to be very disiplined. The two things to avoid in stock market and particularly in intraday trade is panic and greedy. When one enters in a trade and goes in opposite direction, don’t be panic. Wait some time, keep strict stop loss. If stop loss triggers, don’t enter again. Wait some time and relax, watch the market trend and enter in some other stocks. Another thing to avoid is greediness. I thinks after all its my personal opinion, In intraday trade book profit in every highs as because i uses the share analysis tool of dynamicslevel. Wait for a dip and enter again if trend sustains.
  10. Developing a profitable forex trading strategy requires passion, persistence, and discipline, but most of all it requires that you obtain a genuine and effective forex trading education. There are many forex strategies floating around the internet that you can learn from, some of these are effective, many of them are more trouble than they are worth however. It's important to choose a strategy or system that is easy to follow with your daily trading schedule and that can be applied successfully with your account balance size. Price Action Forex Strategies These strategies will fit both short-term and long-term traders that don't like the delay of the standard indicators and prefer to listen as the market is speaking. Various candlestick patterns, waves, tick-based strategies, grid and pending position systems — they all fall into this category: Fundamental Forex Strategies are the based on purely fundamental factors that stand behind the bought and sold currencies. Various fundamental indicators, such as interest rates and macroeconomic statistics, affect the behavior of the Forex market. Price Action Forex Strategies are the currency trading strategies that don't use any chart or fundamental indicators but instead are based purely on the price action. These strategies will fit both short-term and long-term traders that don't like the delay of the standard indicators and prefer to listen as the market is speaking. Inside Bar Forex trading strategy — a popular system with a nice win/loss ratio but a rather rare occurrence of the proper entry conditions. It doesn't require any indicators and can be applied on the bare candlestick or bar chart. Simple Price Based Forex trading system — an interesting system that was developed by one of the Forex traders recently. It works for any pair (though, EUR/USD is recommended) and in all market conditions. Martingale trading system — is based on the popular betting (gambling) system of the 18th century France. The main principle of this system is to double the bet each time you lose so that if you win (considering a 100% bet win/loss each time) you recover a previous loss and will also gain the first bet amount. If one had an infinite amount of money, this strategy would be a sure-fire thing as with the infinite amount of bets the necessary result will with probability 1 eventually come Support and Resistance Forex trading strategy — is a widely used trading system based on the horizontal levels of support and resistance. These levels are formed by the candlesticks' highs and lows. A break-through of these levels after a period of consolidation gives a signal for a trend. Trading guide Choose an important news release that has an effect on the Forex pairs. For EUR/USD I recommend: U.S. GDP, U.S. nonfarm payrolls, U.S. interest rate decisions, Eurozone interest rate decisions and U.S. budget deficit reports. Stop-loss for the Long position should be set around the 1-2 hour local minimum. Stop-loss for the Song position should be set around the 1-2 hour local maximum. The best way to know when to get into a trade or to get out of a trade is to understand the market signals. This means understanding the market, to a certain extent. You don't have to know it backwards and forwards, that will take trading time and experience. However, having a general market knowledge and knowing what signals to look for will help you to get on a trade quickly and will help you to get out of a trade in order to either maximize profits or minimize losses. Note: You won’t get rich overnight in the forex market, it takes time, effort, and discipline to become a consistently profitable trader. The particular forex trading strategy you use to navigate the market each day can have a profound affect on how you think about and view the market, in other words, on your trading psychology. Forex strategies that teach traders how to “fish for themselves” are the genuine ones that have a higher probability of returning positive results in the long run. Even the best forex trading strategy on earth will not make money if you don’t practice proper restraint and money management. With these simple steps, you will have established some reasonable and common sense approaches to trading. Once you have the basics down, you can then start to work on more detail orientated trading methods and strategies.You today to explore Forex trading strategies and systems with us and hope You find some useful information for yourself that will eventually improve your trading!
  11. Trading in the forex market tends to be a little confusing when you're first starting, which is why it's vital to your success as a trader to understand technical indicators and use them within the framework of your forex trading strategy. Forex indicators assist traders in predicting the direction in which the currency market will travel. Following the indicators will give any forex trader the information they need to work their forex trading strategy. You see technical analysis is just the study of the short term price action in the market. Now, this short term price action is determined by the buyers and sellers in the market. Markets are just buyers and sellers trying to buy or sell. Their emotions rule the markets. When these buyers and sellers all start behaving in the same manner, you can well imagine market can become highly predictable. When things become predictable, they lose their value. This is the exact reason why when majority of the traders use the same indicators they become useless. The different types of Forex trading indicators depend upon the need of an individual. For just a technical support, a trader needs to set up the whole scenario of deriving the very least of information from the indicators. This can be a set up of two or more kinds of indicators which are combined in order to obtain very helpful results. In a layman language, indicators are something which alarms you to trade. It sets up informative surrounding and makes work much easier. It is supported by trend, cycle, volume and momentum in trading. The indicator uses trend to show the ongoing setup of the market. It makes the trader aware of the uprising or downfall in the market which can be used as a piece of information. The Bollinger Bands They give very good signals and can be used as support\resistance indicators, telling us - before the move occurs - that a reversal is prone to happen. When price touches the lower band it is oversold, and when price touches the upper band it is overbought. The trading method for the Bollinger Bands is basically to look for price-action support and resistance levels, and confirm them with bounces on the Bollinger Bands themselves. This results in very high win rate and consistent profits. The Simple Moving Average, or the SMA, is an interesting indicator that most traders do not use in the right way. Most traders use it as a trend-following indicator to enter trades after a trend has been established, however we use it in an entirely different way. For example: The last five closing prices for MSFT are: 28.93+28.48+28.44+28.91+28.48 = 143.24 To calculate the simple moving average formula you divide the total of the closing prices and divide it by the number of periods. 5-day SMA = 143.24/5 = 28.65 The most accurate and predictive way to use the SMA is in the bounce method: we wait for trend to establish, but instead of randomly entering, we wait for price to retrace to the moving average and bounce off it. Relative Strength Index The RSI is the abbreviation of the Relative Strength Index, which is introduced by Mr. Welles Wilder in 1978. The RSI method is one of the Oscillator analysis, which indicates the gapping in the forex market using figures, 0 to 100. RSI = 100 - ( 100 / ( 1 + RS ) ) RS = Average of inclining prices for X days / average of declining prices for X days Now you have to choose which one is best for your trading
  12. For day trading the short time frame Forex charts e.g. hourly or 30 minutes are very important but the same should not be ignored even for long-term trading. A daily chart (1-day chart) may be giving a signal to buy but an hourly chart may give the signal that the prices may go down. In such situations we may wait for the prices to go down a bit more before buying that currency pair to maximize our pip profits.
  13. Gold spot is picking up momentum the past few days here are the support and resistance lines the could produce great binary option trading opportunities in near future: Current range: 1618.280 to 1690.700 Very important resistance is at 1630.630, still further away. CALL options: 1667.530, 1676.930, 1682.510 and 1690.700 Very important support, at 1682.510 Further levels in both directions: Below, for PUT Options: 1654.546, 1648.610, 1640.150, 1630.630 and 1618’280which is further away. There has been a constant debate over the years on what drives the price of gold and silver. Obviously we have the fundamentals that have put the metals in a bull market for the last 10 years. The powers that be have total control over money, as they set the price for capital via manipulating the interest rates. So it is not a stretch that they would be concerned with a rising gold price because gold is a threat to how the current fiat regime functions on a day-to-day basis. These are just some of the reasons why it is important for the elites to pay attention to the price of gold and silver. Knowing this, the powers that be have instructed their banking arms JPMorgan, HSBC, Goldman Sachs and the like, to create paper derivatives to help manage the price. Before investing in the gold or silver trading market make sure you know all the gimmicks of the international trading of these commodities. Place long positions if you think that the gold prices per ounce is increasing however, if you think that prices are going to decline you can place short positions to avoid any loss over your investment. Before putting your money into the trading of these precious commodities you must need to have a look on the past pricing patterns, technical analysis and the various charts depicting the up and downs of silver and gold rate around the globe. If you are a gold trader you must be patient and knowledgeable regarding various charts related to the stocks of gold and silver so that you can fully understand what is going on in the international market. There is a continuous transformation in price of gold per gram and silver price per ounce. You can analyze the volatility in the price of both the metals by analyzing the past price patterns of these metals. With the help of careful fundamental and technical analysis of these metals you can forecast the change in the price and can secure your investments for the future. For a gold silver technical analysis a multiplier is calculated based on the relationship of the close to the high-low range. Second, the Money Flow Multiplier is multiplied by the period's volume to come up with a Money Flow Volume. A running total of the Money Flow Volume forms the Accumulation Distribution Line. Moving averages are one of the most widely-used methods of technical analysis because they are simple to use, and they work. Now you can learn how to apply them to your trading as i have using stock analysis software of dynamiclevels.com
  14. Greek President Karolos Papoulias announced the new vote two days ahead of when many were expecting the formal announcement so, while it wasn't a complete surprise, it still rattled investors across Europe. That raises the risk of Greece leaving the eurozone, which could cause further problems for other European economies that are still on shaky ground.How ever britain banks are strong enough to withstand any Greek exit from the eurozone but need to keep bolstering their financial strength in the face of the escalating crisis, according to a member of a Bank of England regulatory body. Michael Cohrs, who is on the committee monitoring financial risks, said the eurozone crisis was unfolding on "an hour by hour" basis and it was difficult to predict where the contagion would end if Greece left the single currency. If Greece leaves, the initial adjustment would be drastic. Greece would have to default on pretty much all its international debt denominated in euros, including loans from the ECB, since the value of the drachma relative to the euro would be too low to enable Greece to repay the debt. Greece would be unlikely to receive further aid from euro zone countries, and certainly Greece will not have access to the international capital market for some years to come. There would be a run on Greek banks as depositors try to get euros and lose confidence in the viability of these banks. Already, many depositors have withdrawn their deposits, as they fear Greece’s exit and a devalued drachma. Greece might be thrown out of the EU itself, which would carry great costs if it happened. The exit from the eurozone of one or two of the smallest countries may not be disastrous, but a disorderly break-up of the euro that includes either Spain or Italy could well be, resulting the formation of risk of Us in three ways. U.S. banks have only about $5.8 billion worth of exposure to Greek debt, a virtually insignificant amount for the banking system as a whole. But the exposure to other troubled countries in Europe is significantly greater -- more than $50 billion each to Spain and Ireland, $66 billion to Italy and $6.6 billion to Portugal. But all that doesn't even begin to cover the risks posed to the U.S. banking system if there is a disorderly collapse of the euro, which some say will start with a Greece exit.
  15. I might not be a greatest analyst but as i feel after anlalysing the stocks from technical analysis tool of dynamics level Sector-wise, I think penny stock will still be in play until the music stops. The maritime and basic material sector remain the weaker sectors and the property and small cap remain the stronger sectors. * The SPX (S&P 500) dropped yesterday for the 5th consecutive trading day. The Nasdaq has likewise seen strong downside pressure as a decline was experienced for large-cap tech shares. * The S&P index has fallen 3.31% so far this week and 6.7% in the month of May. Volatility is not expected to decrease in the near term but their is potential for profit taking if speculative shorts are liquidated around the 1285-1289 area and fresh longs initiated. * This potential technical support area, as highlighted on the daily timeframe chart below, is comprised of the previous resistance daily high from 27/10/2011 and 38.2% Fibonacci retrace of the last upside wave. * Any move higher would have to be seen as strongly counter trend as the prevailing, high momentum, S&P 500 downtrend shows no sign of slowing at present. * The failure to make a new high on the 1st May and subsequent drop has left a near “double top” chart pattern at the recent range highs. This drop has come from an almost four- year high point set on April 2nd 2012.
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