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  1. yom

    EURUSD Et Al Trading

    I agree up long enough to unload what they got, medium long term DOLLAR strong IMO unloaded at LG Quarter
  2. yom

    EURUSD Et Al Trading

    [quote name=slick60;139882 Both the EURUSD and the DX have now hit a 50% retrace of the move from Jan 13' date=' 2012. A logical point of support/resistance for them. Now to see if they "spike" them before reversing.[/quote] Think they just absorbed a ton of supply down here
  3. yom

    EURUSD Et Al Trading

    DX update coincideds with your plan Slick
  4. yom

    EURUSD Et Al Trading

    hmmm wonder why chart didnt post LOL helps if i clcik the upload button
  5. I understand Thanks MMS, just need to get some content on board is all
  6. yom

    EURUSD Et Al Trading

    DX off to large Q + near term res on that descending white angle there
  7. Sorry off topic BUT is every post under scrutiny of a moderator? If so thanks for the convo, i'll be going now
  8. Well i could not agree more when it comes to different time zone trading, It really all has significance depending on the type of trader a person is. the lack of value for some just shows the type of trader they are, Surely a guy who is playing a 30 year cycle is not even concerned with weekly closes or monthly for that matter, he just wants to buy more at a valued bargain. So all and all its really just subjective to the time your trading i guess
  9. Nope i dont care about closes really,but it is useful infromation i think, i'll generally enter 10 seconds b4 the close im primarily a time trader, price is basically irrelevant, when times up the market will move regardless of price. And when time is up for a large spectrum TF player them current prices will not be seen again for some time IMO
  10. You have made a strong case, both the price players and time players are irrelevant at the intraday level, But it is also these both types of players which make the entire picture. The Long term players are there always as the makers of the market manipulate the structure to satisfy their desired positions to acquire. BUT even those guys are TIME players just in a macro sense. And this can be seen when many of them have the same view on the larger time frames. Intraday is a suckers game no doubt. Thanks for your reply Josh
  11. What if you have no open or close, just hi and lo. no indicators, with 4 or 5 bars identical in range give or take. How could you make an assessment of the order flow, absorbing or distributing without a key element of market psychology present, the CLOSE regardless of time frames. For me the OPEN is useless, even if a gap the psychology of market conditions is present in the close.
  12. yom

    EURUSD Et Al Trading

    Thankis for all your efforts Mr.Slick60 your going above and beyond
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