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    Futures trader in Spokane, Wa area.

    YTD Return: 68% as of 10/9/13

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    GC and ZS
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    Transact AT
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    Infinity Futures
  1. Many of the same issues here. Often times the platform would go down for a while. This very often occurred when it would be to MB Trading's advantage. Certainly not reliable enough to day trade. Limit orders do not get filled unless the market goes completely through them and occasionally they just refused to execute stop and market orders for hours at a time. The Chief Risk Officer is an unethical scumbag. Would not recommend.
  2. Thank you to the original poster! Your story is very similar to mine. Things were going great, making a great return until one day, my spot forex broker (MB Trading) refused to close my orders with great liquidity available during NY session. Left to go to a different futures broker and never looked back. Only difference is, now I trade GC gold contracts.
  3. I used MB Trading for a while. I would never go back. The execution was garbage. Limit orders were executed at market price, and often times when I wanted to take liquidity (when there was plenty available) MB Trading wouldn't let my order execute alltogether, forex trading has asymmetrical slippage, support is an absolute joke, and the chief of compliance has no idea what he is doing. Its very rare for me to ever post on any forum on the internet, much less call out a person or organization publicly like this, but after trading for the past 3 years and trying many brokers, I feel the need to say something. I left MB Trading, and couldn't be happier. Finn
  4. I agree with your assertion at least for the reason that: in many other proffessions, there exists one or occasionally a few, optimal solutions that yield a positive outcome with the highest chance of success. In trading, there is no optimal way for EVERYONE to trade an optimal strategy, such that eveyone can be profitable simulataneously. Trading is competition in its purest form, and it is not possible for everyone to outperform everyone else. The people who win this competition, are only able to do so at the expense of those who lose. Not everyone can be the winner of a zero-sum game(negative after comissions), and no strategy can be created or taught to disprove this. I make money because I can consistently take money from a subset of traders in the entire market that I know I can outperform because I know my advantage over them.
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