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  1. I had one confirming moment this morning Steve that switched me - watching how FESX behaved around 2662 which I had as a support level. Sellers were absent - that did it for me really. I am surprised it made it higher than 88 on ES though. Looking at the base it is building just below the high (on ES), I am assuming positioning for new highs tomorrow, to move into a new value area and the assumption that those on the sidelines will be forced to join in. Or I might be completely and utterly wrong :haha: I'm having a day off tomorrow Steve - good trading to you and see you next week.
  2. That's funny - I was looking to be a counter-party to your long around 81 to go short Incidentally, I chose not to as I think it has higher to go (88 area)
  3. I have to agree with you Steve - yesterday was an easy day. Even if you didn't get on at the high you had a second shot in RTH around 88 on ES.
  4. Hi Steve, Good to here your work/life balance is tipping towards 'life' although the fact you are looking at an intraday possibility on ES with up to 7 trades a day tells me that might disappear quite quickly :haha: That aside, an observation from me. I have been looking at FESX rather than DAX and two things I note, one general, one specific: 1) FESX responds incredibly well to S/R off the an hourly 2) There was a confluence this morning as ES tested to 1 SD lower whilst FESX looked like it got itself into a pre-positioning at around 7am - the result being it went for a nice little ride up to the gap close. So even more reason for the long IMO. Take it easy Steve and Good Trading To You.
  5. Steve - are you literally just trading in and around the 1,2,3 Deviation levels now off the 30min and timing entry based upon price action off the 3min? Also, had a look over on Stocktwits and all was quiet over there
  6. That was my feeling too. I watched it happen yesterday. I traded it today. Whilst US equity markets are out of action, I would imagine it is relatively easy to push the futures market around to ones advantage and make some $$
  7. Interesting for me is that towards the end of each ON session for the last 2 days, there has been a flurry of buying taking price to marked areas of interest on ES.
  8. I would be interested to know whether you trade tomorrow with the absence of US equities/Globex sessions. Personally I won't but am curious whether you carry over Friday's RTH and augment with today's ON session.
  9. All good entries feel uncomfortable for me Steve - LOL I think I might pack up for the week now. Have a good weekend. Take it easy.
  10. Hi Steve - it didn't feel brave for me, just business as usual. I've enclosed my ES mark-up and you'll see why I took that trade. Scan left (as you say) and you'll also see why I drew a level between 01.00 and 01.75 Supporting this view was: a) Levels were drawn prior to AAPL news. b) Asia has reacted to news with a push lower c) I expected DAX to advertise for sellers and test the low of yesterday's range on open. So for me this felt like a good set-up. Your pre-mkt prep isn't materially different to mine, although I have good reason to believe that your trade hypotheses are more accurate than mine.
  11. I took that short too - entry at 1400.75, exit at 1397.00. Nice way to start the day.
  12. It was obvious to the world and his wife given it was the low of the recent range, I agree. What threw me was the Open-Drive off the level. For some reason I expected a bit more of a test.
  13. I agree entirely Steve. The most difficult thing I had to overcome (and still have to manage) is my own behaviour, not usually with entry but mainly with exit and letting the edge play out. With regards to your method and the creation of the distribution lines, I have also noted (and not unsuprisingly for me) that the reversal points created by volume should be treated differently to the reversal lines created through orderflow drying up in a certain direction. I don't know whether you have mentioned this elsewhere in the thread but as you know, not all reversal points are created equally. Get some sleep.
  14. It's turned because there are no more sellers, not because buyers have dried up. I think like you said, they come out to play on FOMC with a real test below 6.25 to see if it is solid. Famous last words....
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