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    I started trading back in 1998 but stopped as the Internet Bubble crashed and I realized how little I did not know about the markets and trading.

    I stopped trading until this year, January 2012. My life is more stable and I am able to apply my efforts towards trading again, which I have really missed all these years.

    I've still got a lot to learn, so gathering experience from others is important to me. As I get more comfortable and consistent with my trading, I intend to return the favor by helping others achieve that optimal trading state where they can be successful in their trading.

    First, work on me and my trading, then help others...that's the goal, anyways.
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    Computers, Trading, Sports - Soccer, Racquetball, Running, etc.

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    ES, NQ, Options
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    Interactive Brokers TWS
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    Interactive Brokers
  1. Someone once told me to stop "middling" in other people's business...oh, wait...that was "meddling"...never mind... :rofl:
  2. Hmmm...to quote Meredith Brooks, I'm your hell, I'm your dream I'm nothing in between You know you wouldn't want it Any other way... That's what I think the ES is...
  3. N, Thanks. For comparison, could you post the profile which includes after-hours data? CYP
  4. Tom lives on the hill and does not want to be associated with the serfs in the valley. :haha:
  5. Did you mean 1375.50 for session range low?
  6. Josh - hope you reversed as planned, as we're sitting at the 70 level. I got beat up trying to short at the 65 level... CYP
  7. Yes...nice stairway for sure....especially since I've been on the "highway to hell" the last few days...
  8. Tom - you old dog! You weren't only enjoying the ocean scenery, but you were also watching the "mountains"... .
  9. True..true...volume so light today. I have position from 78 and holding until 83. Predicting late day rally coming up so don't short on me yet (...vice the other 'sh' word...)... ...but just in case, exit strategy always in place...
  10. Great summary of your thinking Josh...takes time to digest and spit this stuff out, but it sure gives a good glimpse of what's going thru a trader's mind during a trading session. This is much more detailed than my "throw a dart at the graph" approach...:crap: CYP
  11. YMMV?? Years Make Me Valuable? Yaks Make Many Volumes? Help me out here Tom...
  12. Your thoughts are what make this thread more interesting than the others. As long as it doesn't interfere too much with your trading, keep posting. I definitely appreciate the banter and market insights. I find it hard to do both unless there's a nice lull in the action. If we rotate up from here (90-91 level), that's great...but I was also thinking about the 87/88 levels based upon the past charts (which you graciously posted). If I had more bullets, I'd add on, but right now I'm just waiting for either the rotation back up or until my mental SL is hit. Bought at 93...so my pain threshold is near its peak... CYP
  13. Speaking of easing and accomodation, I wish this market would accomodate and ease up on me... I keep on getting hit on the blind-side so many times, I get scared to look sometimes... So who's got the over/under for after the FOMC meeting? I could probably use that number... CYP
  14. CYP


    So I'm sim-trading the AUD.USD and still trying to figure out patterns of this currency pair. My question is, if Australia cuts interest rates by 50-75 basis points, we should expect to see a rise in the AUD.USD pair, correct? Or do I have this backwards? Any help on this silly question would be appreciated. Still learning, CYP
  15. I'm definitely lurking today -- I'm in Josh's camp with my mind thinking of something else but still wanting to be involved with the Market. That's a sure sign that I should have gotten out 4 hours ago. Interested to see how the day will end as we approach the final hour. CYP
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