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  1. :puke: Is this just some AI marketingbot? An undiagnosed case of Asperger's syndrome perhaps? Oh, who cares.The joke just isn't funny anymore.
  2. It seems that the OP (or his link anyway) is positing that TA doesn't ALL work in a consistent and repeatable way, ergo NONE of it can work. Silly flame bait. Proper TA merely reveals the record of previous buyers and sellers, who had the upper hand, and where. It is from there that one makes a leap to assume where resting orders may be or where they might come in, and who might get left holding the bag. There are obviously other moving parts to trading as well: your psychology (micro), market psychology (macro), position sizing... it's a long list of which TA is just a part. Is it a TA failure if you bet too big and bail on a temporary squiggle? Or if a half-million noobs sell a head-and-shoulders neckline break? It all goes back to my favorite comment in this forum ever ( I wish I could remember the poster) to the effect that trading aren't a magical wiggly line place- it's a market- people buying and selling. That's it. Charts are not the market. The map is not the terrain. And I would rather trust my own analysis than Cramer's.
  3. I for one would welcome a discussion about returns in relation to volatility, and anyone who has attempted to quantify this would have my ear. I feel that my positive equity curve ( not "making winning trades", mind you,) has also been related to "Goldilocks" volatility- not too little, not to much,but juuuust right, which is a weak link in my trading. If someone has explored this issue and wanted to share, it would be a valuable contribution to the community. Cheers, Brookwood
  4. Yes, Mr. Cox, for your modest but informative post, please provide Mr. Horseshoe with five years of Time&Sales at zero-lines for his specific instrument. Otherwise how could we possibly trust what you are saying?:rofl: And Mr. Horseshoe, Mr. Cox did indeed say you could take longs (and their corolary: shorts) into the "zone', so your JPY trades might have turned out ok.Just maybe not using monthly charts. I must say I feel this is a sort of soft-trolling, this "show us five years (why not ten?Volatility can change...) of data to support your claims or #$%^ off". Why not just look at a 5 minute chart and see what happens at so-called psychological levels for yourself? Let your eyes be the judge before you reflexively nay-say.Mr. Cox might not trade the same way as you do, yet there may be some validity to what he is offering. My ¥.0002.Oh, and Mr. traderunner1, I can't see anywhere in the post about arbitraging the cash market. Perhaps you could point that out. Folks are just blabbering without even trying to understand. What has become of the youth...:doh: -Brookwood
  5. The cat is clearly out of the bag on this strategy. Maybe that's why I've seen "the zone" increase from ~10 to 15, 20 , 35 units over the last few years. The Brookwood Triple bank-shot strategy: Fade the people fading the people who are fading the faders (fading the noobs). But, Mr. Cox, point taken! One of the few lines on all my charts: The .00 line. :beer:
  6. :haha: What is the term the kids use? ROFLMAO?:rofl:
  7. Not directed at you roztom. I think we are sympatico. It was actually directed to the "We need to see ten years of backtesting or don't bother posting" guy. I hate to see a thread drown in its own chatter before there is any substance to discuss, or get shut down by The Negative Ones. Maintaining one's thread can be a PITA, so I say let's all just kick back and offer some breathing room at the very least. ~Signing off before I start becoming part of the problem :bad idea: -Brookwood
  8. :doh: For heaven's sake people- just shut up and let the poster post, or not.His /her info will rise or fall on its own merit ONCE ITS POSTED. Its just a big echo chamber right now with four pages of commentary and conjecture about, well, nothing yet. PS: Haters gonna hate, as they say. Maybe the thread starter is full of it but I "love" how the second post is already smackin him down. How's about "Thank you for taking the time to start a thread- we will wait patiently to hear wait you have to say. Until then we will peruse the 87,000 other threads here at TL". -Brookwood
  9. I'm starting to see the genius of this method: you can top-and-bottom tick the market every day and you don't have to worry about money management or psychology, greed, or fear. :haha:Just go all-in for every trade! Wish I would have found this thread years ago. It would have saved me a lot of grief. I just have to let go of my attachment to being a pompous fool.
  10. ..."Now apparently there are still a few die-hard pompous fools here who still can not comprehend what is staring them right in the face"... This bloke just called me a die-hard pompous fool. Way to make new friends, G. But, benefit of the doubt, perhaps DAVT is a Zen Master with a koan- Since I cannot see what he is talking about with his one-candle screen caps, and he won't explain it, I can not comprehend it. And yet, it is staring me in the face... So maybe his point is that there is nothing there at all, and if I look to him for a Holy Grail, I am in fact, a fool. Thank you Master, you have helped me achieve enlightenment! :idea:
  11. :haha: I think the mods should move this to the Bad Performance Art thread.
  12. I had no idea Jamie Dimon is on the NY Federal Reserve board: Jamie Dimon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Also, a general rant for good measure): End the Symbiotic Relationship Between Big Government and Big Corporations | The Big Picture
  13. Follow-up: NYPD- Praetorian Guard NYPD Cops are literally on the Wall St. payroll. "The taxpayer has paid for the training of the rent-a-cop, his uniform and gun, and will pick up the legal tab for lawsuits stemming from the police personnel following illegal instructions from its corporate master. Lawsuits have already sprung up from the program." Financial Giants Put New York City Cops On Their Payroll » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names
  14. A friendly gift from Jamie Dimon to Bloomberg--->
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