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  1. Shorted more YM. Now average entry at 13852.75 (March).
  2. Out of all Cotton long positions at 81.92 (March) with a profit.
  3. Out of YM long at 13844 and NQ long at 2727 with a loss. Short now YM at 13844. All March contracts.
  4. Out of Euro FX long at 1.3365 (March) at about breakeven. Added to Cotton long at 82.94 (March).
  5. Long again in Euro FX at 1.3367 (March). Same idea as before.
  6. Covered remaining 50% of short position in Australian Dollar at 1.0314 with a profit on overall position, thanks to early profit taking.
  7. Covered 50% of short position in Australian Dollar at 1.0277 with a profit. That was fast...
  8. Added to YM long at 13939 (March) Long NQ at 2766.25 (March)
  9. Covered YM long position at 13908 (March) with a profit. Watch out, might re-enter again long, if up move continues...
  10. Covered today's Cotton long at 80.79 (March) with a small loss. Want to reduce risk here...
  11. Added further to Cotton long position at 80.94 (March).
  12. Hi DbPhoenix, Are you referring to scalping or other very short-term trades? How can this be faked other than using short time delays when posting? Regards, k
  13. Covered short in Australian Dollar at 1.0212 (March) with a profit.
  14. Trying a long in Euro FX at 1.3386 (March). Uptrend intact, entry near support.
  15. Covered British Pound long at 1.5704 (March) with a loss.
  16. Long British Pound at 1.5785 (March). This weeks high just been taken out. Looks like move back into triangle.
  17. Long in Crude Oil (mini) at 96.80. Strong reversal yesterday after retracement.
  18. Covered 50% of my short position in Australian Dollar at 1.0285 with a profit.
  19. Short Australian Dollar at 1.0355 (March). Breakout of wedge. Bounce off upper border of triangle on weekly.
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