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  1. Out of YM long pos. at 14,057 (March) with a loss as recent confluence zone has been pierced.
  2. Covered long pos. in Corn at 703.5 (May) with a profit.
  3. Thanks. Had to google these. From what I've understood about them, I'm not sure how they would have helped me here... can you explain? My mistake earlier was, that I've used a pattern before it was even established... :crap:
  4. Added to YM short at 14,059 (March). Stupid early entry this afternoon... cobbler, stick to your last...
  5. Short YM at 13,980 (March). Downward trend channel could develop here. Usually not my style, but I take a shot.
  6. Covered 50% of Long in Corn at 698.125 (May) with a profit.
  7. You are right. However, I am sometimes surprised how some traders on these forums analyze (or better: rationalize) individual trades so extensively and argue with others about these. Each individual trade is only one data point of many... Thank you for the book suggestion. Will check it out!
  8. I don't mind Yes, they are. It's plain and simple. I think that often people try to overcomplicate things and at the end they don't see the wood for the trees... although, I am not yet happy with my results. I'm leaning towards taking some profits early in order to reduce my risk faster.
  9. Long in Corn at 687.875 (May). Potential double bottom.
  10. Definitely second thoughts... but still in... guess I'm not the only one who thought it should not go below 13,900... could be a stop run... (... I hope! )
  11. Cover long in Jap. Yen at 1.0714 (March) with a profit.
  12. Long Japanese Yen at 1.0648 (March). Looks like opening gap is being closed. Intermediate bottom forming? (high vol.)
  13. Hi Ninja, Do you trade FTSE futures? If so, who is your broker? Regards, k
  14. Haha... 2 devils on my shoulders... Yes, who knows what happens... but currently, it looks promising... I remember this quote from Partridge Should have reminded myself of that before taking the short for the pullback... liquidating the long was okay, but going short right afterwards was maybe a bit too much. However, as it seems that this was the move to shake out the weak longs (myself included!) and price now continuing higher, scenario #2 looks more probable.
  15. I like that attitude Are you trading also other instruments, than FDAX, ES, etc.? Thanks for the book title!
  16. Lastninja, Here is an interesting article supporting your view... AM: Testing support at 1500 » CrackedMarket
  17. Hi Lastninja, Thank you for the quotes! I liked the "Reminiscences..." book about JL very much, but still have to read his own book. Didn't hear yet about S. Kroll. Which one of his books do you recommend? Saw on Amazon that he published a few. The FDAX chart looks tempting for a long... price "resting" just above a former confluence zone. A nice trade from a risk reward perspective. But I do not agree, that ES or YM look similar. On these, you see some space until the next support zone (around 13,500 for YM IMO, see attached). So, I do not try to copy JL's trading style as I try to trade the pullback here (which could also develop to something more, of course) ... one man's trend is another man's pullback... I do agree that I mix up my trades a bit. Sometimes I try to get the bigger moves (which up to now did not work yet ... but, on the other hand, only 3 months have passed since the start of this thread) and sometimes I look for the "smaller" moves. Today's markets are behaving (currently, at least) different compared to the time, when JL made (and lost) his fortune. Unfortunately, big trends seem to not occur too often these days. Cheers, k
  18. If we go back up to this week's open, this trade is not valid anymore IMO and a long position would be appropriate. This down move can still be only the pullback everyone (except me, earlier ) was waiting for, before the up move is resumed. I see potential for the shorts down to the 13,500-ish area, but might scale out earlier.
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