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  1. Thank you ivob, very much appreciated your openness. I will review your video again and will make some notes. Thank you for your answer regarding the volume, I suppose (as to my understanding of tick data) on Forex (I trade Futures) tick volume wouldn't be too much help as this is not a true representation of true volume. Again to my understanding, Tick or Last, is only a representation of the Last traded price, even though there could have been 10,000 contracts traded at that price, or 100,000. The tick data would just show up as 1 tick which is hardly going to be indicative of true volume. I am wondering, from the subject matter of this thread, regarding Volume Precedes Price always, I am wondering if you have noticed this pattern of B2B 2R 2B etc... with dominant and non-dominant waves and if this has affected your trading strategy in any way. I ask because it seems very clear from your videos that you have a complete and superior grasp of trading with price action, e.g. the annotations of tapes, traverses and trend lines so I therefore wonder if you see any relation or merit in the volume patterns also because maybe, at the risk of sounding like a total noob, I've not been able to see this pattern of Volume Precedes Price always yet. I am just wondering if I am looking at this from the wrong angle and need to adjust my perspective like really hone in my skills to become a Jedi with chart annotating before being able to notice these Volume patterns which supports or precedes price action? Many thanks for reading my ramblings... it's 3:30 am in the morning! David
  2. Hi Ivob, Again, thank you for the shared videos. I'm still working my way through this thread! I've only just jumped onto this thread like yesterday and I'm trying to move through all that is taught in each post as quickly as possible. I have a question because I am left a little confused after watching your videos. It seems like your trading style doesn't appear to be taking into account volume or the sequence of volume movements to alert you of a price action change. It appears that you are only using price action, am I correct in my analysis of your trading style or what you are conveying in your videos? There are also a few acronyms that during your presentation that I could not figure out and I've re-read the posts at the beginning of this thread to find out what they are. I am hoping that I can ask you what they are in my next post? Very much appreciated, with many thanks David
  3. Hi Ivob, Thank you very very much for your videos, I love them. I'm having problems with the second video, at 10:54 the second video just stops playing. Is anyone else having this issue also? I'm very interested to hone in my skills with channel line drawings for better execution of trades and understanding volume proceed price action, 'Always". Many thanks David
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