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  1. Gann was ahead of his time . Good stuff I hear he's trading with TRO now! LOL Tunneling for pips 

    Grab that Tro Tunneling radar screen indicator and start tunneling for Bitcoin!

    BTCUSD 10-18-20f.jpg

  2. From Johnr@ts , might be what your looking for . Set beginning and ending dates and run a High and low pivot indicator? Or code your self a rectangle based on the begin and ending dates . Maybe a zig zag with rectangles . A picture of the amazing stratman jammin Zigzag with rectangles. If it makes you see your business that's what you need. Ok there 2013!

    plotting vertical lines at specific dates and times into the future.txt

    ESm18 - ZigZag+WHWSOOTLV2.5.1.jpg

  3. Close Not tested or compiled!, needs some cleaning up work! Compare MQ4 numbers and match them to Tradestation then repost corrected code if need be!

    Using elsystem;
    	int Len(14);
    	double rsx(0),
    	double f90(0),
    	double f0(0),
    	double f88(0),
    	double f8(0),
    	double f18(0),
    	double f20(0),
    	double f10(0),
    	double v8(0),
    	double f28(0),
    	double f30(0),
    	double vC(0),
    	double f38(0),
    	double f40(0),
    	double v10(0),
    	double f48(0),
    	double f50(0),
    	double v14(0),
    	double f58(0),
    	double f60(0),
    	double v18(0),
    	double f68(0),
    	double f70(0),
    	double v1C(0),
    	double f78(0),
    	double f80(0),
    	double v20(0),
    	double v4(0);
    IF f90 = 0.0 THEN BEGIN
        f90 = 1.0;
        f0 = 0.0;
        IF Len - 1 >= 5 THEN f88 = Len - 1.0
        ELSE f88 = 5.0;
        f8 = 100.0 * ((High + Low + Close) / 3);
        f18 = 3.0 / (Len + 2.0){WARNING:Possible division by zero};
        f20 = 1.0 - f18;
        IF f88 <= f90 THEN f90 = f88 + 1
        ELSE f90 = f90 + 1;
        f10 = f8;
        f8 = 100.0 * ((High + Low + Close) / 3);
        v8 = f8 - f10;
        f28 = f20 * f28 + f18 * v8;
        f30 = f18 * f28 + f20 * f30;
        vC = f28 * 1.5 - f30 * 0.5;
        f38 = f20 * f38 + f18 * vC;
        f40 = f18 * f38 + f20 * f40;
        v10 = f38 * 1.5 - f40 * 0.5;
        f48 = f20 * f48 + f18 * v10;
        f50 = f18 * f48 + f20 * f50;
        v14 = f48 * 1.5 - f50 * 0.5;
        f58 = f20 * f58 + f18 * AbsValue(v8);
        f60 = f18 * f58 + f20 * f60;
        v18 = f58 * 1.5 - f60 * 0.5;
        f68 = f20 * f68 + f18 * v18;
        f70 = f18 * f68 + f20 * f70;
        v1C = f68 * 1.5 - f70 * 0.5;
        f78 = f20 * f78 + f18 * v1C;
        f80 = f18 * f78 + f20 * f80;
        v20 = f78 * 1.5 - f80 * 0.5;
        IF (f88 >= f90) AND (f8 <> f10) THEN f0 = 1.0;
        IF (f88 = f90) AND (f0 = 0.0) THEN f90 = 0.0;
    IF (f88 < f90) AND (v20 > 0_0000000001) THEN BEGIN
        v4 = (v14 / v20{WARNING:Possible division by zero} + 1.0) * 50.0;
        IF v4 > 100.0 THEN v4 = 100.0;
        IF v4 < 0.0 THEN v4 = 0.0;
    ELSE v4 = 50.0;
    rsx = v4;


    On 7/13/2014 at 10:22 AM, derek2209 said:



    I have attached an Image of the Turbo_JRSX

    I hope this will help


    Best regards,





    On 7/13/2014 at 10:22 AM, derek2209 said:



    I have attached an Image of the Turbo_JRSX

    I hope this will help


    Best regards,





  4. I changed my mind after testing! Use Walters VMA Rainbow but change the colors to green up red down. Next use it with a 25 tick chart with 1-200 format window. Al were trying to do is gauge the market like "Macgyver" Time and sales and boom you have something!BluRays CCI_VMA1 in subgraph too or whatever! HFT,dark pools,market makers are hiding the big orders. However the price still reacts like pac man . The Hook came up with a time sales setting for >=5  and  >=100 time and sales .I added the extra generic Tradestation time and sales as well. Better than the splitter I think!, you be the judge. The >=100 catches a few Large teenies so look out! Here is a picture from 3-15 18 on the ESM18. Markets are close so need live date to makes these T&S roll (only 2 T&S shown here)! 

    For the chart I added Scalper buy sell Paint Bar found on this site! I added MA'S directional Found on this site by Robert. Set color to darkgreen and dark .

    You can also just run BlowFish's splitter between a time sales and 25 tick too. You got to feel it whatever works for you!You need to use whatever helps you make the right decision . Post your ideas and help TRO "drain the banks" Send me the check! gone!




    ESM18 Volume Splitter 4-27-18.jpg

  5. Consolidation is where the Market Makers are! Sucking you up to toss you around the wrong way. It still takes some technical analysis on your part . That is to pick the right direction to trade . Stay out if you can or have some good market timing .

    confluence = a merging or flowing together

    Use CCI-VMA1 on this website by BlueRay . If  your screen background preference is black, You have to go in the code and change the color black to something else. You won't see the black sideways lose your money confluence . I use a yellow for caution but that's your preference. Bottom of the screen pictures is the indicator

    Goog CCI_VMA1 4-27-18.jpg

    Goog CCI_VMA1 4-27-18a.jpg

  6. But you can't read brother !,this is the coding forum!

    Learning How to Calculate Profit is Important

    By ALGER, August 23, 2015 in Coding Forum

    Your advice should be posted in anther forum! Pips,teeny value,price change all the same. You should have gave us an example because your here now!

    The percentage change of the Quote Currency relative to the Base Currency is

    Percent Change=(V1V2)|V2|×100Percent Change=(V1−V2)|V2|×100

    The percentage change of the Base Currency relative to the Quote Currency is

    Percent Change=(V2V1)|V1|×100

  7. inputs:  
    Use_BE_and_TrailingStop_0_1 (1), 
        ___BE___ ("Break Even"), 
        _Ticks_to_Trigger_BE_Stop (" Ticks_to_Trigger_BE_Stop "),  
        Floor_Amount_Ticks (8), 
        Breakeven_Comission_Ticks (2) , 
        ___Trailing_Stop___ ("Trailing Stop  "),  
        TrailEnablePips(  15),  
        TrailAmount_Pips(  50) ; 


  8. inputs:  
    Use_BE_and_TrailingStop_0_1 (1), 
        ___BE___ ("Break Even"), 
        _Ticks_to_Trigger_BE_Stop (" Ticks_to_Trigger_BE_Stop "),  
        Floor_Amount_Ticks (8), 
        Breakeven_Comission_Ticks (2) , 
        ___Trailing_Stop___ ("Trailing Stop  "),  
        TrailEnablePips(  15),  
        TrailAmount_Pips(  50) ; 




  9. Tams has done that already HH LL With Lines! Do a search

    5ae35efe8fc95_NFLX_TRO_HHLL4-27-18.thumb.jpg.6027eefe423e36658a3f56e41dab37b0.jpgPerhaps you might be looking for the _TRO_OHMLC  Do A Search

    A snippet of something else might be ; If Avg > Avg[1] and High > HH and high <> high[1] and low > Avg and SmCount < Max_Num_SM then begin 

    If Avg < Avg[1] and Low < LL and low <> low[1] and high < Avg and SmCount < Max_Num_SM then begin 

    Perhaps you might be looking for the _TRO_HHLL  Do A Search5ae35d5dc4e63_NFLX_TRO_OHMLC4-27-18.thumb.jpg.e6e3fb48d0067717089a6b29a031d0ee.jpg

  10. Marsalla Marceau is no longer using Tradestation and the indicator is a work in progress. The Butterfly indicator seems to be as well. However there both worth having but I like to watch Tams's in a 30 minute chart.

    surinotes sells an abc indicator worth having however you wouldn't be able to see the code! Most of the harmonic code logic seems to be well guarded . However some information is out there to kick start your efforts!

    I would add a PRZ zone and fib zone to Tams's and Marsalla's indicator and go from there. May I add that Patterns are not the holy grail.Patterns work and they fail as well!

    MQ4 indicator and pdf down below .


    PRZ Backtesting with Harmonic Pattern Plus_v1.0.pdf


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