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  1. Take a shower once in a while; it's good for you, and good for your comrades. Trust me on this... (ha).
  2. I smell "snowflakes" in the air...or maybe it's just dandruff that I'm seeing that brings about the notion of the smell of snowflakes.
  3. That's cool...I take no insult to your statement. I have a totally new vagina...and the doctors have told me it's "super tight"...I plan on using it to my advantage. Any takers? Edit: For the record...my new vagina was engineered in a joint venture between Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Trust me...ya'll got bigger fish to fry than "my vagina". Vagina's rule...
  4. Good govment is secular govment. Millions of dollars spent to drop some dude in the dirt...I don't know...zeitgeist always troubles me (in any form). I'm not pissed at all...just sayin...
  5. Sure man..."transFenders" for the house. Covered head to toe in blood, and none of it's mine (save a few minor abrasions)...nothing but smiles all around.
  6. Vamanos muchachos....fucking giddy up
  7. Word to the wise: there are few things that can be done to protect yourselves (I think the battle is lost...for the time being...I AM HOPEFULL) use your fucking head(s). I will take the time to elaborate for the so few that are here... I have a Virgin Mobile account which requires a "pay as you go" monthly payment (credit card). Yesterday, I logged into a website that looked just like the "Virgin Mobile-Top Up" website...but it wasn't...it looked like it...had the same feel...same logo...same step down in the method of payment...the same but, but "slightly" different. I noticed the difference from the start, but the actual Virgin Mobile website does change it's look and format from time to time...without asking me about it. This website walks you through the same payment options (same look: same feel), and then it won't allow you to process the payment. No transaction, but what they do have is your name, credit card number and your address. I called a few minutes after and cancelled the card. So...I'm good...I suppose...until I'm not. New credit card number and card within 10 working days...word to the wise: "Cash is king motherfuckers". If you take this simple example and extrapolate the possibilities, then you may draw some conclusions about the state of things... "Cash is king"...back to the river, motherfuckers. Don't get sucked into the vortex... Edit: I'm not a pissed off person.. it seems to be the cost of doing business. I like the use of revolving credit (it's helpful at times). Personally, I'm not a person that you would choose to fuck with (face to face), but in this current world...anyone can "take you out". Get Spartan in the way you think...
  8. I stopped in to do some house cleaning and right a wrong...then definitely back to the river. As it dovetailed perfectly with some other studies, I paid a visit to Winston Churchill and Anti-Semitism. As it turns out he delivered several oratories on the horrid practice of persecution of the Jews in British society and Europe and called an end to the foolishness...so to speak...in my own simple terms. Having squared that... I think the word "all" is straight from the book...too lazy to look it up though. Word to the wise: "never take me too seriously".
  9. Vanity of Vanities...all is vanity, and a chasing after the wind...
  10. Real Jews... fake Jews. Real news...fake news...even worse; alternate facts... Silliness (of a man's simple mind) abounds... live like a fish. Edit: Roughly 75% of the world is water...some get it...some don't... Edit again: Eventually, some 7 year old child will yank on a barbed hook in your jaw...you may be tossed back; or...skinned, cooked, and eaten; or...you may go belly up from age. Regardless...it is what it is. Edit again...twice: That 7 year old may brag about the catch, have you stuffed, and hang you on the wall...though your image, and your greatness may live on...you're still a dead fish. It is what it is...
  11. Gawd damn...so glad that I chose to stick my head up.:rofl: Wasn't Churchill a Jew hater too? Wait...wait...doesn't everybody hate Jews (something I can't wrap my mind around)? Silliness abounds...back to the river...all ya all presume too much: "Beware the ills of perfection".
  12. [quote name=zdo;209181comment: Folks' date=' after a net of 30 years at this 'full time' I'm slowly backing out of this game. Even a year ago I would never allow myself to drop out of a position like that. Oh well - To every thing there is a season... Plus wife wants us to bucket list more 'while we're still young' etc etc [/quote] I chose to stick my head up...once again. In my world (on the river) we (I) recognize the insanity of perfection... that's my sole comment on the state of things...some will get it...some won't...and that's fine. If I were to offer up any advice to anyone, it would be to become "Spartan" in your thinking... 30 years is a long time to be doing anything (salute). I've been at it 8 years and I question the path. But... I'm still here...and still good. It's a whacky assed world we live in, and I don't expect it to change (honestly...I'm fine with it), Dumb fucking humans, doing the same dumb fucking things: over and over again. Such is life... To have seen 30 years... Salute!
  13. We are strange (odd) creatures in the grand scheme of things. I can't claim to understand it in it's fullness. If you believe in duality (god and the devil), upon some introspection, one would have to conclude that both sides are exasperated. I don't know... No animal would ever consider the prospects of putting something up their ass (or anyone else's ass for that matter). We are odd... Word to the wise... if you do decide to shove things up your ass... ummm... there is the prospect of creating a vacuum. There have been those that end up in the emergency room because of such things. It's a hole; not a slit... use some discretion. As always... trade it as you see it...
  14. Hey guy's... I'm not back...enjoying my time on the river (in my mind). I happened to poke my head up... and it's clear why "the river" is a preferable place, but there was something that came to mind to which that I would like to clear my conscience of once and for all... (ha) An older gentleman known as zdo (don't have anything more than that) made sexual advances to me in a bar... something about vibrators. Needless to say, I was repulsed at the time, and I just walked away. It's been thirty some years since, but I just feel this need to come clean. Mitsu... you're spot on with the "pedophile thing". Then again... maybe not... ya'll presume too much... I'm gone. Edit: My life is just too good to get pissed about much of anything... my sympathies to those who feel differently. I do understand (cause I've been there)... but I don't give a shit. I am a "trader"; not a "traitor". Get upright, and move forward... any fish will tell you the same thing...word to the wise... back to the river...
  15. Hey… just stopped in to clear out my PM files, and couldn't refrain from stopping by the “just saying” thread… Mr Zdo: I'm quite certain that we disagree about many things, but when it comes to “what's important” concerning trading we fit together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Salute… nice bit of “whatever” in the time allotted (Ha! I say “whatever” only because I suspect that what you're saying often gets ignored as mumbojumbo by those that value “method” over “madness”). I've been at this business for seven years now, and I consider myself a “journeyman” in the trade (that may not be the most accurate word, but it must suffice for the time allotted). If I were to take on students (never going to happen… for so many reasons that generally could be described as “sloth” on your part, and a lack of compassion on mine) my place to start would be with mindfulness. If you can learn to listen to that voice(s) in your head in a passive manner then the struggle is over (“method” then becomes just a means to an end). As my allotted time is getting thin… consider the feral child (that is what you are if you're reading this now): get hungry, get wet and cold, name all the animals and work it out on your own terms. As a note: I trade the “lesser” time frames, where "flow" is paramount. It may be that I see things differently from you...but damn… it's mine… I own it I'm gone fishing... back to the river (in my mind).
  16. I apologize for my outburst (it wasn't you; it's me)... Hopefully, no need to explain. I'm gone... the ten day trip into the void has changed some things for me. It has been the first "real" vacation that I've had since taking up this trading thing. I kinda like that place, and in spiritual way... I want more. I've enjoyed my time here at TL (and by the way Mr. Zdo, you can come across as a condescending muthrfcker... it's alright... shake it off... I have. Oh yea... and "emotis" really are no help in that regard). Anyway, I'm out for my own reasons. I've arranged with Connie's parents for Liz and I to take her fishing this weekend... seems like the least I could do. For a grown man to be "baiting" a child for his own amusement is slightly fucked up (I do have issues, but I'm loved just the same). The child may end up in my last-will-and-testament. I don't know... it's all good. Salute...
  17. WTF..... Phfffffffffftt... don't we all have "issues"? Come on man... put forward some effort, and don't presume too much. It really is that easy... Edit: Even a delightful child like Connie could speak to that... just sayin.
  18. Ha! The manufacturer can claim that it's not a "sex toy" but the general public determines it's use. And, yea I probably am a pervert, but if the thought would not have entered your brain... it wouldn't have entered mine. Enough said; by the way... don't call me Shirley.
  19. First off… Please Mr. Precedent can you define the phrase “distorting democaracy” (WTF). It's just too much fun to read your tweets (at the same time, so sad...”bad guy”). Second… This one falls into the “life is just too good” folder: I discussed my attempt at launching the “don't call me Shirley” bit of humor with my significant other (Liz). She said that even though she knows the joke (from the movie Airplane) that she would not have picked up on my straight man feed either (zdo gets a reprieve). At some time during the evening she approached me about attending a family / friends sort of get together (hers, not mine). She rarely asks for such favors, because she understands that I have a very short social candle (it burns brightly enough, but doesn't last long). When she does ask I always agree without question, as I know she has her reasons (motives)...it's cool. Roughly ninety minutes into this event on Sunday evening, my “candle” was growing dim, and I sought out a chair in the shade. After a few minutes Liz noticed me, and came over to chide a bit about my burnout. As we talked, a girl (6 or 7 years old) approached and stood in front of Liz, waiting to be recognized. I was charmed by this child's good manners (so rare it seems). This is the conversation: Liz: Hey Connie! This is my friend John. Connie: Hi. Pleased to meet you. Me: Likewise. How are you today? Connie: (with a shrug of the shoulders) I'm good. At this point I am totally charmed… a polite child that is comfortable around adults. Connie went on to tell about her July 4th weekend at the lake with great enthusiasm and uncommon detail for a child of that age. After Connie had wound the story down, Liz mentioned that I had just returned from a 10 day fishing trip, to which I then proceeded to tell Connie about my trip. She listened with wrapped attention (love this kid). After I had finished, I got the sense of a bit of one-ups-manship in the works, as Connie then went into more detail about the big fish she caught. For the record, what she described was a “sun perch” of about 1.5 pounds (which is huge for that species, and on light tackle would be a handful for a child). To which I said: Me: Surely (with an ever so delicate pause), that's a big fish; show me again how big it was. In my periphery, I see Liz starting to lean in just a bit (wait for it… wait for it… nothing). Connie seemed a bit confused, and I worried that the child thought that I was calling her out as a liar, and I was about to intercede, but she went on to show how big the fish was and described it again in full detail. Me: Well that's cool. Fishing is fun isn't it? Connie: Yes! (with a nod of the head). At this point Connie looks down at her feet as if pondering something, and I kid you not, she takes a step towards me and leans in, and it came almost in a whisper: “My name is not Shirley, it's Connie”. Well, because it's a child… we really couldn't bust out laughing. Me: Well of course, your name is Connie. Did you think I called you Shirley? Then Liz swooped in to clean up my mess, and deftly explained the use of the word “surely”. Connie sat with us a while longer until her mom waved her over. The moment for laughter had past, but we joked about it for a time... just another damn fine day.
  20. Mitsu... that was entertaining. I had to read a portion before I came inline with where you were headed, but after returning to the top and reading with DJT inflections in place... I think you have him down. Salute...
  21. No worries. It's a stupid play on words... amusing but not really funny. I would be irritated if I had to hear it very often (actually pissed), but considering the context of the conversation, it was my one chance and the only place to ever go "there" (the opportunity may not occur again in my lifetime... that's alright. Done for your entertainment, not mine). You may want to consider your dual purchase of the (CM-07?) vibrating device(s)... because as any chick under 30 will attest to: "it's so hard to get good service" (words of wisdom from an ole sage... work a little harder, and don't presume too much). Off for the weekend. I've been trading "sim" since my return from the land of "dueling banjo's" vacation... back to the grind... good to be back in my own bed (no place like home). I do amuse myself... vacation was good... f*cking amused...
  22. First off... I'm disappointed that you didn't play into my straight man line ("Surely you jest"): Don't call me Shirley... Second... "even wise people like you can start to believe". Well... damn. You should know by now that there are few things that I "believe" (never one to presume too much). Ha! Surely (Shirley) you just called me "stupid"... make your point... no need to get personal.:rofl: Just an amused member of the "kiddie table" with a lifetime membership... and yes, I do see the hypocrisy in all of it... I remain amused.
  23. This one is for Mitsu... just more nicey-nice used for garnish: Ariana Grande to become Manchester honorary citizen And... Why Sessions was a poor choice for AG. Once you get a reputation, it's hard to shake free: AG Sessions under fire for closed-door speech - CNNPolitics.com Edit: Oh yeah; almost forgot. I get the faint smell of blood in the water: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2017/07/13/donald-trump-jr-commits-crime-against-credibility-christian-schneider-column/472949001/
  24. Surely you jest.........
  25. I returned yesterday from 10 days with no television, internet, or cell service. Day 3: I was suffering from withdrawal (pretty badly). I ended up driving into town for a chicken fried steak. I then proceeded to park myself on a bar stool... drinking with the locals and watching TV. Obama-hating-trump-fans (Yikes...I had to curb my desire to make some "just sayin" comments... poking people that are totally committed is a bad habit of mine) but, when in Rome do as the Roman's do. After dark we stumbled out on the sidewalk to watch the small town fireworks display. Not a bad day. After that I settled into the routine: Out on the river in the mornings, napping on the front porch after lunch, cooking the day's catch, the daily canoe trip for beer, ice, and bait. The neighbors were about 150 yards away, it was quiet and still. Enjoyed it... I may become a "proper" human being if I could get away from all-ya-all for long enough... who knows... good to be back in my own bed.
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