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  1. What trading and charting platform is required to use this TTO? How do I find the TTO to install on my platform? What if any are the charges to obtain the TTO? Thanks....
  2. Hi, ticks. Thanks to be my friend for my invitation. You have a lot of experience and candid talk. Best to you.

  3. Bob I just saw your post and it deserves a thanks to you before I leave the post. Your explanation makes sense.
  4. CLARIFICATION may be necessary at this time due to PM's I recently received regarding my posts on this thread: 1. Some think I am selling something and they are waiting to see when that happens.I have been a member of TL since 2007. I usually never post and seldom even read the forums. I have nothing to sell. I don't need anyone's money and if I were selling most could not afford what I would charge for my work. I can easily live without the need to post. So perhaps it is time to go back in my trading cave and forget about this thread. 2. The so-called variation of the gamma scalp that I use does not greatly suffer from time decay. Why? Because I am only in the trade for about an hour before adjusting. No long holding times -- not much exposure to time decay loss. 3. All the Greek components are included in the risk graph I posted. So the greels and the total understanding of them is unnecessary. 4. I have benefited from this posting experience. It demonstrates to me the level of understanding that the readers on this board have trading in general and options in particular. Credentials, past experiences, war stories and bragging rights seem to be the central focus. The number of posts seem to also be important on this and I guess on other boards. For me making money is my focus. This starting to distract from that focus. I also learned that most readers are not here to learn. 5. I therefore respectfully will no longer post here but since I started posting on this thread -- I will answer any serious questions by PM. 6. Thanks to all for the experience I gained from this posting effort.
  5. Profit is climbing but i still stay in the trade. Check out the Delta shown just below the graph...
  6. Here is a follow up pic and so can see it is now more profit in just a short time.
  7. If you have questions on how to read the above post please ask and I will try and post some explanation that will clarify. But if you know how to read this picture and enlarge it then you should learn most of what you need to know to trade like this.
  8. Flickr: assettight's Photostream Trying to post some examples . Here is a trade I have on now. (ls there a way just to post a chart here as an image or must i put it to a URL?)
  9. Most traders will find this discussion and information rather complex. Please understand that one need not know how an automobile engine provides the power to drive the car. So you don't have to be a full-on auto mechanic or engineer to press the accelerator and steer the car. This is really a simple trade to understand and "drive". The danger is to get too caught up in the details. If there really is enough interest here to delve into to this profitable strategy then we can perhaps get to the "nitty-gritty" of how simple this is. My concern is how few participate. On the TL start page it shows 85,000 plus members but where are they? No one seems to post except for a few "regulars". The reason I point this out is that it takes time and effort for those who post and it seems rather fruitless to put out information here.
  10. SIUYA please see a PM that I sent you. Thanks
  11. Thanks Siuya. This no doubt should be the proper place for this thread. But alas I just noticed this surprising statistic: 85,600 Registered Traders Welcome to our newest member, Traderminute Now online: 13 members and 130 guests That appears to indicate very few possible contributors as the membership is not very active. But lets hope you get quality responses from the limited audience. Great and useful topic. It is profitable if done correctly, Anyone with options experience can do it, But the nay-sayers probably have chased them all to a simple-simon approach to trading that will not really work. Best to you...
  12. Thanks Siuya, Great job in moving this to your thread. Hope you get some response from all but the usual suspects. BTW where is "Sunny London" ?
  13. Siuya and Bob C -- I started trading early pre-market so I am still busy this early morning but will hopefully figure out with your help -- how to continue this in another thread. Will need some help doing that since I am not good at the mechanics of posting. I don't post frequently -- as you can see by the ratio of years on this board and few posts. But I do believe that I should share with seems to me a worthwhile trading system. (No, this is not leading to selling anything!) l l YES, what I am doing profitably does require some background on the metrics of options. FWIW -- it usually takes years to comprehend trading and all of us who are serious about it are "forever learning". But (really a big BUT) we should not get in the trap of looking for the holy grail. Each of us has to have a "fit" for us to be successful. That is we need a "Comfort Zone" that the method provides... Thanks for all your comments and I look forward to any help with a new thread of the continuation of this one. Happy to get your PM's or comments here.,,
  14. Hey guys, I received your PM's and have sent replies. Thanks, Ticks
  15. MM Thanks for your sharing your current trading style. I agree with you that the current volatitiy sucks. I understand that when vol is low that premiums are lower when you are primarily a seller of vol. The method I have described here (btw not the only one I trade) works even better in a high vol environment since the swings are greater and more frequent. The greater the swings and the more frequent the turns the better, easier, and more profitable is the method that I described which some might call gamma scalping. (However, the way I am doing it is not "pure" gamma scalping. With more frequent swings and greater momentum then the more opportunity to quickly take profits on the "winning side". So you are willing to hold for a few days or a week with an 8 point ($400.on the ES) and your return on margin or buying power reduction in your account is small compared to your potential win. Risk to Reward is probably excellent if you are looking for say a target of !200 per trade. Thanks for the critique you have made and your posts. Now that I am able to post without the previous monitors delay, I might be able to post some more info including a way I am working on to post live trades without slowing my trades down or losing focus -- just so I can prove a point here. One of the posts here on this thread was from someone you posted very astutely and he said that he had done this trade himself without good results. I can't recall who was the OP but I will be happy to hear Why he used it unsuccessfully. Perhaps I could offer some insight on what changes could be made to his way of doing this trade. Perhaps this thread has reached exhaustion -- if so those who are following should let me know. Thanks to you again, MM, and other posters.
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