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  1. Thanks brownsfan... It was just a mistake. I know the difference between commissions and margin :crap:
  2. Thanks Tom! These are very low commissions for the Eurex. When trading for example the FESX and making a profit of 100 € after Com - will the profit be quoted in EUR or converted into USD??
  3. Infinity_Tom, what is the margin for Eurex Contracts (FDAX, FESX, FGBL)??
  4. Good Morning Everyone and good luck trading
  5. Here is my last scalp bevore lunchtime... Exit of the second half was because my target at 72 did not get filled - the YM reveresed at 73 so i exited with a market order.
  6. Saw the same reversal in the YM but didn't take it because i thougt it is too risky. Would like to see the Gapclose in the YM before looking for long. Hmmm... the ES and all other markets already closed the Gap.
  7. OK... We posted in the same minute.
  8. Nice trade Brownsfan... Are you still holding?? Do you trail your profits or exit on a buy-signal?
  9. Abe, the short you took was right at the support line at 13490 so it was very risky... Its almost better to wait for a signal than to anticipate it. You could have taken the short at the same level but after the support was penetrated about 10 minutes later with much higher odds of winning. But i know how hard it is to wait for your signals and getting into the market when you could have got in a few points ago... Made the same mistakes over and over again when i began trading futures... :cry:
  10. Got one trade so far.... Shorted after the YM came back into its Opening Range and covered half for +12 and half for +22 (are my mechanical targets). Now watching if price could hold at the 13490 area.
  11. Good Morning everyone... Just noticed this thread and find it very nice to have something similar to the chatroom. I hope i can participate a while trading. Nice trading ;-)
  12. You are right notoch... 13500 was a round level in line with the daily R1, 13547 was the gap close level from yesterday and the big gap a few days ago in line with the daily pivot. I am looking for such important levels where more than one support or resist is near the other. James calls them "Clusterzone". Trades initiated at this lines have high odds... Also i am not taking these levels "blind" - i will wait for a small reject when fading or a pullback when trading the breakout.
  13. Hmm, i found them really useful today. I attached a chart showing the pivots. Yellow is the Daily Pivot, Magenta are the Resists and Green the Supports. I marked some good trading opportunities with the white arrows. Unfortunately i took only a few of these trades
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