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  1. Pluto, Thanks for your advice. As you and many experienced trader have said to me, having a trading plan is crucial. However I have learned that some concepts you come up with may work for you and not work for other; or vice versa. Whatever your strategy is, technical or non-technical, long-term or short-term, whatever it is just make sure it works for you. You should be in control of your money whether it increases or decrease you should only be able to blame yourself for the outcome. *Side note* my 1st trade has done well and continues to do well.
  2. Mad, I couldn’t agree with you more. If it’s not technical then I want to see first-hand the reasons behind a move. With that said, I am strictly interested in technical analysis trading. All, I mean all my trades derive from technical analysis. I bet many would agree with me when I say, It’s always great when a technical trade turns into reality news. In regards to the housing market, I have “read/heard” that the housing companies will start aggressively promoting the idea of BUILDING A NEW HOME to potential homebuyers. Let’s see how that play out in the months to come.
  3. I agree. You have to find out what works for you. But you'll never know unless you actually research, strategize and test. Then you'll find out what works for you.
  4. Otjm, Thanks for your personal advice especially since you know those who work direct within the housing market. As I continue to study and learn, I notice that many of my strategies require me to hold a stock longer than 1 day. So for me, I have day trading in 1 hand and swing trading in the other hand, if I could predict the future I say that I’ll probably will be leaning more towards swing trading within the weeks ahead. Also, going back to my original post; since a bought BZH a few weeks ago, BZH has made a day high of 20+% since roughly 2 weeks ago. Has anyone else traded BZH? Any advice, suggestions, news releases etc would be greatly appreciated.
  5. meta, your name should be mentor. I appreciate your inputs. Thanks alot.
  6. there is no question that I am serious about trading stocks. And of course, I'm definitely excited. I'm not surprised if I get positive or negative feedback. But I was hoping that the negative feedback would support itself with reason(s) as to why I shouldn't be trading right now or why I shouldn't apply the research methods I've come up with?
  7. Hi everyone, I've decide to become an active trader. For the past months, I have been aggressively been studying stock charts. After feeling good about producing profits in my virtual account, I now feel comfortable to jump right into the real thing. So my question is: What's going on with the housing industry? I've been following the industry for the last 3 or so months. For the past couple weeks I have watch many housing companies post their earnings. Almost every company has reported quarterly losses. However according to their charts for the past 90 days, it seems many of those company have been uptrending. Is this a possible bounce? I bought BZH a few days ago because I think these companies are bouncing and headed upward. For those who are experienced, please tell me if I'm on the right track and if have the mindset/criteria/research method of becoming an experienced trader such as yourself?
  8. ctype, You must never forget to pay attention to volume averages. If the averages are low then its likely that you will find it nearly impossible selling your holdings, even with stop orders. Find a volume range that you're comfortable with and only trade those stocks meeting that range. *Good luck on your next trade*
  9. I'm glad I was able to give you some insight. Remember to spread the knowledge. An inexperience person will never remove the "i-n" without applying what the basic fundamentals of the experience. *Good luck on your next trade"
  10. Its all about consistencies. All time frames vary from one strategy to another. Meaning, something may work well on a 5 min chart but simply won't apply to a 30min chart. It all begins with basic fundamentals. Find a strategy apply it, then improve. Just as market evolve over time, you as a trade must evolve with it. *Good luck on your next trade*
  11. Hi Vik, If you haven't realized now, let me be the first to tell you. You do not have to be the smartest person to be a successful trader. You say you've studied a lot about day trading. And I say good for you. You've taken one of the first steps. I am a firm believer that the best way to learn is through experience. So, now that's you've taken the first steps, you still have 95% more to learn. If you have the capital, slowly dive right in, only after assuming you have a well planned trading strategy. I'll be the first to say it, expect to take losses in the beginning. Be sure to make them small losses with huge lessons learned. Option 2 would be to start a virtual trading account with play money. Practice Practice Practice. *Good luck on you next trade*
  12. Hi timsingapore, If you are a stock "broker" than you would have the ability to fill clients orders in hope to make a small percentage either with commissions, fees and or stock price movements. Nevertheless, you could also do personal trading on the side. Nowadays, its not an impossible dream to trade stock personally through online trading accounts (ameritrade, scott trade, etc). I am a firm believer that the best way to learn is through personal experience and as well as the lessons you learn from other's experiences. Whether you go at it alone or decide to take classes and study to be a stock broker; either way you must become a diligent student. It won't be easy and expect to take losses early until you have a well defined enter and exit trading strategy. *Good Luck on your next trade*
  13. Hi all. I'm here to learn and help. See you in the threads!
  14. First things first. You should never place a trade without a known strategy for that trade. Meaning, before you click to place that trade order you should already know answers to 2 important questions. 1) What's signaling you to make this trade at a specific entry point? 2) What predetermined criteria must happen to signal your exit point? As a result, you should have an idea of when to enter and when to exit. It seems as if you didn't have a strategy going into this trade, so I suggest take the lost, learn from your mistakes and try not to let it happen again. Good luck on your next trade!
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