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  1. Holy s@&t!!!! I rarely comment, but seriously....... Look Traders, we are on this site because we want to be successful traders. We know what f@&$ing order types are out there. And the crap vendor this e mini dip shoot is pushing, doesn't offer stop limit orders with a pay up limit? Come on that's garbage!! This is my livelihood, if I set a stop loss limit order, I need to know that if I'm at the store, or grocery shopping, that my order will get filled. Most REAL traders use a vendor that offers a stop limit order that has a pay up or pay down setting if it trades through your price so as not to leave you hanging. This guy needs to go to another photo sitting or something, and stop treating people on this site like they are morons.
  2. Wow I hear ya MMS, I too had a pretty horrible day. My biggest losers, have both been fomc days. Every month, I tell myself not to trade them, but still do. Even if I make a little, easily lose 10 times that on the bad trade. Anyway, I guess I'm getting to the point that, lessons, are often very expensive (financially, mentally, emotionally, and even physically), but they need to be learned. I jus wish I could learn them a bit faster, and not be a donkey. Like you, I'll make back my losses, and then some. I'm in this for the long haul.
  3. 8675309- you have way too much time on your hands to be a fund manager. I have been trading the curve for 4 yrs, sole source of income for wife and 3 kids. Own a Cbot AM seat, and a cme IMM. Get over yourself. Back to the topic: no I do not know a single person making a living off soley es.
  4. I am not sure whom you are asking specifically, but I am willing to elaborate on my previous post. I base treasury spreads, off off things like price action, my opinion on the shape of the curve at a particular time, overall bond market direction, and outright contract movement. An example: I feel like the NOB 10vs30s is a buy because 10yr is at hitting support, which i think will hold, so right off the bat, I like the 10yr. If I also like buying the NOB, based on NOB charts etc, Ill hedge my long 10yrs with short bonds. This is done in a particular hedge ratio of cours, not a 1x1 spread. Also, simply an example, not an actual opinion. Other things that may trigger a trade, is a quick move in a spread. Example: FIT is trading -.25, and with a quick market order in an otherwise dull market, it sweeps to -1.50, that would be something I would look at. These are two basic examples, in an other wise very complicated trade. Becasue honestly, more often than not I am not even thinking about what I am basing trades off of, I am just trading. And when you get a good flow going, it just comes naturally, you know, when you have a good feel for the market. Hope this helps, again, very vague basic examples. Good Luck!
  5. I make my living spreading different markets. I spread the curve, ranging from Eurodollars all the way through 30yrs. Of course there are different hedge ratios and relationships with every spread, but in short, yes I spread different futures markets. The cme now even has implied spread markets for the treasuries ie NOB 10yr vs 30yr. I would certainly be open to speaking more about this topic. Good luck!
  6. Hey all, Im new to the site, seems great. I have been trading for about 3 1/2 yrs, trading mainly the yeild curve. I trade the FIT, NOB, FOB spreads, as well as some eurodllars against 10yrs and 5yrs. I keep a close eye on ES, 6e, and 6j as well. I like reading through others posts, as I am a student of the mrakets. Are there any other curbe traders on this site? Seems like curve traders have been dropping like flies lately. Good luck to all!
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