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  1. Benanke lacks the ability to understand the plight of the others that get left behind by his social experiments. All the folks that got scared out of the market and too scared to get back in because of all the confusing signs and signals of the economy got left in the dust. Thanks for the Fed's need to lower and sustain an interest rate of 0% left all those folks relying on their money market accounts as interest income (TO LIVE ON) saw it totally evaporate. And so their principal was being drained steadily over years now. To add insult to injury, QE2 devalued the remaining cash of these people, putting many in a desperate situation. The Fed is a BANK (private, I might add) with concerns over banks and financing. He doesn't seem to empathize with the plight of the unsophisticated citizen and thinks that in reinvigorating the banks all will be well. I don't think Ben is evil... So I'm going with ignorant... and arrogant.
  2. I think you missed the point. In your example you cited a few examples of a particular high probability setup. But how would a beginner know and identify that- even after reading your advice? What the originator of the thread is suggesting is that emotional capital is as important as financial capital. If one has "beginners' luck" he really does not know why he made money. When that beginner starts to lose he does not know either, but ends up being in a situation where he becomes afraid to trade, and even with increased skill cheats himself because of the fear. What I think the originator is suggesting is that the beginner build a set of skills, a system and practice before putting much capital at risk. You wouldn't see a baseball player (even a Little Leaguer) go to bat in a real game without batting practice would you? Well... There are no Minor Leagues of trading.
  3. If you're looking for extremely low risk while learning trading why don't you just open a practice account?
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