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  1. Hi. Please go to my site Mish's Market Minute - HOME. On the left nav is a tab for the Nuggets List. You can see what it is andif you're interested, I can send you a sample. Thanks for your interest. Mish

  2. Also how can volume lead price when they happen simultaneously? I just dont understand that.... I dont know anything, when people are ready to buy/sell volume changes... this creates activity and price change... but it happens gradually does it not? in real time? In the market it seems to me so far, that the goal is to get one step ahead of the market... does this type of analysis allow me to do that?
  3. Hello all. Very interesting stuff here....I'm new to this type of chart reading, and I've only been trading stocks one year. After 4 hours of reading I have some questions: if no answer, then I'll keep asking.....thanks :-) 1) has anyone used this system of finding laterals to predict a move in the market, or is it all reflective interpretation? 2) does volume act independently, and can volume change show price change/ trend change ahead of time? Please bear with me... I'm new and this is just review for you... I hope good review... 1) what seperates a ftp, fbp, and stitches.... they all look like stitches to me... The only pattern I could see was that ftp, and fbp have a flat top or bottom, and then shortly after those some trend lines are drawn? 2)I'm just learning about volume... other then the obvious signs of large investors ..... How the heck can you tell weather the volume line goes up or down... it's not like his first example where they all go up a hill gradually and then down gradually.... they zig and zag... how can I tell which way the line is to be drawn over it, and what do the arrows pointing of the top of the volume bars mean? sigh.....pant.....sigh..... 3)what is this methodology attempting to bring to light? what is the practical application of this so that I might try and reverse engineer it? THANK YOU!!!!!!
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