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  1. I hope the attachment appears correctly. I look forward to reading your comments as this seems to be a problem with nearly every chart I try to annotate.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have received a few PM's suggesting that others have the same problem. I had a lat at 10:55 (not conforming to the latest drill) and I'm curious if maybe that had some effect on the formation of a r2r at 11:40. For instance, maybe we need two bars of increasing vol after a formation breakout to give us another r2r? Anyone have ideas to bounce around?
  3. Hello Everyone. First post. I've been following the thread for a couple of months and I've managed to read thru all posts a couple of times. I've also read most of the old thread on ET. I have an observation or two, as well as many questions, so please hang in there with me. Hats off to Spyder for such a massive undertaking. I cannot imagine the commitment he has made in time and energy. I do agree with the previous poster - transference is probably very difficult thru this medium. A lot of charts are posted and it's next to impossible to know which, if any, are correct. I do think it would EXTREMELY helpful to many of us if, from time to time, we had some way to know what/where/when a specific fractal completed. I have found myself referring back to the tape example on 08/04 because it was confirmed. I'm very appreciative of the recent help Spyder has provided with differentiating laterals. I get the dom/non-dom concept of laterals, and I'm sure it will be even more helpful as we learn how to differentiate further. However, it's the "context" thing which gives me the greatest challenge. So often I'm uncertain about where we are in the order of events. A specific example would be 1140 on 01/25. To me that looked like another r2r which must complete. Does anyone else find themselves struggling with such events? Can someone explain to me why that was not a r2r at 1140? Could it be because of the 1055 lateral - perhaps 1130 was non dominant because of the lateral and therefore we didn't have a valid r2r? Any feedback appreciated and I look forward to participating.
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