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  1. TQVM for the encouragement. Laterals are extended single bars as far as I can understand. Is there any other way to look at it and also how to annotate it ?
  2. Hi Nkhoi, How do I deal with the weekdays which are holidays ? Is there a way to remove them as they do appear as regular trading days ? tnx
  3. quote=ehorn;97125]My view of the day... PFC has DOM lat looking for PT2 of accelerated traverse ehorn, thanks for posting. When I study your chart again, it appears that you hvaave 3 gaussians for 3 nested fractals. What is interesting is that not all the lowest fractals gaussians are drawn but only some. So the way I am reading it, the pattern must complete on a particular fractal or what Spyder referred to as equal footing. And if the subsequent gaussians are otherwise, then a sub fractal may be showing up maybe due to lower volumes. In that case, then we need to complete the subfractal PVT to arrive back at the particular fractal move e.g. 1:55pm to 2:40 pm pt 2 to pt 3 move. Am I reading it right this time? If so, then the term fractal jumping is what it is, isn't it ? Which also goes to explain why I get to conflicting B2B followed immediately by R2R moves which is not logical.
  4. thanks rs5 for posting the charts. I am wondering if after doing the drills of annotating, are you able to identify the ftts and FTTs comfortably ?
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