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  1. Most large brokers offer trading via an app, usually on iPhone - but you're limited by the 3.5" screen. I use my iPhone with iTeleport to remote desktop to my PC at home running Multicharts. I can trade from it, but naturally much easier to just monitor trades. I'm planning on moving to a Samsung Galaxy Note II which is a 5.5" screen monster phone, mainly for browsing but if you do plan to trade from the phone as a primary device, the bigger the screen the better - so right now the top selling choice is the Samsung Galaxy SIII with a 4.8" screen.
  2. I use iTeleport on my Mac (at the office) and iPad to check into my trading PC, which runs Multicharts. iTeleport is probably the simplest and most easy to set up remote desktop app out here. Its become an essential tool for me to manage trades and monitor the market if I am away from my PC, even if it means going from my home office into the lounge whilst waiting for set ups.
  3. It's possible to run earlier versions of TradeStation (e.g. 8.7. 8.8) and combine with OwnData with a feed from a broker. I personally use Interactive Brokers and take a data feed from the ASX (Australia) for swing trading options. I also use IQ Feed for forex futures, which I also feed into TS. I've looked at migrating to Multicharts too - and likely will do in the future.
  4. If the markets were random, then how do some trading superstars like those in Market Wizards consistently succeed? They surely are not "lucky" given some of their 10+ year trading histories. Or the super secret algos / HFT... they're taking advantage of an edge. "The market is random" feels like a easy excuse why a trader does not make any money - i.e. you blame an external random force. Roulette is random, but the existence of the 00 is all the edge the casino needs to take a random process and turn it into a guaranteed money maker with enough spins.
  5. I use IB with Tradestation (and OwnData) to swing trade options on ASX and pay the monthly data fee (about $40USD per month). So definitely doable and IB does have great rates (AUD$3 per contract on options is awesome.) As for daytrading ASX, well I leave that to the pros
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