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  1. Yesterday they said it was their data provider. Today they said there is no ETA.
  2. Another long outage again premarket. Man!
  3. Mine stopped moving before open and still locked 30 minutes later. Anyone else?
  4. I've about had it with the program. Nice company, but with each release it seems to get more unstable. May just be my PC, but none of my other three charting packages misbehave.
  5. I've tried that, and the search has results, however the results are just discrete keywords, and not adjoined as in a phrase. Searches for "stock market" finds posts with both "stock" & "market" but not exclusively "stock market" as a phrase. Incidentally, with quoted phrases you loose the search-word highlighting, which is rather unfortunate.
  6. Is there a way to search by exact phrase? It really helps when searching.
  7. Click on the link below and take a look at this brief video - it illustrates the issue. Screencast video sharing, 2010-10-27_1553 I can recreate this at will. Vista 64, latest OEC version.
  8. Another item I've notices is misalignment when selecting a different period. If I draw a significant trend line on the fifteen (places more price history on the screen) and then switch to a five minute chart, the trend line is misplaced. Switching back to the fifteen doesn't correct it until I poke at the chart, zoom-in, zoom-out, refresh, etc. This inhibits recording significant lines.
  9. I've been having an issue since the new release - if I draw a line, select it and Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V is usually duplicates it, but has recently caused an error which gives me the option to close the program or continue. Continuation is futile; the charts keep building, but nothing else seems to work. I can clear it with a shutdown & restart of OEC. Vista 64bit. Anyone else?
  10. Slightly relevant; have you looked at the OpenSource Gomi Footprint charts for Ninja? A skilled C coder could make a OEC version toot sweet. Example of Free MarketDelta
  11. JPJ Trading Room Don't you just wonder if its worth it? Ha!
  12. I am in the Al Brooks - Price Action room. It's not a training venue per se, it is Al telling you what he sees. Minimal interaction, just a chance to set with a guy that paid his dues and is now profitable. He trades and will tell you if he thinks a good trade is building, and if he thinks the trade is valid, but exceeds his risk profile. In Al's minimal style, the charts are simple and he sounds like he's moving and thinking at quarter speed - its an illusion as he trades like lightning and has a natural analytical skill which fits a trader. My complaint is there is no DNA transfer to lend me that remarkable talent. Sigh. Al is more of a natural than I; I am interested in other rooms that can help me build that insight. Shortening the learning curve is part of it, but learning patience and discipline is a large part. Had I better learned either I'd be far happier.
  13. Anyone tried Fulcrum's room? Did you jump right in or take the $697 "Delta Course"?
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