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  1. Take it for what it is worth... The nomenclature was chosen deliberately. IMHO.
  2. Crisp and clear. Just do the work and result is just a byproduct right? just kidding. great post. I would disagree with hitch and dip though.
  3. Interesting and prolific discussion. May I ask some questions? What is a stall? And what is a FTP?
  4. You are on the right track. Compare the down tape in your first referenced post to the up tape in your last post. Good job.
  5. Find missing and important trendlines. Funny day by the way.
  6. I guess I understand. Just to be sure try to rephrase, than I can answer.
  7. To your first confusion... See attached. On 5 min chart you see an IBGS. On two min chart you see where the trend line should be placed.Somehing transpired within the bar itself. It is called an IBGS for a reason. The increasing volume after point three is a must. I do not understand your second confusion and question.Try to rephrase.
  8. What is the question? Post a snipet with annotation confusion.
  9. Bingo...You will have to start with something.A bar is a bar. Two bars give you more information. You can start annotating.Call it a miserable trend.Volume is a gas pedal. Price is a car. Drive it.
  10. Now we are talking. Remove all of them. Happy trading to you. Better yet, just put me on ignore.
  11. Hi there. Glad to see you are still hanging around. How are you?
  12. No, it did not.Your interpretation of his definition may have changed. He (the market) was right all the way.
  13. Your wish will be granted.Just one last question... Are you a lady? You might want to team up with jbarnby...he likes you. Good trading to you. And grow up.
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