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  1. Thanks for posting, I've never looked at it this way. I'm not saying it is the correct way to look at it (and I don't know) but it's very interesting.
  2. Let's assume it is that lateral (and I'm not saying it is), then why ddin't he annotate the first 3 bars as R2R?
  3. I didn't ask jbarnby directly, so anyone is free to find the answer for him or herself, I don't think guessing would help anyone. PS I'm pretty sure he is not the only one who knows the right answer.
  4. Of course there are faster fractals playing, and they become visible on faster time frames, but that's not the question here...
  5. In the attached chart from jbarnby, I've added a faster fractal in the volume pane, see the dashed lines. Question of the day: why didn't he put it on his chart in the first place?
  6. As the gaussians more or less do what I want them to do, this is still not anywhere near something that actually works. It struck me that I also need price. And more specifically, VE's. No kidding Sherlock :-). So next step: automated channel drawing. -- innersky
  7. In the attached chart you can see automated gaussians in their most basic form. R2R 2B 2R and vice versa. That was the easy (technical) part, now the real thing can begin. Iterative refinement. Making small (price and volume context) modifications and see how it turns out. The result, based on these gaussians and without slippage is -1.5. I'm pretty confident that this can be improved :-) -- innersky
  8. I assume they can be ignored, if they end inside the lateral where they started. But I didn't code that up. Yet.
  9. Added laterals (see attached chart). Next step: automated gaussians. -- innersky
  10. The chart has been updated and now displays internals (no laterals yet). For technical reasons they're displayed slightly differently compared to TN or NT, but it gets the job done. -- innersky
  11. I'm not sure about that. If you look at his charts you'll notice that he also made other changes to the indicators. (like another color for stiches) Also, I've seen exact the same thing on another chart from jbarnby... -- innersky
  12. I am not planning to make changes to NinjaTrader indicators at this time... (but if it isn't a lot of work I'd consider making changes) A good conlcusive ruleset for laterals would be nice... I wonder if increasing volume really plays a role here? (I've seen otherwise in Trade Navigator) But I could be wrong of course. -- innersky
  13. Let's start with the creation of laterals.... I've attached a chart that jbarnby posted some time ago. Can anyone tell me why the circled area isn't a lateral? If I had to make an educated guess, I'd say that it is because this area that looks like a lateral is completely filled with internals. -- innersky
  14. I prefer to follow Spyder's guidelines. He said it does not matter, that both are ok. -- Innersky
  15. So why do you think it isn't correctly degapped? Sidenote: I did not degap every bar, only between days. -- innersky
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