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  1. As per your statement "Just use the 20 period moving average as your trend filter and NEVER trade against the trend on the 15 minute chart." I'm slightly confused with this strategy which seems to fly in the face of trading with the prevailing trend i.e. long. The price has retraced to the 20 EMA with a nice doji setup, would you not have a buy stop 1 tic above the doji and a stop loss 1 tic below it? Or is the R:R to small? cheers aztrix Still learning the ropes
  2. I realise this is fairly old news but I am still interested in this after losing this thread :crap: for years and happening upon it again this week Isn't there a false breakout/reversal with a hammer 5 bars earlier which would have provided a better entry point ±1.424 with a much tighter stop loss and consequently better R:R ratio? Curious minds would like to know! BTW Like many other before me I've found this thread invaluable and would personally like to buy you a :beer: one merry day phantom :deal: cheers aztrix
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