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  1. Hi innersky, Thank you for your planning to code indicators for lateral formation. The updated rule for ending a lateral is here--- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/technical-analysis/6320-price-volume-relationship-501.html#post179301 Conditions that End a Lateral: 1. 2 bar closes outside that in of themselves do not create a formation. 2. OB (regardless of the bars close, on increasing volume over the previous bar) that pierces upper and /or lower boundary on increasing volume. 3. Up IBGS on increasing volume (over the previous bar) that pierces the lower boundary. 4. Down IBGs (on increasing volume over the previous bar) that pierces the upper boundary. 5. A close outside the laterel that would be a 3rd close outside but being a bar subsequent to point 1 above. (ie: 2 bar closes outside that do form a formation in of themsleves and hence would not end the lateral but then a subsequent (3rd) close outside, after the formation, would end the lateral). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please notice that there is Stitch with IBGS condition. I would like to provide necessary images of ending laterals if you need them for understanding the rules. May I ask you to update BarPaint2 (marks for IBGS) besides PV-BarFormations indie? TIA
  2. Hi Filter Tip, I have question regarding the definition of IBGS. 9:45 bar (close of, bar 3, May21, 2010, Open: 1064.25, Close: 1064.00. Do you consider bar3 an IBGS? If Yes, then bar3 sets a Complex BBT. If No, then bar 4 which is the second bar of EH (Hitch) formation sets a CompleX BBT. Could you comment? TIA
  3. Hi Heisenberg, Two charts for you, they are from NinjaTrader. The 3-day chart is 10-minute and degapped.
  4. Hi Filter Tip, My questions are regarding to the quotes above. S...Filter Tip: There are definitions for Laterals. Dominant Laterals and Non- dominant Laterals. Q...NYCMB: What are definitions for Laterals? What is Dominant Laterals and Non- dominant Laterals respectively based on your conclusion of research? Could you provide rules and chart examples for both? S...Filter Tip: Laterals we are permitted to annotate through and those we are not permitted to annotate through. Q...NYCMB: Could you provide rules and chart examples for both? TIA
  5. Hi Stevecs,


    Please open PM. I had message for you!





  6. J Barnby, is putting together a program to teach what Todd taught him step by step. He has a few students he trained now trading live. It will last a year and bring you through live trading.


    if you are interested you can find out more by contacting him by private massage from the price volume forum.


    I thought, you might be interested.


    Take care,



  7. The attached two degapped charts are for Spydertrader 07/14, 2009 drill which has been under discussion recently.
  8. Hi cnms2, RTH pace, Dominant volume slope and Dominant volume slope make my pea brain spinning. Attached is a multi days of 30-minute chart and PV relationship is very tricky. Could you kindly annotate the chart with RTH pace rule being applied and some brief explanation? TIA?
  9. Hi SK0, As shown on your annotated chart, there is a down slope of volume from the market open till 13:00. How do you know that you have a dominant traverse? Please see the attached 3Aug4Aug2009 for two full days of chart. TIA
  10. Hi SK0, Is my chart coorrect regarding to Dominance and Non-dominance based on slope?
  11. Hi SK0, How do you define your XB? Please see the attachment. TIA
  12. Does anyone know the logic why Spydertrader painted those bars in Red or Black? TIA
  13. Hi TL moderator, Could you delete this post (# 2955)? I made a mistake by mismatching chart with post. TIA
  14. Hi gucci, Thank you for sharing your insights of the market. the following are my guessing works: A. 10:10 bar ---closes outside Lateral Movement on increasing volume B. 10:15 bar ---Signal of change. Reasons: 1) IBGS on decreasing volume 2) ftt of down tape starting on 10:05 3) ftt of 2-bar down tape starting on 10:10 C. 10:40 bar --- Red bar on increasing volume; but, its close is about one tick below the open which is at the top of the bar. Thus, 10:40 bar does not show down trend will continue. D. 10:50 bar --- I can not see clearly the top of this bar. It seems the bar is either a Stitch -Short or OB-Short on increasing red volume and closes at the bottom of the bar. As usual, I have great difficulty to correctly anticipate WMCN regarding the direction of either a Stitch or OB. Still, I'm not able to find reasonable answers for myself after trying. Could you kindly give correct answers for the questions listed on the attached chart which was slightly revised based on http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/attachments/34/24592d1305539570-price-volume-relationship-moreoverlap.jpg ? TIA
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