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  1. From your chart below, I can see that you've added more customizations to TN. I'm assuming you have the Gold version. Can you elaborate on some of the annotations? Spyder mentioned intra-day degapping briefly in Vegas. Back then, his opinion was that either you do it, or you don't. As long as you're consistent, it didn't matter. In retrospect, I'm thinking that what he meant was that as long as you're consistent, you're able to probably analyze the signals provided by the market. He left it to each individual to find out if it was a good idea or not to use intra-day de-gapping.
  2. Around 12:20 you have a FTT ending a long sequence. Around 14:00 you have another FTT at a higher price than the first, but your Gaussians show we're in a short sequence?!? It seems to me the market is trying to tell you something... :missy: Volume never goes against the cycle, it _drives_ the cycle.
  3. The Basic toolkit is everything Spydertrader posted in this thread.
  4. You don't need PRV. Spyder switched to making decisions to end of bar only after the Futures thread on ET. Focus on the basis toolset - it's all you need. If for some reason you can't figure it out using the basis toolset, adding more tools (for example PRV) will not solve your problems, only make them worse.
  5. I've been trading the ES for 5 years now. Carry-over works every day. I don't trade Australia stocks so I can't comment on those though.
  6. Let's say that a red sequence starts like you've annotated it on your chart. Bar two starts a lateral, and without any lateral FBO's, everything inside the lateral is part of a faster fractal, which should be ignored. This means that the gaussian R2R should be extended to the IBGS bar around 10:45. Therefore, the black bars that comes afterwards can only be onle thing - a non-dominant building block (2B). You need an additional red building block (with increasing volume - 2R) to complete the sequence. My advise: 1: Research the role of laterals and the meaning for your trading fractal 2: Look at how Spyder annotate gaussians. It's different from your method. Perhaps you can improve in this regard...
  7. The first is not a lateral. The 3rd bar is outside the boundaries of the first. My advise regarding laterals: - Look at 'the big picture' (the whole tape sequence) - Annotate if it is a dominant or non-dominant lateral - Notice/annotate FBO's/BO's - Look at 100 sequences Go back in the journals, laterals have been discussed many times.
  8. There has been a feature request on Genesis' forum, which would be of great use to those of us using the 'gap-removal' tool in Trade Navigator. It would be nice to be able to move multiple annotated objects in one instance. More people interested in the feature = More incentive for Genesis to implement it. Feel free to express your opinion here: https://www.genesisft.com/forum/vie...php?f=11&t=1000 Regards,
  9. My input: You should consider annotating more fractals. One below and one above the fractal you currently trade. If you don't currently trade, you should consider how much you will improve by annotating 3 or more fractals.
  10. It will not be useful to you without the knowledge of NLP, but here it goes: The biggest eureka moment for me came when I discovered the relationship between the expert traders and the market. They did not compete with-or think of "beating" the market. They thought they were in a harmonious symbiosis extracting what the market offered them. This meant that they were more relaxed and executed better keeping emotions out of the equation. NLP wise this is located in the Identity section of the logical levels. You would get a therapist to install a version of this in your mind that fits your model of the world If you skip the flashy websites and crappy books about NLP and look into the origins, you'll find that it is all about modelling. Modelling experts so you can become one yourself.
  11. I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner. NLP can do wonders for your trading (and your life as a whole I might add). Just don't expect anything to happen after reading a book or two. I have modelled expert traders to find what separated them for the masses (often on a subconscious level), and afterwards 'installed' many of their supporting belief systems in my own model of the world. Very powerful stuff. Not a quick fix. You have to do the work.
  12. The only place there is some non-dominant (red) movement (outside the lateral) is the two bars around 1250-1300. If you were to think of these as 2r in a tape, 1250 have to be point 2. It can't be, because it is still inside the previous tape (starting from 1055). My reasoning is therefore that 1240-1350 can not be anything else than a BBT.
  13. In retrospect, I think volume told us that the up-trend wasen't done yet. One other thing, I believe that Spyder mentioned how he handled DOJI bars in NYC in 2009. I remember it as if he didn't 'count' the bar. If so, we have to wait for the next IBV to close outside the previous lateral. In this example, the bar gaped one tick down from the previous bar, so I'm not sure it qualifies as a 'real' DOJI. Other attendees at that meeting feel free to correct my vague memory. If doing SCT, and you did go short on that bar, you would simply correct your mistake as soon as you realize your mistake - at the very latest as price break out of the lateral - by reversing long.
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