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  1. Nowhere volume is accurate except in futures...at that don’t matter at all. Volume is activity and that is enough to compare two volume bars relative to each other. The number of volume itself is not important for one broker or in comparison to each other...Every broker will show spike in volume ...What was value of that spike volume is not important at all. Furthermore...there is no guaranty at all for anything in this world. as an individual while trading for example you cannot guaranty to yourself that you will be disciplined 100% all the time....Therefore asking from others guaranty 100% for something especially from market makers is an idiotism and demonstration of insanity. Therefore if somone is willing to create this indicaor for MT4 would be great ....there is no difference for cash/spot forex between MT4 broker /platform or ninja trader broker/platform. Besides Windsor Direct broker provides Futures forex as well , cash forex, stock...etc...all on MT4 platform.
  2. Is this Visual trader platform? Who supports it now? I thought Gain Capital bought that company...I did not know that platform is still alive...?
  3. hello mario kindly can you provide .mq4 file instead .ex4 in order to code this excellent indicator for MT5 or please you make this excellent indicator in MT5 version....either would work.... Thank you so much in advance
  4. Resolved: sample files has to be updated with correct dates...editing is in metatrader editor...simple as that. Mario, this is absolutely excelent indicator...Thank you very much.
  5. Mario attached files in folder files: EURUSD_D1.mp for higher time frames such as D and H4...so how to edit those files to specify dates? I put in mode 2 and gave name to files also I tried to use the files that he gave as examples... Simple doesn't work ...I did not get anything...Can someone who successfully tried this can explain step by step how to use this indicator for higher time frames such as D and H4 in mode 2 using those files... Thank you in advance...
  6. Thank you...Book is good I just started to read... This is kind of very short summary but I cannot see images for some reason: http://www.asx.com.au/research/Market_Profile.htm#top
  7. hello Anyone knows meaning of colors ; I know that blue is POC ...what about other colors? Thank you in advance
  8. I dont know if anyone else experianced this problem but I dont see market profile on H4... Also is it posible to use this indicator on weekly, daily time frame ( same problem: I dont see market profile on those time frames)? Mario can you help on this please?
  9. Hello What is PAC and how to interpret it? Thank you
  10. hello Mario If I have your indicator on chart: If I draw line and change time frame then line disappear; same is for my pivot point indicator...it disappear after I change time frame. Can you fix this problem please? Thank you
  11. Hello everyone, I want to ask anyone if has "Active Trader" Magazine? I am looking for 2005 March edition. Best regards, mjackson
  12. I was talking about same thing in my previous post : discipline, hopes, emotions and I am glad you pointed it as well...Well I need it ...
  13. There is a lot of truth in what you guys experienced with these academy trainings...All I know is that technical trading (method) is not enough to be successful no matter how much you pay for training and what you learn there... There is mind (discipline and personality, greediness...all kind of emotions..etc.) and money management involved very much in trading... Someone can make living on MA crosses and other trader will not be successful with latest and greatest indicators and platform... There are a few instructors from OTA having webinars on FxStreet.com: Sam Seiden and Steve Misic. I respect both of them.
  14. Hello VolumeJedi You have great posts and a lot to learn from...I want to ask you what is platform you use...? It has VSA built in? Thank you for sharing your experiance with rest of who are eager to learn...
  15. To use mental stops one has to be disciplined and confident...
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