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  1. its dead if you are trying to learn from books, that stuff doesn't work, and I am not sure if it ever worked. You need to move to automation and start inventing your own indicators, otherwise its dead!
  2. What we have now, no one can fix, no words, not hope, not trust, not the fed, and certainly not the tea baggers. Where we are is the results of favoritism to corps that shipped jobs and tech overseas. Shipping jobs means shipping peoples incomes, income the should have been earned and spent here. These are policies that elephants hold dear and close. Democrates say they are against such policies but they never did anything to push back. So yes its the elephants ideas are what brought us hear, however the other part, which shall not be named, never did enough to stop such policies they gave the American people lip service but nothing other than lip service.
  3. In reference to my previous post, I am not promoting getting into real estate now, its not time yet. The gold rush and currencies deflation needs to take place and then as gold peaks and currencies lose a good chunck realestate would be ready. I don't claim to be an expert either, I am only an observer of markets and a trader.
  4. Sure a run to safety would create a bubble, and smart investors should get in the bubble early, and leave early into the next forming bubble before others. The next push up should be real assets as currencies deflate. Real estate inparticular and good corp stocks should see the light at the end of the tunnel and start moving up again.
  5. Sure its a call on the US economy performance, and marginally on Europeans also. I guess the question becomes do you think western economies are out of the critical care unit. I happen to believe they are not. And actually the x-rays are going to come back worse than expected and that alot more work inside the critical care unit is required. With that said Gold is going up in the next foreseeable future, and $5000 target might even be conservative!!!
  6. maxima wants evidence. I provided you maxima with a link to a USA congress document. This document shows that the FED paid out $16 trillion to banks. Do you get that $16 trillion (trillion has 12 0's like this 16,000,000,000,000) to banks and no one in the government talked about it. They talked about tarp which was 700 billion to no end. So do you consider $16 trillion manipulative to markets. If so what's the limit why would they stop at anything? And please answer that or stop talking, because what you are pushing around not even a child trader would believe. And by the way how is your HFT doing?? do the aliens operate it? I heard UFOs have nice flat screens.
  7. Dow is not going to hold these levels, we might even go above 14000 on dow within 12 months from now or even a new high but its not going to hold. The economy is out of steam and something really big needs to happen to keep us above Dow 14000, something similar to the tech revolution or the gold rush, something really big; anything less than that is not going to work, and we will be going down to a deeper correction than that of 2 years ago. Oh, and by the way, no the republicans are not going to be able to fix the econ if they win next election.
  8. I wouldn't be surrpriced if we reach or top $5,000 the dollar after all is going to loose another 50% of its current value which would justify $4k, but these things shoot up and I wouldn't be surprised if we go above $5,483.43
  9. whatever maxima. For your information, and to be honest I dont even know if you trade !!! strong stocks often open lower move a little lower and then turn around and go higher to make new highs. This is normal market maker work, it is too considered market manipulation, its not called so, but is is a form of market manipulation. go look at this link: http://sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/news/?id=9e2a4ea8-6e73-4be2-a753-62060dcbb3c3 and explain to my why would the FED do that in secret and no one in govt. tallked about it The 16 trillion dollars that not many people no of
  10. Its everywhere !!! even the government participates. Do you think the gov. would release a critical economic number reading without tweeking it? Do you believe the inflation rates published? Come on, as a trader you know these things happen you just take them as factors. How many times the news was so great prior to the open but the market openned lower, then moved up 2 days latter. Do you think the markt is that "thick" it couldn't abosrbe the good news for 2 days??? These things are clear signs of manipulation on big scales
  11. I think the discunect can work for your benefit sometimes. I haven't look as close at the markets in the last 3months as I have been busey writing my first "blackbox" But I used the Qs volume with the Qs levels. After the crisis we had, the Qs have been getting sudden burst of volume at lows or highs of the days. at lows these bursts stopped the sincking and reversed the trends and on highs they usually broke the high but failed shortly after.
  12. Hi Horace, I have an interest in your comment about the Q's being disconnected from the underlying stocks. Could you elaborate? I agree with the comment, I have noticed that the Qs lead the movement, they moved before the stocks that make it up. Is that what you are seeing. Ofcourse some times they do not all the time cheers
  13. Very nice article, unfortunatly not many traders follow these internals and if they did they are not emphasized as much as they should. I takes time to get used to looking at them and understanding their patterns and levels. :applaud::applaud::applaud: Thank You
  14. they work if timed right with the mkt. and if the stock is already tired (gone too far)...Bottom line is you need other factors to pull the trigger!!!!!
  15. I didn't read trading books I studied them. They don't make you a trader because they don't tell you how to apply. Some books say tick is important or fade the tick extremes. The question is when do you do that with which stock and for how long? Books never tell you the complete truth, they only provide some of the truth and the more you last in this business you start learning and making your own observations
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