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  1. Would you explain more about "clearly from the volume pane" pls? Thanks.
  2. Do you mind sharing which seq/pattern is easier for you to recognize?
  3. wind_

    Trading in Asia

    Here is a good resource for futures contracts in Asia: Exchange Traded Futures Contract in Asia | AsiaEtrading.com You can find tick size, trading hours, etc there. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for pointing that out. This is new to me. I've had the impression that point 2 needed to close outside previous container because in the previous tape drawing drill, the close was important.
  5. Gucci, Thanks for posting the drill. Before I try to differentiate the VEs, I have questions regarding the gaussian in that snippet. It looks to me that market had not reached pt2 yet at 15:55 because price is still within previous container. Please see attached image how I would draw it. But my gaussian drawing doesn't look correct either because the market did not show 2R leg after R2R. So, some of my understanding must be incorrect here. 1. Is it correct that pt2 must be outside previous container? 2. Would you point out why my drawing of the first blue container B2B 2R 2B is incorrect here? Thank you very much.
  6. Thanks gucci. This is very helpful. Looks like when we see increasing volume, we steepen the container. Am I correct to say that?
  7. When we see BO of container's RTL with increasing volume, we know that the container has ended.
  8. Thanks for posting your chart snippet, Spyder. It's a very rare find nowadays When I compared your chart annotations with mine, I saw that your tape annotation is much much more thorough than mine. Perhaps, doing so will show me what I fail to see. I need to get back to basics, and create very thorough chart annotations. Thanks for the hint. After I think about it, for the tape level to complete, it has to show FTT. And in the chart snippet, I see that the difference between the first pair and second pair of blue arrows is that the first pair shows VE on tape level, and second pair shows tape FTT (no tape VE). I'm going to test this hypothesis by reviewing some charts. Too bad my previous annotations were not thorough, I'll have to redraw everything.. darn I wonder what else have I missed by not annotating thoroughly
  9. My view for Wed 13 Oct 2010. I'm interested to see how others annotate yesterday to start the discussion. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Spydertrader for this helpful guidance, and gucci for providing the initial question. I didn't think it was important to put the correct through before this discussion. I will review some charts to see if I can apply this hypothesis to the market consistently.
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