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  1. Alex, Your name came up in the room today and several people said some really positive things about you. Fun synchonicity. It appears JP has walking pneumonia. He's been struggling for a while. BTW, for anyone interested in this thread. I joined JP's room April 1. It has been an amazingly positive experience. I am learning so much, not only from JP, but from other really good traders in the room. And it's only the beginning. Bryan
  2. I hear that it is very rare for Reza to give a free webinar. He does give 6 hour Boot Camps fairly regularly (I have been told). The next one is Saturday, March 1. He charges $275, but from my experience with the free class, it will be totally worth it. According to Reza, it covers the same material as the webinar in somewhat more depth plus some more advanced stuff. Tazuki and I have spoken about the free webinar and our experience with it and we were both blown away by the depth of his understanding of MP, the practical strategies he utilizes and his generosity of spending so much time with us and sharing so much knowledge - for free. All with no sales pitch to speak of. BTW, we are both taking the Boot Camp, as we want more of the guy's knowledge. Hope it helps. Bryan
  3. I thought this would be a good place to give my feedback on the free webinar on MP last Monday (that I first heard about in TL). I am putting it here because it was clearly not just about the theory of MP, which it covered in some detail. But, was the most practical learning I have had to date, in really trading MP. (This thread has also been immensely helpful). It was given by Reza of Profile Traders (http://www.profiletraders.com). I had heard of him, but had never heard him speak before. I was more than impressed. The class went from 10 am eastern until maybe 2:30. He covered the basics but went into some detail on trade strategies and entries, early morning trades based on overnight MP data, the clearest explanation I have yet heard on opening types (and how to ID and trade them) and much more. It was by far the best free class on trading I have ever taken. He teaches a 6 hour "boot camp" (regularly I hear) which covers roughly the same material in slightly more detail and some additional material. He charges $275, which seems like a steal, with his level of expertise, the generosity of his giving (he seems like a righteous dude who truly wants to help) and the prices other "experts" charge. In addition, everyone who came to the free class was offered a substantial discount over the already cheap price for the boot camp. I'm taking his boot camp, next Saturday, cause I want to hear more from him and pick his brain with my seemingly endless questions on MP. Reza is a resource that anyone interested in MP might want to check out. I know I sound a bit like a commercial, but this guy impressed the heck out of me, and I wanted to share it with you guys. Bryan
  4. Just found this thread, Ant. Thanks so much. Have you ever run stats on the Dalton's Value Area Trade (and the supposed 80 % likelihood of the market returning to the opposite value extreme)? Wonder how close to truth that is? Larry Levin on Value Area Trade.doc Thanks. Bryan
  5. mrsushi, You are a good guy. And there are lots of truly great and generous people in the trading world. I have met and continue to meet tons of them. As per Hubert and John, they are great salesmen (or at least Hubert is). Nobody is perfect. We all manipulate the facts, at times. Sure, Hubert is looking a little sleazy these days. And some in this forum will call them greedy. But, the bottom line is, are they providing a valuable service? Are people's education in trading really deepening and their results improving. We all start from the simple. We just want some arrows to tell us when to get in and when to get out. In time, after painful losses, we learn (or never learn) that it isn't that simple. We (hopefully) learn that we need to understand how the market works and we need to learn to read that dynamic movement. John and Hubert's motivations and priorities are in question. They seem to add more and more to the mix so that they can make more money. Any of those indicators (tools) they are offering can be used to positive purpose. I use some of them. But, I never use them in the often cut and dried way that those guys teach. I use them as information only. But, adding so much also muddies the waters, and I think that teachers should make it their priority to clear the waters. To help their students get to a deeper place of understanding. It has taken me over two years of indicator search/hell to start to understand that they are best used as training wheels or, at best, guides. The story is truly in the price action and volume. So Hubert, as someone who is primarily a tape reader, knows this. Yet, he is constantly pushing all these training wheels. And offering simplistic techniques that work great sometimes but can never work consistently. Getting back to your actions of posting the free indicators on the TTM site, I commended you on your boldness. I didn't think I knew knew you well enough to point out, what may be considered by some, your stupidity. Because, over all, I admire your action. Of course, they would get rid of the post ASAP. And, your relations with them are now different. And, you may be blackballed. But, you performed a service. And, hopefully, some people there took notice. We're all learning together. And your contribution (even though J and H might not like it) helps the greater community. And, in the end, that's what matters most. Whew. Long-winded response, huh? Take care. Bryan
  6. drsushi, Thanks for making such a bold move to post that on TTM's forum. I have been a member and I also like the guys. It seems that with their success and the large number of people subscribed to TTM. they are constantly attempting to cash in. A few weeks back, I actually got a recorded reminder call from Hubert about a free webinar. I know it was about the money. I appreciate the education that they offer. But, thank God for TL, James, Blu-ray and folks like them. Bryan
  7. Blu, Thanks so much. I have been waiting for this alarmed Delta Diver for a long time now. You are the greatest. Questions: 1. Do we have to set our own alert or does it happen automatically per the code? 2. If we want the Show Me and the alert do we have to add both ELD's to a chart? Again, much thanks. Bryan
  8. That would be so cool Blu and very appreciated. The idea of the divergence is to look for negative delta as a bar makes a new high, indicating more aggressive sellers are coming in. And vice versa at new lows - more aggressive buying is entering the market as a bar makes a new low. This indicator is most useful as price hits a new HOD or LOD or a new high or low in a current major swing. Thanks in advance, Bryan
  9. Dear Taz, They supposedly licensed their indicator from Market Delta who charges even more for it. The TL version is a close knockoff of MD's version. The TTM version has the advantage of an alarm when divergence occurs and one color for a bullish divergence and another color for a bearish divergence. Other than that, they are awfully alike. I actually like the MD version better as it places a signal above or below the price bar. But, no big deal. What would be great on the TL version is the ability to set an alarm. I don't know if this is possible yet. Bryan
  10. Just found this thread. I have NT 6.5 beta and TS. I have used Nt for the past year. It costs me $50 a month and I get a free Zen Fire data feed from my broker (Mirus futures). Totally worth it to me. NT charting has grown by leaps and bounds and their chart trading ability (once you get used to it) is quite fantastic. Their community is growing so more and more is available. I have MP charts for NT and they work great. I hate trading on TS. I keep it because I need long term daily and weekly charts and back data in NT is limited to the current futures contracts. So, it doesn't meet my needs in that area. In every other way, NT could be my only platform. The charts are quite nice and have most of the bells and whistles i like. It is vastly better than Infinity (Sierra) charts. Tech help with NT is mediocre at best and is mostly email based. You have to really be hurting to get live help. TS help is far superior. But, all in all, NT rocks. That's my two cents on the subject. Bryan
  11. Thanks ZDO, I'll try it and give you my thoughts on it? Bryan
  12. Could you possibly make this into an ELD? I am having trouble getting it right. Thanks. Bryan
  13. JJ, It is indeed explained. Here are my notes of it. There is one circumstance when a HV WRB is bullish. This is when the market needs a push, it needs the volume to get thru resistance. You’ve got to be aware of where you are when HV comes in. Look to the left for resistance. When you see an old trading area to the left like below, there are traders who are locked in long. On every dip down, they are worried. Smart money doesn’t want to see them sell when they want to drive the prices higher. Bryan
  14. I am using 8.3 (Build 1419). The problem persists when I raise/lower the HL on the vertical axis.
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