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  1. what is that supposed to mean? i agree with first response, more info is needed
  2. when you think you are ready, i would open up the smallest reasonable micro fx account that you can. wait until up are consistent with that small account before risking any significant amount. i only suggest fx since you can trade small and not have to deal with pattern day trader rules. some may say to start with futures trading 1 lot and around 5 grand, which is feasible but you won't be able to scale and your entries will have to be excellent to have reasonable stop sizes. why overpay for your education if you don't have too? leverage is for advanced use only.
  3. velocity futures connected via TT to sierra chart is a nice combo. 3.5 / rt for es i believe sierra has since introduced rithmic feed via optimus as well but i haven't tried it
  4. dam5h

    Only Have 5K

    if you use the TT FIX adapter, velocity round trips on ES is 3.5, and 3.8 with Ninja Sierra chart offers a good front end for the connection type.
  5. xebo, you wouldn't happen to be from jpmorgan would you?
  6. kiwi, can you elaborate? i know you use sierra and i use sierra now but am not impressed with the selection of forex brokers that i can trade via sierra. currently trade futures via TT FIX with sierra on a discretionary entry/exit after getting an automated alert during times when i may be at home or awake. i would like to try a fully automated system (but obviously with much less leverage in testing mode), so thought about doing a trial run with a micro account. but the options are limited for sierra so i started looking to metatrader. what don't you like about it? i am also not impressed with the backtesting in sierra, although i do like the acsi a lot.
  7. sierra chart would be perfect for this. code in C++, alert can sound or even send you an email. FX data is included in the basic package, which is very reasonable.
  8. TOS is a great platform for equities and really great for equity options. don't use it for futures, personally i wouldn't use either for futures.
  9. synergy is pretty sweet. even cut and paste works now. and it works with different OS's. i have it running on windows and linux.
  10. CTA's trade other people's money. to put them in the top dog category just doesn't make sense. they don't get to keep the majority of the profits they make at whatever size level their strategy allows them to be effective at. first of all, nothing against them as they are mostly great traders evidenced by their ability to stay in the game. but MM all you do is talk about CTA's as if they are the best traders in the world. if you had an edge and were very consistent, why would you give 70-80% away on every trade? sure you end up tying up more capital. but with brokers/clearers offering 500 bucks per lot on the es, it may just make sense to trade yourself some 100 lot trades rather than 500; especially if your strategy was liquidity limited and the 500 lots started to work against you. admittedly that's an odd example but it makes the point. perhaps the es is the worst example since its so liquid, but if your strat worked best on less liquid instruments the point i make is even stronger.
  11. dam5h

    I'm Done...

    3 losses in a row is nothing, especially for a mechanical system. personally, 10 would start to drive me nuts, but i know it'll probably happen sooner or later. it's important to treat each trade as a new trade not allowing it to be effected by current pnl or drawdown. i know its not easy, but it's important. fwiw, i finally turned the corner around 18 months and it had absolutely everything to do with finally deciding to stop gun-slinging and stick to one setup. i think there is a lot of truth to what linda r. says about the 2 years to consistency. you have to pay your dues and just like anything else this potentially lucrative, dues are expensive.
  12. dam5h

    The Race

    i've done it before, and now realize in hindsight that i was much luckier than good. now if i do it again, i can claim it will not be luck (although i'll take any i can get). mainly because it will take far far more trades as my holding period is drastically shorter now, as well as different markets/instruments. down to 30 min from what was months when i went on that run.
  13. dam5h

    The Race

    it's directly proportional to how many trades it take along the way.
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